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    Just signed up, I was on a server playing almost instantly. Uploaded my save without issue, and everything appears to work well. So far, pretty nice.
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    Doesn't seem to friendly on international terms.

    It asks for my "House name", and I'm not sure what that is. I just put my address in "Address 1".

    No idea what the "valid from" date is on my credit card, even the credit cards that I do have that have provided information like this it has only been "Member since YYYY".

    I have no idea what an "Issue Number" is.

    Forum / Support link at the bottom of the page were not working when I attempt to access them. Wondered what the refund policy was and I had to find it here.

    This folks is why people talk about clickthroughs and conversion rates. If a company can't even take my money, I worry about the rest.
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    As far as I can tell running a Minecraft Server on an EC2 Micro is not viable, or at least volitile. I tried with a friend for a while and we figured it was a problem with his NIC (previously noted in the forums). I also guessed that the poor I/O characteristics of the Micro coupled with the heavy reads of thousands of small files was less than optimal.

    We did not do much until 1.3, and I wanted to revisit it because of the new save format. Still having some issues I continued to tweak and even set up a ramdrive to take care of any I/O issues. I figured "Hey, if its an I/O problem this should be awesome!". Max I need to be able to host 3 to 5 players, so I was not too worried about having enough ram to allocate for the server.

    After still having a problem I ran into some interesting things:

    http://gregsramblings.com/2011/02/07/am ... cpu-steal/

    http://huanliu.wordpress.com/2010/06/14 ... pute-unit/

    There are more examples, but essentially the server appears to run fine until you touch the CPU just a bit too much or often, and top shows 90%st + and java lists at 99% cpu etc. During this time you really can't do anything / break blocks etc. Given a short period of time, it goes back to 0.0%st and you can play again. Once I noticed that the issue was CPU related, at that point any time I noticed a disturbance in the game I could look over and verify that was the issue with top.

    I noticed this happening when chunks were being generated (especially obvious on a new map) and when day was transitioning to night. I also noted it happening at random, when I could not really connect it to a specific event. Unfortunately I think it happens just frequently enough to make it a frustrating experience to attempt to play.
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