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    Thank you all!
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    posted a message on What are wooden tools good for?
    Quote from Rotasizx

    it's easy, just find a creeper and let him explode near stone blocks.

    If he doesn't blow you first...
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    posted a message on How do I upgrade my MC to 1.8?
    1.8 isn't released yet.
    You can still access some if it's in-developement features through snapshots.
    Try to change the version of any of your Launcher Profiles to 14w21b, for example.
    (You'll have to enable Dev snapshots)
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    While watching videos on youtube, I saw many times Etho using his Pigman Gold farm.

    I'm really curious about it.
    Can someone explain me how it works?
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    posted a message on What is the best way to transport animals over long distances?
    1. Use many leads.
    2. Lure them with their preferred food.
    3. Transport them with minecarts.
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    posted a message on Surviving in modern SMP servers.
    This topic is for new Minecrafters who struggle to survive on modern plugin survival servers.
    (With tons of diamond guys and etc.)

    Let me explain you the things clearly:
    You're gonna die. You're gonna be slain 1337 times by a diamond guy.
    I promise you myself pain (in MC) without limits, until I won't make from you something good for PvP.

    Okay, so let's start.

    Your first 10 minutes
    After you found a cool server and entered it, you might see too many overhelming things typed in the chat.
    You'll have to focus here.
    First, on many plugin servers there are commands.
    Search for the commands /kit , /sethome , and /spawn.
    Those will be vital for start.

    So, if there is a kit plugin, you should see a list of kits.
    In the most times, there you'll see something like:
    Starter Food
    If yes, go and type /kit starter and get your starting tools. (it might type a Tools kit, remember to explore the kits!)
    Now, after all this you might notice some structure around you.
    It's named the Spawn.
    The Spawn is in most times protected by some plugins like Factions and etc.
    so it's not griefed nor players can PvP the newbies.
    You should see that somewhere is an exit and there are diamond armored players there camping.
    (No? Lucky for ya)
    There's where it's the start of your adventures.

    Getting out of Spawn
    This might look impossible with the campers, but you can do it.
    Stay in somewhere where they won't see you, and pay attention to what they do.
    When they are enough distracted (by a player rushing near them , etc.) run to liberty so they don't see you.
    If they did before you got to minimum 25-30 block from them, then try to hide somewhere after they lost visuals of you. Believe me, they can get you fast, you'll have to hide.
    If they didn't see you, then that's good. You just got a ticket to your survival adventure.

    Starting out
    This is the start of a tougher, but safer situation.

    Now, you'll have to get some wood from trees. And as I do expect, you won't find them nearby, because most of the land was looted and burned to asches.

    Travel really far from the spawn, and constantly look back for unwanted players.Note that you shouldn't run if you don't have to, you will waste the hunger you could've used to escape a player pursuit.

    When you get to a far place with some trees (or forest, if you see one), start to get wood.
    Atleast a stack should be fine. Remember to get the saplings, they are essential for a tree farm later in-game.

    Now, it's time for looking around. Observe what is near you. Look for animals which can be a source of food.
    You'll have to get atleast a value of food equal of 6 cooked porkchops.
    Getting gear
    We won't discuss about how to win in a PvP fight until you don't get gear.
    Look around once more to ensure you are safe, then start mining down.
    By 'mining down', i don't mean 'die like a noob'.
    Use the 2 wide pillar technique to get down safely ( or whatether it's named).
    When you get to a cave, look for coal. After you mined some, make torches.
    After you made torches, proceed to exploring the cave.
    Mine all the coal, iron, gold, diamonds, and lapis lazuli you'll find.
    Don't focus on diamonds , leaving all the iron and coal behing means you wasted your time.
    Once you get around 40-64 iron, make a crafting table.
    Then, make 4 furnaces to smelt all that iron.
    To make this efficient, you can smelt gold in 2 furnaces, and iron in the 2 left furnaces.
    Proceed mining while the ores melt.
    Now, get yourself iron type of this gear:
    -Armor (all the suit)
    -Iron Sword
    -Iron Pickaxe (if you got diamonds make a diamond one)
    -Iron Shovel
    -Iron Axe
    Don't make Iron Hoes. There's no need for them while you don't have a safe house.

    Estabilishing a safe house
    Nope, no PvP until everything is stable.
    Hope you remember the direction from where you went from spawn.
    Go away from spawn direction 4000-6000 blocks.
    If you find an ocean, make a boat and go through it.
    Get everything precious for later in-game (sugar canes, mushrooms, pumpkins, melons etc).

