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    posted a message on Specific Skin Request (SSJ 2 Teen Gohan)
    Hello I found this picture of a ssj 2 gohan skin (It's my profile picture)
    and I was wondering if someone could "Re-create" it so it looks the same. Thanks ! :GPANTS:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Skin Viewer 1.2 (supports 1.8 skins!)
    It looks really awesome but I can't use it because I have a Mac. Anything you think you could about that, it would help alot. Otherwise keep up the great work! :GPANTS:
    Quote from mullraugh

    Can we expect a version for Mac soon?

    That would be really helpful I hate that a lot of programs are PC only. This program looks awesome though.
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    posted a message on The Chaos SMP [Dedi][No Lag][24/7]
    Quote from TTG_Eater

    Welcome to the Chaos SMP.This Server Is a full out surviving server. the tools are your best buddies.the main goal of this server is too have settlements and cities. because me(the owner) enjoys watching everyone create wonderful constructions.i want settlements and cities because it mixes good with surviving. It makes you feel like your never safe. which makes you work harder to make sure you are safe.When You spawn you will be in a huge area. you must build something nice. then you can go out and survive and build stuff. i did this too prevent griefers. theres no way out its cuboided.to join the server and become a regular you must sign up on the forums!


    -Never Argue With Staff
    -No Griefing
    -Keep The Swearing Too a Limit
    don't ask for items.


    The Awesome Staff:

    SettleMents And Cities:

    Staff Format:
    MineCraft Name:
    Minecraft Forum Name:
    Staff Position?:
    Why do you think you will be a good staff member:
    Hours on a day:

    All Applications should be posted on the website!

    world edit
    chest protect
    got any suggestions? please pm me and ill consider it!

    Still finding more bare with me!

    Hope you join!

    Pm me With any questions!

    the easiest way to contact me is by going on ventrilo and ask me.

    vent ip: port: 4304
    server ip:

    Could i please be whitelisted if you need a trust thing or what ever, you can go on the server: minecraft.montropolis.com and ask people :iapprove:
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    posted a message on catron44's texture pack
    "Homes seem a bit cosier!" how is it cosier if the chests have chains and locks? if you want to make chests "cosier" i recomend making then dressers
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    posted a message on 1.7.3 Dragon Ball Z Craft
    I think armor should be Super Saiyan Forms, it would be difficult... other wise :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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