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    Quote from cattrfly»

    Saying someone is running "too many" mods is purely an opinion. ;) Use as many as you find useful and/or amusing, assuming your computer can handle the load. I think I'm running about 115 in the current 1.10.2 instance I'm playing. As for the keybinding issue, you could try Mine Menu if you're playing a version of MC for which it's available - I haven't actually tried it yet, but it sounds promising. :)

    Aside from that, what I usually do is try to determine which key binds are most necessary, i.e., ones that perform functions I may need to access quickly (jetpack controls, for example, in case a speedy escape is warranted) and ones that trigger something that has no alternate means of access, such as the main menu for Psi, and set those keybindings first. Then I prioritize others by usefulness and level of redundancy (many key binds trigger an action that can be accomplished in another way, such as opening a backpack by right clicking while holding it, or setting a waypoint from within the main JourneyMap GUI), and assign the remaining keys to the functions I'll use most often. The key binds I find unnecessary I set to "NONE" (using the esc key) to avoid conflicts. As another example, Chisels & Bits lists 15 or more possible key binds, one for each action you can perform with the chisel - of these, I only use 2: 1 for the radial menu, from which you can access all chisel functions, and 1 for "undo".

    Play around with each mod as you add them and try to assess how important the key binds it wants to add would be to the way you play, then assign them in order of preference until you run out of keys. And don't forget about frequently overlooked keys, like "0" (zero), punctuation keys, and unassigned function keys. Also keep in mind that nothing is set in stone - you can always change, activate, or deactivate keybindings as you figure out what works best for you. :snowgolem: by Tulaash

    Thank you , that was very helpful :)
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    Can't wait for final release of this. I am a big fan of your mini map mod ;)

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    I agree with OP. This new combat system is very frustrating and ruining the game. It's no more fun now to go and explore and the combat is plain annoying and frustrating. The shield obscures the view way too much and is not an option to carry the whole time. It's too annoying to have this ugly thing obscuring your view. Now one have to keep removing it and re-equipping it as needed. I also found that my weapon that has flame on it ( sword ) now becomes a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Previously I could kill enemies without them lighting me on fire as well. With this system now I can't kill an enemy fast enough before he melee me and sets me on fire as well. So something that is suppose to help me is working against me. PvE has changed from running around having fun to creeping around and just using a bow the whole time.

    I hate the new combat system.

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    What I do to save time and levels , put pick in , if it doesn't show silk touch (or whatever else I need) I remove it without enchanting. I then put in a cheap thing like spade and enchant that lvl 1. That resets the table. Put pick back in and check what it gives then. In so doing you only loose 1 lvl per reset and spades are cheap to make. The same can be done with books , but then you loose 3 levels per reset and again 2 or 3 levels when adding the book to a tool. Basically you need to "reset" the table and not enchant the pick until it shows what you want. You can experiment with what costs you the least with resetting. For me iron spade seem to be costing the least in materials.

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    NEI for craft guide and Xeros minimap for bookmarking and fast travelling.

    I feel that an in-game craft guide should actually be in vanilla by default. Nothing so annoying as to continuously have to keep the wiki open in a separate window just to see how to craft things.

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    posted a message on A Claytonia.net Public Server. [No map resets]

    Really great server and community. Very active and good admins. Proper players. Haven't had issues with griefing or fighting and everyone is very helpful.

    The server's performance is also very good. I live far away and usually on servers have very bad lag , but on Claytonia I don't struggle with lag or performance issues. I am enjoying playing on Claytonia.

    Thanx to everyone involved and keep up the good work. :)

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    Quote from JonnyBrando»

    You can use Optifine 1.8 HD U D1 or D2, but not D3 (it is broken ATM).

    Make sure that Anisotropic Filtering, and Antialiasing are disabled in 1.8. Both are broken as well. You could previously in 1.7.10 use AF, but not in 1.8 right now.

    Best bet, is to use Optifine 1.8 HD U D2 & ShadersMod 2.4.11 for MC 1.8. Delete options.txt, optionsof.txt, and optionsshaders.txt from the %appdata%\.minecraft folder, they will be recreated with default settings.

    Setup your MC the way you like it, turn on USE VBOs. Most of the defaults are fine otherwise. Do not touch render/view distance, anisotropic filtering, or antialiasing! You can change the hand depth in shaders to 0.0625, used to fix some hand-held items glitches.

    Should be working at that point.


    Thank you so much for this !! I did everything you said and followed these instructions and now shaders mod works :)

    I appreciate your help , thank you !!! :)

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    Quote from Bohose2014»

    Actually .rar files have to be extracted and some resource packs need to be unzipped but not all . Minecraft can read .zip files as long as the zipped file is the root file, but if it is a file inside the .zip file it needs to be extracted and then put in your resource file.

    Thank you , that's very helpful. This files is also .zip files and not .rar files. But I opened all my resource pack's zip files and can see what you mean about the root. All the other immediately have assets folders , while these ones have a sub folder first. Now I'll check for that on every resource pack zip file.

    Got them to show and work in my game now. But the textures is weird. Items in my hand is transparent and weird things like empty hand only showing a blue block. Bot 64px and 128px does it. I must be having a wrong setting or compatibility issue or something.

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