    Now, that you're far, let's start by making a faction (there should be factions. If there isn't, look in the commands for a claiming command or ask help from other people in chat.).
    Do /f create [a name for the 'faction']
    Then, optionally create a description with /f desc <long description>
    Now, to claim land you need power.
    Unless you died before, your power should be 10/10.
    You can check it by /f pow.
    Power is the key to land claiming. Having power means more land. Losing power means someone can take your land. So. Don't die. You. Yes, you.
    Use /f claim 2 to claim the chunk you are in and the chunks adacent to it.
    {}X{} X- you are here.
    No one except faction members (and maybe allies, but you might not have allies) can break the land in claimed area.

    Setup your defenses
    Raiders have many methods to break in your house.
    First, they can make TNT cannons (unless TNT is disabled).
    Second, they can enemy you and try to kill you 1 time, so they can easily take your land.

    If you don't make good defenses, they get your stuff. So.
    Make cobblestone walls for start. Atleast 7-8 blocks should be fine.
    Make it farther from the claim border, so raiders can't block-pillar-jump.
    Make it... umm make your defenses how you think it will be the best.
    (i don't feel my fingers now lol)

    The dark side of PvP
    As I promised you pain without limits, you'll have to learn how to PvP.
    If you think only having better gear than the enemy means you'll win, then you, like the 85% of the players, you are all noobs.


    I beated a diamond Protection I guy with only an iron sword and an iron chestplate.
    You might NOT believe me, but that's true. I just thought that running won't save me,
    so, I turned, jumped over a block, sprint-jumped on him... and then I rage-crit-ed him while didging his attacks...

    This example shows you that the SKILLS are the king here.

    First, let's learn the basics of PvP.
    When you hit a mob/player, he gets red for 1/2 seconds. This is immunity time, he won't get any damage while it is active.
    Spamming the sword while immunity is on means wasted hits and wasted durability on sword.

    When you hit a mob/player while falling in air, you'll see stars are getting out from his body. This means you did a Critical hit. You should start learning criticals, because they do 0-50% more damage, plus a guaranteed 1 heart of damage.

    When you hit a mob/player while sprinting, you'll see that he will fly some good 2-4 blocks.
    You can use this to your advantage to get your enemy into a water/lava lake, or pushing him into a pit/ravine.

    While you hold right botton while you have a sword, you'll see that you block. Damage taken while you're blocking is 50% less powerful. You can use this if you have a good clicking rythm, like Crit! - Block! - Crit! .
    Howether, i don't really recommend it.

    Did you heard about potions? Did you use one if them? If both are yes, then you know what are the benefits.
    A simple potion of swiftness can help you get out from a pursuit, or a strength potion would give you the winning edge. A fire protection might render a PvPer's flame sword useless, or a Regeneraion potion could help you regain health. A splash potion of weakness thrown to a player will make his attacks less powerful.
    Use those to your advantage.

    Hiding and stealth exists in SMP.
    The only simple looking element named 'Shift' button can save your life.
    You can use it to hide. You can use it to cover your nickname above your head and cover your location.
    While sneaking, you make much less noise.
    You can use all this to your advantage.

    That's all for now, my fingers hurt (lol) . I'll add more after some relax.
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    posted a message on THE TRUTH ABOUT SURVIVAL MODE
    Quote from Realtime911

    You get it wrong, some server won't be using any plugins, if they had plugins, they still need to do it from the very beginning
    And there a lot of people still love legit survival, in the way of builds, or just want to do some challenge
    And survival doesn't really have to be legit, adding some mods are acceptable

    You didn't get it because you only playing multiplayer, or not enough playing survival

    Remember, now you are on the Survival Mode section, that means if this section still growing, that means there's some people still playing survival

    I'm interested too in finding the most hardcore challenge by mixing the type of world generation combination and mob spawning.
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    posted a message on THE TRUTH ABOUT SURVIVAL MODE
    I don't think survival is gonna die.
    Well i'm sure if everyone will stop playing surrvival, they'll start get bored of plugins.
    Then they will come back at survival mode.

    Yeah, that's an obvious cycle of a minecraftian.
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    posted a message on Random Fires in Pocket Edition with no cause?
    Maybe some kind of lava lake?
    I didn't play that much of PE, so i'm not sure.
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    posted a message on If you think Hardcore is Cake Walk...
    Quote from cHa0sFeRrEt

    Doing this right now. Food is tough to come by, but I've lived long enough to get an iron pick. Still alive, will update when I die.

