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    posted a message on Wolves catching fish!
    Really good but bad for me cause i really love to see my 30 wolves take down a bunch of :Zombie: :Spider:
    Perhaps only allowing one wolf to fish at a time???
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    posted a message on Mobs occasionally mount a dedicated siege of player
    Quote from Oscamon »
    Didn't Notch say that during a zombie siege the zombie's could break blocks? I'm not trying to kill your idea sunflower but it's only the different behaviour that would set your idea apart from Zombie Siege

    Okay so then mabey Notch can add the new behaivors to the Zombie Siege idea beacuse this is an awesome (but hard) idea sunflower has
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    posted a message on Inventing the [square] Wheel
    Cool idea! I had a similar one ( and i know people will hate it) To use a wheel (and other stuff) to make a bike

    My minecraft guy is SLOW :Notch:
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