About Me
Hello All!

If you're gonna read this all I hope you don't get bored cause I'm a fairly boring person. So...

I'm a fairly mature person who is addicted to the internet and has a lot of crazy things about her. I don't go around giving my personal info everywhere so this is fairly short (off topic there). Anyway, as you may have guessed I am the BIGGEST geek ever. I'm very childish for my age but you know, all in good fun! Oh and I've been going through depression for an entire year now, way too many mood-swings, finally getting over it though. (Not really).

That is all. :D
I'm interested in a lot of things, if you would care for a list:

  • My Little Pony,Friendship is Magic ( ya I'm a Brony ;) )
  • Star Wars/Trek (there's none I prefer more, they're both awesome)
  • Minecraft and almost every good videogame out there
  • Almost everything made by Marvel
  • Anime
  • A lot of cartoons
  • My family and friends :)
  • The Internet, lol
  • Doctor Who (on the twelfth doctor, beginning of season 8)
  • Music (I especially like themes from Doctor Who, they're epic)
  • food, love food, unless it's too sweet

And I guess that's it.
Location Canada

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