    Edit: I actually managed to gather the wool for a bed, so, for my own curiosity, I slept to see how it would mess up the game... nothing happened. Still dark out.

    Hmm, I actually thought it would set the time to day, so it would get infinite day.
    Quote from Rotasizx

    I'll try this with my miner's nightmare preset. finally something overdone enough to enjoy minecraft.

    edit: I'm playing it right now, it's very fun to play. I'm recording but my fps is crap. still, I may upload some videos if I manage to do something good.

    Hmm, the recorder makes a lot of fps problems with minecraft.
    Hey, try to set the performance to 50-30 fps, Etho does same way while recording.
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    posted a message on If you think Hardcore is Cake Walk...
    So, if you are here, then you think hardcore is cake walk.
    No? Okay, do Alt+F4.

    This is a discovery that I made while messing with the new " Dzer Custom" World Setting.

    Get ready for something which combines Ultra Hardcore, Infinite Night, Snow, Snow, and...
    What else? Ahh yes, Snow!

    So here I present you my newest discovery's name:

    Ultimate Hadacore!!
    (this is a gamemode)

    So, what's cool with it?
    Here you go:

    -Delete your dirty dirt world on death!
    -(Almost) No animal Spawns! *
    -No changing from the Hard difficulty!
    -No Regeneration! (Hell no)
    -Infinite night! ** (Fo those who hate sunlight)
    -Infinite Snow! (Get Snow-Protection Sunglasses)
    -Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, Spiders, and Creepers!

    * Note: Believe me, there are almost no animal spawns.
    Could barely find some squids, that's all.
    (Don't tell SkyDoesMinecraft about this find)
    ** Note 2: You can't sleep in beds anymore, otherwise you'll screw everything up. Forget this, it's under
    testing. Anyways, why sleep in Hardcore?

    SO, how to setup it?
    Here are the steps:
    -Open up Minecraft (14w21b or latest snapshot);
    -Go in World Creation;
    -Put the world type to "Customized";
    -Press "Customize";
    -On the first page, put the Biome setting to Ice Plains (or Ice Mountains);
    -Name the world and create it;

    -In-Game, go to menu, then "Open to LAN", then check "Allow Cheats";
    -Now, do the following commands:
    - /gamerule naturalRegeneration false;
    - /time set 15000;
    - /gamerule doDaylightCycle false;
    Note: I could had mispelled some commands. Please check if it's correct;

    Here's everything you had to do!
    Now, enjoy struggling to get some wood while being injured by a mob invasion.

    Here some tips:
    -As there are not that MUCH of animals,and the trees don't drop apples,
    You'll have to care for food. Really! Many who try this and forget about hunger, will surely die.
    Get any seeds from the tall grass! 12 should be fine (you'll grow them later in-game)
    -Get 6 wood. That's enough for all your needs until you have some tools and armor.
    -Make the most primitive non-resource wasting houses in the mountain hills (or elsewhere).
    -Wasting your wood is not a good idea. Getting some more might cost you 3 hearts.
    -Time is Life here, not Money. If you don't act fast, you'll end slaughtered by Dr. Edgar Zomboss.
    -Don't waste your hunger for running aimesly. Simply walk unless you're chased.
    -Setup a wheat farm as soon as you can. Believe me, this might be the only safe way to get food.

    I'll soon post pre-made maps for you.
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    posted a message on Basic Survival Rules?
    You should go for iron armor.
    Remember: iron is your closest friend (except the dogs) in Minecraft.

    Also, i would recomend you to make a stable food farm.
    Cows give meat, but you'll run out of them soon that way.
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    posted a message on Whats your FPS?
    If your asking me...
    Quote from GenericPerson

    I would kill for 40 FPS...

    pls don't kill me... ok?
    I get around 50-100 FPS with all extreme graphics + 32x32 resource pack.
    If i am at a map like skyblock... then it's like 800-1000 FPS with all graphics at max.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite gamemode?
    Quote from Moonrox

    This thread is so pointless. There's, like, 4 gamemodes? And you're asking a question that is so simple, this thread's going to be full of "survival" one worded posts.

    Hardcore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Because it's actually like 'Peaceful survival' for me.
    2nd one would be UHC, because it's actually hard.
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    posted a message on The Cyan Parkour
    Why Cyan?
    Because i used the cyan wool through all the parkour.

    What is this?
    A simple made parkour for your fingers & keyboard.

    -Non-Signs speech
    -Cool things with item frames at the "Hub".


    Levels 1:

    Levels 2:


    Hope you will have fun!
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