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    Idea 1:

    This is more on the fun and design side of Minecraft. I think it would be really cool if there was some kind of dye where when crafted with glowstone dust or something it will create a glowstone that shows that specific dye color (for glowstone lamp as well), so basically different colored lights! (blue, orange, green, red, white, etc.)

    Idea 2:

    Coatings for glass. Coatings maybe blue color, black, gray, etc. The coating will make it so you can't see the inside of the house from outside, but you could see outside from inside the house, like this picture.


    Btw will this idea even be heard? lol
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    This.. makes me want to put all these cops in prison for life after what they done. I'm not American, but I don't think the police should treat the protestors this way.. I mean they shot a MARINE who risked his life in Iraq with rubber bullets. I think that American police are nothing but cowards who don't want to join any branch of service because they don't wanna die and join the police instead.
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    This video is dedicated to the United States Marine Corps, Hoorah!

    (Some minecraft creations of the USMC, I might upload a schematic/ worldsave for this soon when the video gets popular!)

    Feel free to leave comments and feedbacks!

    Texture Pack: Jolicraft
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