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    Quote from zertech

    another advantage professional (and other higher packages) is that it supports up to 32gb of ram, home premium only supports up to 16.

    You really aren't going to need more than 16...
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    Quote from nsvv

    You definitely need to downgrade the graphics card because it'll be bottlenecked by the weaker processor. To be honest, the best value for money card is the 560Ti, but if that's too great a dip in performance for you (which it shouldn't be because it's still a great card), I suggest you get the 6970 or the 570. The 6950 is more expensive than the 560Ti and it isn't as good.

    And regarding the SSD, you'll only be using them for caching unless you want to spend thousands on your computer, so 60GB is more than enough.

    I am pretty sure that it won't be bottle-necked by the 2500k, especially if he decides to OC it.

    My suggestion, unless you are gaming across multiple monitors and doing A LOT of Video editing and such that much power is really not needed. I would suggest getting a much cheaper card. (I have no real suggestions for cards at the moment) If you have multiple monitors buy two cards and split them up accordingly since you have two x16 slots.

    I mean, I game on a ATI HD6450. It does fine nothing special or to talk about.
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    Sounds good, I will add you.
    I am all ears to ideas as I starting from scratch.


    I also forgot to do a bio/info for myself.

    I am now 16, I go to a Virtual Online school and most likely will be going to college next year (Very smart :wink.gif: ) As a consequence to going to an online school I am on all day. I have been playing Minecraft for what seems like a year now. Never legit (legit being without mods not cracked or whatever. ), always had mods and such until 1.8 and creative mode >3. I have avid programming experience in Python, C++, C#, CSS (laziness) Advanced Experienced in HTML (DUH) and Batch. I have the knowledge of a A+ and Network+ certified individual, so... computers are my life in summary XD.

    Also since I am in the 24 hour period I only have ten posts.
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    Okay, very new to this forum however not really new to Minecraft. Anyway I recently got an upgrade to my internet and a new computer leaving me with an extra computer of which I am working on at the moment. In the mean time I am hosting temporary 10-12 person (25 slots, however) Minecraft server. It is running off Hamachi right now, but once I am finished with the the other computer I will have a dedicated IP for it.
    The specs, stats, or what ever you want to call it are:

    Temp yields:
    4 GB RAM
    25/3.25 to 30/4 internet
    Almost 100% up time

    The one I am working on will yield:
    2 GB RAM
    25/2.5 to 30/4 internet
    Almost 100% up time as well

    I have no clue what specifically what I want to do with it just really casual server...
    Anyway the application or what ever:

    Note: even though this is a casual server != I don't have requirements.

    In game name
    A little bio (optional)
    What you want
    Experience with computers | Programming experience. (Need to have avid knowledge or interest in computers. Programmers would be great... Don't need this to do anything, but I tend to talk about computers a lot as does the other person I generally play with.)
    Time online (I don't care if you are active just want to know.)

    I think that's about it.

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