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    posted a message on old
    Great host, they helped me with everything I asked for.

    I would recommend this to anyone who needs good affordable hosting.
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    posted a message on Need new host


    My name is James, and I am a representative of KnockbackHosting.com!

    We have everything you requested. Talk to us on live chat if you would like to ask any questions.



    Some key features:

    99.9% Uptime
    Dedicated RAM
    Full FTP Access
    Custom JAR Files
    1Gbps Connection
    Free MySQL Database
    Optional Dedicated IP
    PunchPanel Control Panel
    5 days Money Back Guarantee
    Samsung Solid State Drives (SSD)
    24/7/365 LiveHelp & Ticket Support
    Free File Transfer from an old host
    Custom map downloads made by our builders
    One click Bukkit/Spigot/Vanilla OR CUSTOM jars
    One click plugin installations using our database with over 12,000 plugins
    Want to try before you buy? Trial servers here -> knockbackhosting.com/trials/index.php

    Kind Regards,

    E: [email protected]
    W: http://www.knockbackhosting.com

    I've decided to go with KnockbackHosting.
    I no longer need this thread.
    Thank you.
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    posted a message on ★☆★ Serenium Networks ★☆★ | $3/GB | ✔ DDoS Protected ✔ SSD ✔Multicraft ✔Instant Setup ✔Registered Business ✔1Gbps Port
    Great host, I bought a 4GB server with them and it has 0 lag at all.
    I recommend this host to anyone who is looking for a cheap host with good servers.
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    posted a message on Does anyone want my server?
    I might be interested in taking it off your hands.
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    posted a message on Hexic Hosting
    Anyone that bought a server from this host you can do a Paypal dispute, I did and got my money back with no problem.
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    posted a message on Prison server needs staff!
    Hello Minecraftforums! Me and my girlfriend have been working on our prison server for the past few weeks and it is about done, But we need staff before it is.
    Currently we need 3 Guards and 2 Wardens (Don't want to many at once).

    To apply for staff on our server please fill out the information below.
    MC Username:
    Skype name: (Required!)
    Experience as staff on prison servers:
    Daily activity on MC:
    How much time can you put on the server a day?:
    Tell us a little about yourself: (At least 1 paragraph!)

    About the server:
    Me and my girlfriend LOVE minecraft so we wanted to start our own server and this is how Iron-Dale Penitentiary come along. We have been building the server for a few weeks now and have it and the plugins mostly done. Our dream is to have a successful MC server, We don't care about the money or fame..We just want people to be happy and maybe meet some new friends along the way.
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    posted a message on Nemexis Servers looking for staff!
    Welcome to NemexisGaming!

    What is NemexisGaming?
    NemexisGaming is a server project with a big plan. Our plan is to provide players with the best and most realistic Prison experience in minecraft. As of now we have a sponsorship with Goliah Hosting. We are currently setting the server up and need help, Right now we are in need of mainly builders and a developer to help me. If you are a good builder/dev please fill out the application below or contact me via Teamspeak at

    Warden (0/2)
    Officer (0/3)
    Developer (0/1)
    Builder (0/5)

    Minecraft username:
    Contact information:
    Time zone:
    Previous servers you have been staff on:
    Reference to the server:
    How many hours will you be able to be active on the server a day:
    How active can you be on the website a day:
    Why do you want this position:
    What do you offer to us at this position:
    About you:

    Post will be updated daily with updates!
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