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    I think something you have to realize here is the type of person that is interested in technology and IT and whatnot is going to be a naturally blunt and almost rude, person. More often than not it is not meant to be cruel or unhelpful it's just the way most people here are.

    Another thing you have to take into consideration is that those, like myself, that have actually worked in IT and had to deal people, it turns you into a very cynical person. You always have to hold your tongue and be professional because you want to get paid even though you are thinking this person is an absolute dumb-ass. So, here, where we don't have to hold our tongue because we are here on our own accord, we are blunt, cynical, and "mean."

    It's not like we don't help others though, we do, it's just we have less patience. Why should we answer some obvious question when you can Google it and get thousands of pages with the same answer. If you want a specific answer to a specific issue that hasn't been asked repeatedly we will help you, otherwise you are going to get blunt, "Google it" answers.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    Who did something great but either doesn't get the credit due to them, or the praise is given to another person? Who did something that may seem insignificant or inconsequential but really is responsible for a grand chain of events?

    You're not allowed to answer with Nikola Tesla. Far too easy.

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    Quote from SFK363


    There really should be a ****ing rule about muscle shirts, you have to you know, have muscle?
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    I hate homeschooling. It gives the kids biased thoughts, and makes them much less socially apt.

    If it wasn't for Homeschooling I would have turned into a very violent, sociopathic, and depressed person, it's not always bad. Not only that, your statement is biased in itself, you seem to think that every homeschooler is a social recluse.
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    Quote from baggerboot

    That CPU will come with a CPU cooler, and because it's a lower end CPU you don't have to buy a better one.

    Battlefield 3 will run alright. It's really the higher settings where it gets really demanding. Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 should be maxed out, the same goes for Minecraft, and for Portal 1 and 2; GTA 4 will run reasonably well on mediumish settings (it's a ****ing terrible console port), and the rest I don't really know because I don't play those games.

    As long as you read the manual, it's really hard to connect the wires the wrong way. Usually you can't even plug the wires in the wrong place because they won't fit. The only exception to this are the front panel wires. Just make sure you read the manual; if you are unsure, take some pictures and ask the forum for help, and even if you plug most of these in wrongly it won't break your PC (although it's still strongly discouraged).

    Borderlands should be able to come close to maxing out and Diablo shouldn't have much trouble either.
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    Quote from Huntlocker

    If you are in a situation where you have an AMD FX CPU, your system is slightly bottlenecked by it, and you are starting to notice partial lags in new games when running on high settings, would you then upgrade to Windows 8 for the small sum of 40$, and recieve the promised performance boost with the bulldozer CPU's (I'm going to take a guess and say 15% boost), while losing the Windows 7, or would you just stay with what you have and replace it all later on?

    Dual boot.
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    Quote from TheEvanCat

    Your parents are the deciders. Get the damn haircut. You may not like what you have to do, but you have to do it. Discipline is fun.

    Also, you have no rights until you are 18.

    This is the biggest ******** misconception out there.
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    Quote from FillyRarity

    If you know your going to find it hard killing someone, what are you doing in the army.

    Not every job in the army involves killing people... And if you find it "easy" to kill someone they can DQ or discharge you because it is signs of anti-social behavior (Psychopath).

    Quote from LuisAdeur

    yeah so what's your age? you're planning on joining?

    Not sure yet really, I am 16 now so I have a bit to go. I have a perfect score on physical tests and I haven't taken the aptitude test yet but I am sure it will be high. I have 20/30 vision in only one eye and am basically blind in the other, I have full visual field though and respond to peripheral movement and have depth perception, which is the main concern with monocular vision. So without a wavier it DQs me from a lot.
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    Quote from butkicker12

    This is kinda what I expected. I only use this on occasion when out of town or something. Been looking at the Dell Inspirion laptop series anyways :) Thanks for everyones help

    Do not get an inspiron they are one of the worst Dell series out there.
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    It will play it but I would stay away from inspirons if at all possible. Dell's consumer side is a bit iffy and not the greatest quality.
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