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    posted a message on Hunting for challenging mods.
    Twilight Forest would be perfect.
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    posted a message on [Request]-Craft-Back Mod
    To elaborate on what qwertyguy said:
    The Uncrafting Table is an item added by the Twilight Forest mod. It's more balanced than just making a normal uncrafting table; it uses experience levels to uncraft. It also allows you to take enchantments from one tool and create a new tool of a different material with those enchants.
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    posted a message on [ Request ] Skylands Generator (Normal, Nether, and End)
    This sounds like it would be a simple idea to implement but it wouldn't. You'd need to overhaul the Minecraft world generation code completely.
    The main problem with this is that it means it will be incompatible with every single mod in existence.
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    posted a message on A Basic More Ores Mod
    BTW you could make silver, copper, and uranium, and still be compatible with Tekkit. There's an Ore Dictionary built into Forge; if the mod used that, you could even use IC2's copper/tin/uranium to craft your items.
    Lavorite would be the easiest armor set to code, unobtainium would probably be harder.
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    posted a message on A custom world generator like never before!
    Mystcraft dies what you describe but better. You can create your own dimensions with custom settings.
    Want to make a forested island floating in space like the end? Sure. How about a land of endless extreme hills with diamond tendrils? No problem.
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    posted a message on What will happen to pigs?
    Quote from TheRealAD2011

    People will still use pigs, they do make great pork chops (Even though they do the exact same thing if cooked and the only difference when raw is pork chops offer more saturation, but saturation is not important and it doesn't really matter). I just think that 2 balance the pigs and horses, they must do 1 of these 3 things

    1: Make horses required to be tamed for being able to ride them
    2: Make horses a rare mob, not spider jockey rare but still rare
    3: Have horses do the exact same riding mechanic as pigs, where you need a Carrot on a Stick to control them

    1. They already do that. They kick you off quickly and you can't control them until you tame them.
    2. This seems like the best, and most likely, option.
    3. This would make my favorite part of horses not usable; warfare. You can use a sword or bow unrestricted when using a horse(that's why you dismount with shift and have armor).
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    posted a message on Client crashes upon right clicking a horse on a server
    When you right click on the horse on a server, the client has this message:


    When you try to log onto the server again, it gives the same message, until you delete the player.dat file.

    The console says this every time you try to login:

    Client> java.lang.NullPointerException
    Client> at ek.n(SourceFile:174)
    Client> at ek.a(SourceFile:221)
    Client> at ck.h(SourceFile:182)
    Client> at ck.d(SourceFile:16)
    Client> at

    This bug makes the cool features of the update unplayable on a server. FIX IT JEB
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    posted a message on [Puz] Minecraft Sesame Street Map
    Nice map. It looks pretty good, but I think there are some errors.
    I sort of vandalized the town to make the map easier. I took many of the chests and signs, and make a "home base" of the area behind Elmo and Dorothy. I kept careful track of how many I had gotten from where.

    I ended with 96/100 eggs and 31/40 feathers. I am missing 2 eggs from Count's Castle, 2 from Apartment B and 1 from the Subway Station. The weird part is I found 5 eggs in Hooper's store, 3 in the chests downstairs and 2 on the roof. Is this an error with the post?

    Either way, nice map. :) Next stop, the CLUE map!
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    posted a message on Explosion Protection Help?
    I am trying to make my armor so that when worn the player is immune to explosive damage, but I cannot figure out how. I am attempting to use the explosion protection enchantment's code, but it gives an error for damagesource.

    Simply put, how can I make an armor so that when it is worn it protects against explosions? I can post my code if it is needed.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w17a is Ready to Test!
    One thing to note:
    If silwerbullet is right and a book needs 3 paper + 1 leather,
    Then 30 bookcases need 270 sugar cane + 90 leather + 180 planks.
    90 leather is kind of a lot...
    But I think that's to help with balance because now it's way harder to get level 50 enchantments.
    BTW 90 leather = 3 3/4 suits of leather armor.
    EDIT: I love math :)
    EDIT2: Could somone post a screenshot of what's inside the chat options menu?
    EDIT3: I completely forgot to say how much everyone loves the new writable books. Thanks jeb :D
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Snapshot is Now Available!
    Quote from BurningFear

    What the hell? "Ghost entities under the command of Lord Herobrine."


    Is he real now?

    Actually, I think that this means they fixed bugs involving severs, and client-side-only entities. Sorta like ghosts b/c you can't hit them, if they're items you can't pick them up, etc.
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Snapshot is Now Available!
    Shift clicking into furnaces is a nice feature, but I think that I would prefer shift clicking for brewing stands. That would add a lot more convenience.
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    posted a message on [1.1] Advanced xray [V1.0]
    I am a modder and I know how to fix your problem.
    Just compile a minecraft.jar with modloader on it in your MCP, then make all the changes to that you did before.
    Now you have two versions: A version for people with modloader and a version for those without.
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    posted a message on Turn Creative Worlds into Survival Worlds
    If you look it up there are external programs that do it. No need for mods.
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    posted a message on How to remove inventory items?
    The lit one can be helpful. It makes it so you can have lit furnaces in a forge etc. without having to upkeep it.
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