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    Okay everyone please go easy on me this is my first post here ever! I never thought I would have to do this but I need answers because this is killing me. Okay I'm a get right into it.

    I am currently running an Ubuntu 20.10 x64 Virtual Machine on my local machine that is running Windows 10 Education (Pro). I am hosting this VM through the Windows Hyper-V Manager. I have the server on a "Bridged Switch" allowing it to access the Internet freely with it's own public IP address.

    So, I have done the whole process for setting up a MC server on Ubuntu. I know that the server is configured correct because I am able to connect to via localhost, Internal IPv4, and public IPv6.

    I went into my Router and made that I set the Port Forwarding on port 25565 to go back to my Ubuntu VM.

    The issue persists that I cannot have anyone else connect to the server with the public IPv6 address. I am not able to assign a static IPv4 or IPv6 address due to the limitations of the router (Cox cable sucks). I ran the netstat -ntlp command which showed me that the server was listening on port 25565.

    Does anyone have any recommendation on what to check? I know a a good amount about the stuff that I am doing here, I have a BA in Cybersecurity. But the fact that I cannot set up a MC server properly is eating at me. I don't want to do this the cheap way with putting the clients on my network then connecting locally. I want to set this up the proper way. If anyone has any information that would be great! If I am missing some info here please feel free to request it and I will provide it!

    Side request: Is there a way to set a "static IP" for the server so that way I don't have to provide a new IP every time the VM is restarted? I do not plan on having 100% uptime on the machine.

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