About Me

About Me
Since you obviously here to find something about me, I will give you some info. I live in Australia, Melbourne and am a avid Minecraft player. I do enjoy all types and genres of games but Minecraft has held my interest for a long time and I keep on playing it.

I enjoy being part of a server community and have given many mods and modpacks a try with my current attention held by Tekkit. I am a proud ex-admin of the server, Tekkify which is a large Tekkit server. If you have any questions about this server I would be more than happy to help.

I have recently started designing a RPG server of my own and have settled on the name of RuneWars. Currently it is still under development but is open.

A dream or aspiration that I posses is to be able to code, I have started to teach myself the basic and hope to eventually become familiar with at the least the beginning of coding. This will probably take me a while though.

Lastly, I am a current server sectional forum moderator who enjoys keeping this section clean and tidy. If you have any questions concerning this as well, just ask!

Thanks for reading and if you wish to talk, feel free to send me a PM on the forums.

Contact Methods

Skype Master.Jumping