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    Quote from Ghobe»

    So I've been looking into the ore processing thing and I'll have the Tier 3 setup soon, but uh...the tier 4 requires gravel/flint/gunpowder...which I've been throwing gravel/flint into the ocean...but I can fix that...the real problem is gunpowder. Is there a way to farm this with these mods or is it still mass murdering creepers and praying?

    Edit: Post corrected, with thanks to grimallq for needed info.

    Crusher + Cobble = Gravel
    Purification Chamber + oxygen gas + Gravel = Flint
    Crusher + Flint = Gunpowder

    Quote from Ghobe»
    So it doesn't really do anything if TE isn't installed then...hmm. Alright. And thanks for the actual values. But just to verify.

    Combustion Engine with Fuel = 60 RF = ?? when going into machine directly = ?? when going into Mekanism Energy Cube.

    Advanced Solar Panel in Desert = 300 Joules = ?? when going into machine directly = ?? when going into Mekanism Energy Cube.

    If you could fill those in so I can understand, that'd be great.

    That depends on what mod the combustion engine is from, whose pipes is transporting it and what mod the machine using it, is from.

    A BC Combustion engine produce RF's and can only output directly to a machine that uses RF's
    A Mekanism Bio-Generator produces Joules's and can only output to Joule compatible machines.
    A TE Generator (not familiar with the mod) generates RF's and can only output to RF compatible machines.
    All 3 will output to a pipe/tube/cable/conduit/etc capable of accepting that power type.

    An energy transporting pipe has to be used to power machines that use a different energy type.
    Mekanism Energy Cube's maybe the exception, since they will convert between energy types , also.
    Since version 6.1.6, BC now produces and handle's RF only.It's pipe's will only handle RF's,
    Mekanism cables use Joule's, but will convert during input and output,
    and a TE conduit uses RF's. and converts during input/output, also.

    Mekanism and TE's pipe will "Convert To" or "Input From" RF, J, AE or MJ'(but MJ"s is being retired)

    Using you example, the 60RF output would be unchanged when direct fed to an RF using machine,
    A Mekanism cable would convert it to Joules, while moving the energy, then to whatever (supported) format the,
    block at the other end used, a Mekanism Energy Cube.uses Joules, so it would not be converted a second time.
    A TE conduit would keep it as RF, and convert it into Joules when outputing to the Mekanism Energy Cube.
    A BC pipe keep it as RF, and pass it as RF to the Cube. The Cube would convert it to Joules.

    The answer for Solar panels is the same.
    The exact ending values are determined by the settings in the cfg file,
    (RF output) * RFtoJoules = Final Amount in Cube.
    (Joule's output) = Final Amount in Cube.

    Quote from Ghobe»

    Think my biggest problem with the cables is that they can't handle a combustion engine if it decides to store power. I have to destroy the engine and replace it, otherwise it just sits there with 100k RF stored up. And then my problem with Kinesis is that it's not smart enough to run the power down a separate but still connecting line if it gets choked somewhere. Though at least that limit is extremely high

    Is this a BuildCraft Combustion Engine?
    If, so , it's a compatibility issue, you can use the Mekanism Bio-Generator instead or Windmills to replace the power it generates.
    Buildcraft has an add-on that adds teleporting pipes that you could use.
    They can teleport power and items long distances to receiving teleport pipe, but need chunkloaders to keep them all loaded.

    Quote from Ghobe»

    You're thinking of the Configurator Tool, the Block Configurator is that "color configurable functionality" for the machines. I mean I understand how to color code it, but I can't seem to be able to get the crap to go through a pipe. Tried using Logistical Transporter with and without a Logical Sorter but I can't seem to get anything to move from one machine to another

    P.S. WTB more mass storage for energy than just the Ultimate Energy Cube and laying down billions of useless cable. Same with gas. WTB Gas/Energy version of Dynamic Tank pst. ;p

    P.P.S. I really hate how the edit button breaks my quote blocks on these forums.

    Sorry 'bout that.

    The configure sides page has 2 sets of colored buttons.
    The left set controls inputs via colored logistics pipes.
    A side marked as red will only accept items that pass through a red colored pipe.

