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    First Name (optional): Nate
    IGN: TheEnderPrince
    Age: 17
    Discord: TreeFiddy#5637

    What do you enjoy doing most in mc? (exploring, fightning, building): Surviving and Exploring! I love the Survival genre of servers because they are just so fun!
    What is your building style?: Complexity.

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    Quote from Frogger131497

    Hmmm are you using EssentialsChat or ChatManager (PermissionsEX). They both have different methods of using prefixes.
    EssentialsChat, i use Fluctis Too host my server, when i download PEX it did not come with CHatManager.jar, Modifyworld.jar EssentialsChat #Formats Do not work. i tryed Default: '{WORLD} {(GROUP)} {DISPLAYNAME}' A million times nothing works.
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    In game name: ' frozenna019'
    How old are you?: 13
    Have you been banned from a server before?: Nope,
    Have you been a Moderator/Guard or higher on a server?: Yes i have been admin on a server and mod on another
    If so what server(s)?: Mastercraft, FinalSunset
    What is your timezone?: US CENTRAL
    How long have you played on CaslteCraft?: Never heard of it
    What is your current rank: Mage
    Why do you want to be Guard: To Help People and enforce the rules
    What makes you the best applicant?: None everyones is good i'm just one of them
    What times can you be online in EST timezone?: about 2 to 3 hours
    Name 2 Guards who recommended you: None
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