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    Hello all, after running on our previous world for 10 months our members voted to start a new world. I would like to invite anyone who is interested to join our new world. There are no restrictions for joining our server apart from being friendly towards the rest of the community. All changes are voted on by the community, and anyone can suggest changes in the discord.


    We try to keep our server as close to vanilla as possible (including banning admins from using creative) while still adding some quality of life features such as player shops (Ultimate Shops Premium) and chest locking to prevent stealing (LWCX). Griefing can be rolled back by admins on the rare occasion that it may happen, the offending player will be heavily and appropriately punished.

    How to Join

    If you decide to join us you will be able to play Immediately in the /wild, the world spawn is currently being build by our members and is protected from new recruits. All you need to do to become a member is to play long enough to show that you are a friendly and active player. Please join our discord server if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/grNJ8GB (please note that there are more channels available when you become a member)


    We are currently funded by out generous patrons. There are no gameplay advantages to supporting our server apart from a few cosmetics and we do not offer higher ranks for anyone who donates more.


    We operate of a few rules to keep the server friendly, there are more rules to keep spawn tidy but these only apply when you become a member.
    1. Have fun
    2. Keep personal drama out of our servers
    3. Don't raid or grief (that includes building in areas that are indicated as claimed) (Stealing from unlocked chests is allowed)
    4. Do not abuse other players
    5. Don't swear or have non-English conversations if any other players asks you to stop
    6. Don't cause an unfair amount of lag on the server
    7. If you don't like something !suggest a change in #bot-comms
    8. Do not intentionally abuse a loophole or exploit in the rules, if you have a question about if you are allowed to do something or not please contact a moderator or admin
    9. Try to follow other players rules if you are on their claimed land
    10. Check these rules occasionally (ignorance to rules is not a valid excuse)

    Our player built spawn from last season:

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