    The right side configures each side's behavior, where the colors correspond to the color outlines of the boxes on the main page for the machine.
    if you set the left side to red, the the left will accept inputs into the input slot,
    blue outputs items from the blue output slot, etc.

    Yeah, I know, i'm teasing you.
    Machines only output automatically when the Automatuc Output button is on.
    It's in the top right corner of the configuration page, I believe it has a "A" on it.

    More energy Storage? Less cables?
    I believe (but don't use) EnderIO has energy storage that forms multiblock storage blocks.
    So only 1 cable to it and 1 from it is needed.

    Dynamic tanks will hold properly registered gases and liquids.
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    There's a difference between "allocating" and "needing"
    You are giving the JVM permission to use up to 3GB( That's Allocating),
    but MC doesn't need that much at start up.

    In the F3 screen it tells howmuch memory is allocated and how is in use,
    as MC's needs increase, more is allocated , up to the max amount you
    allocated in the JVM Arguments options.

    You will have problems if the arguments are not used correctly, the game will crash.
    The rule of thumb is that you should not set the maximum to more then 1/2 of what is installed
    and if you set the max, the you should set a low minimum, to make sure the game has the flexibility it needs.

    Here are the JVM Arguments I use on an XP system with only 2GB ram installed:

    [quote]Xmx1g -Xms256m -Xmn128M -XX:PermSize=64m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSConcurrentMTEnabled -XX:+UseCMSCompactAtFullCollection -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy

    -Xmx1g -This tells the JVM that it can not use more then
    1GB of ram. The value you use should be 1/2 of the total ram installed or less.
    If you set it to 3g, then you must have at least 6GB ram installed.

    -Xms256m - This tells the JVM to reserve a minimum of 256MB ram for MC, if it needs more, MC will request it.
    I suggest you keep the value at 256m, using more does nothing useful.

    -Xmn128M -This tells the JVM to set aside 128m of the allocated memory for temporary
    objects that have a short lifespan.
    This is used primarily by mods and has garbage collection performed on it frequently.
    Objects that survive long enough are moved to long term memory instead, allowing this heap to be recycled
    and help keep memory use under better control.

    -XX:PermSize=64m and -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
    is a fix for a bug introduced in 1.6 (i believe) that caused frequentl crashes from memory errors.
    not everyone needs to use this option


    These are mostly garbage collection options I use, since my system only has 1GB for MC to use
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    That log file has too much info, it include your unencrypted Log on name and password,
    it looks like you're not using the official launcher to run the game, and now every hacker has your logon info;.
    I suggest that you edit that paste a.s.a.p.

    Edit: FYI , yes i'm speaking to einsteinsci, edit it now
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    Quote from Wolve64
    Is there any version of ChickenChunks for 1.7.10? Or is there any other mods that provide the means to load chunks?

    no .

    Immibis' Dimensional Anchors
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    Guys, he young, let him be curious, and stop using him as a target for your OCD.
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    posted a message on Switched from Linux to Windows 7, now my world seems corrupt
    It sounds like the map being "partially" corrupted by a mod or map editor used to create it, and tthe game is having trouble with some of the saved data
    Try redownloading the map and starting over, to see if the problem happens again.
    If so, read the thread s for the mods used to see if anyone else has this issue
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    Sorry I had responded a few hours ago but didn't realize i had gotten a bad gateway error...

    I havent dealt with this eror myself, But I have edited chunks using MCEdit with no problems.
    I'd suggest using it on a baked up copy of the world map, and test it as a SSP map aftwards.
    You may have to delete the healthy chunks around the bad ones, too.

    If this doesn't solve the problem, then its probably something to do with the fact that it's a 1.7 map and 1.8
    doesn't like it :smile.gif:

    Correction I have seen this on a private server I play on.
    Either the server stopped sending chunk updates or the local clients cache had become corrupted,
    and I was surrounded by invisible blocks (underground caves were visible), until finnally MC crashed on me and
    when I reloaded it, and rejoined the server, the chunks were displayed correctly.
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