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    posted a message on The "say the 1st thing that pops into your head" game.
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    posted a message on Whats disturbing about the above profile pic?
    The way he stares at you
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    posted a message on 10,000 ways to get kicked out of Walmart!
    Lick the Cashiers in a very creepy way
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
    20214, How long will this take????
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    posted a message on Looking for a tekkit lite partner
    Age- I'm 15.

    Experience- I got into Minecrft about 3 years ago, but I learned really fast and I guess that im experienced.

    Funny- Yup! By my friends standers, I can always crack up a joke if one come to mind.

    Bossy- Nope.

    Can set up a server- Yes, I tried many times and whenever something scrues up I always try and fix it, Usually do!

    TIme zone- Easterne

    IGN-Same as on here: MarcusGold3694

    Reason for wanting to join me- Well theres three actually:
    1- My friends i play with are not the best at MC... Well they're horrible at it.
    2- This seems like something cool to do and try.
    3- ive always wanted to start a youtube chanel too and its easier with more people.

    Really hope you message me back!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Just For The Parcour Of It
    Hello, This is my first map, its parcour, its very easy at the beginning but get harder as you progress into the map (well i hope :P orelse I REALLY suck at parcour) and excuse me if I have bad writing skills.


    Just For The Parcour Of It

    This map is entirely parcour, 20 levels 4 different categories and lots of lava, you start off simple, and get harder as you progress, the first set is simple enough, then lava and then the other two that you will have to figure out. And at the end there is a surprise.... Its not a cake.


    Couple rules, nothing that hard:

    Rule 1: Don't place/destroy any blocks.
    Rule 2: Always Play on peaceful and moody brightness.
    Rule 3: In case of "Failure" you can cheat.
    Rule 4: One chest per person.
    Rule 5: ENJOY! :D .



    Couple photos of the map:

    First Room


    The Outside

    The Ending

    Thank for Downloading and Playing and I really hope you enjoyed my first map. If you did leave a comment or something! Thx!
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