About Me
Da fuq are you?
I'm MarginallyDwarven (also known as Dwarven, Marginally, Marg, Dwar(v/f), and on very rare occasions, Tom). I'm 24 years old, was born in the UK, and am presently living in Sweden due to work.

What do I do?
For not-fun, I work, sleep, work some more, sleep some more, and then see if I have any free time (the life of a scientist is not an easy one, let me tell you!). I used to work at a call centre, but I very nearly became meta-sane whilst doing so (meta-sanity is when you are insane to a point where you seem normal, no matter how ballsed up your mind is).

For fun, I program, listen to music, swim, mess with whatever computer hardware I can get my hands on, and play PC games. I played a guitar at one point, but I couldn't play to save my life anymore. I also hang around Forum Roleplaying, though I admit I am frequently behind in my posting obligations to the people there.

Other random facts:
I spend way, way too much time on the internet, and at one point had a roommate named Alex, who somehow did fine in his classes, but seemed to be nothing but condensed stupidity whenever I was near him. I'm an agnostic, I'm a bit of a cynic, and my favourite story is the infamous Oh God The Rapture Is Burning (google it or Cockroach Jesus will bring about the terminal coming of Rapture (and believe me, you really don't want to the guy that causes that)).

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