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    posted a message on Seeking out a mod to add images to screen

    I don't really get what you're mean, vanilla texture packs allows to change all interface aspects (inventory, chest, icons, item textures...)
    And the interface added by other mods, if its a image then that can also be changed due texture packs.
    Optifine adds even more customization to texture packs, like alternative random variations, connected textures, etc...

    So... I guess you're talking about adding more stuff to the normal interface like minimaps, armor stats &stuff?
    All this stuff is added by the mod BetterPVP and I think you can customize the interface, not sure in 1.8.9 position.

    Probrably its more like, you want to add extra elements cause you're an streamer or you seen some streamers have gifs and alerts all arround?
    Thoose elements are not added on the game view, if it was the case, the streamers will not be able to see properly the game.
    Thoose are added by the streaming sofware they use.

    Probably is more like you're making a map with mods, an adventure or running a server and want to add some images over player screens like "welcome to the lobby" or something like that tiggerred by a command?

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    posted a message on [MOD REQUEST] Silence Mobs in an Area

    I probably got the wrong mod and the block is actually on Extra Utilities... not sure 🤔
    (I usually use both together and those add random stuff)
    But yeah, this another one is also for 1.12.2
    Is where usually all mods are, even new mods are being made for this version (even I do my mods for this version)

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    posted a message on Realistic Ore Distribution

    Yeah well... I kinda see a lot of mods that allow to do that like this one.

    But checking what you're talking about of Multiplayer bussiness and territories. Probably a custom world generator like biome tweaker mod or using some cool project like the playable earth representation

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    posted a message on Make the bottom of trees unbreakable

    The most of this features are already added on dynamic trees mod.

    Mod that is actually really cool and love how it works!
    - You can fertilize the tree
    - You can break a branch and its still growing.

    - You can take of some leaves, without damaging the tree

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    posted a message on [MOD REQUEST] Silence Mobs in an Area

    There's actually a block that makes that on OpenBlocks mod.
    It was perfect when I made a masive cobblestone generator with 4 pistons and breaker. That was so noisy...

    The mute block decreases the volume of everything in its range to 10% and you only hear it when you're so close and it sounds so low.

    - This block only affects to the blocks or entity on its area, so you can still hear the sound of other stuff outsite of the area.

    - That block doesn't need any kind of energy or mainternance, just craft it and place it.
    - Players doesn't need to be in the block range to work, but if they are, then his steps, breaking sounds and stuff like this will be muted too until they leave.

    I know openblocks adds A LOT of stuff and sometimes you just want some few features of the mod.
    Wel... That's not a problem, you can disable features from config and that will not enven be loaded on the game, so its not even producing lag ;)

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    posted a message on prehistoric extincs

    Can we see some examples of your models? :D

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    posted a message on Is there a mod to swap water and lava in world generation?

    I didn't know much about 1.16 mods for modpacks.
    Actually the developers doesn't want to develop this kind of mods for that versions cause multiplayer over 1.13+ is kinda trashy and the most famous mods are on 1.12 too. So the modpacks are usually released for that versions, then the mods designed for modpacks are usually too even if the project started the last year.

    Actually, I didn't heared about much mods designed for modpacks to update or release in another version 🤔
    Craftweaker... Bad mobs... and... that's it as far as I know...

    On 1.12.2 there's the mod BiomeTweaker that allows you to fully customize your world generation separated by biomes and with that mod its kinda easy to change stuff like this.
    There's also other mods more advanced like OTG but well... on 1.12...

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    posted a message on Ice and fire, mobs don`t spawning

    Makes sense, that modpack have several issues in more than one way.
    But actually on that aspect, I think that then it WASN'T an error, cause modpacks usually use mods to control and customize mob spawning.
    That's... why they're made. The configuration that you deleted is the configuration that the modpack creators wanted.
    Last time I tried that modpack, plague doctors spawn, but rats doesn't like the mod usually do. To get rats you have to craft a trashcan and make a place for them to spawn.

    So right now, you're no longer playing ATM6, you just using the same mods.
    So... yeah, for now on you can't blame lack of content and archivements on the modpack cause all of that is on the folders that you deleted. :regen: by MissNyanolina
    This settings are usually made for balancing and giving the player a better experience.

    Also, if I can do a recomendation, if you doesn't want that the modpack creators decide the game for you, you should choose the mods by sourself.
    Just cause that modpacks adds A LOT of mods that most of the players didn't even use and sometimes didn't event like. So that not only ruins you're game experience, also gives you a lot of unnecessary lag...

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    posted a message on Ice and fire, mobs don`t spawning

    That sounds like some of the config files had weird information that the mod can't read properly, but if that was the case, the game should have sended some kind of error message instead of running without the mods.
    Do you have instaled any other mod that can affect to the world spawning?
    For example, on 1.12 there's a mod called "biomeTweaker" that changes the mob spawning on each biome, that mod autoupdates the spawnlist when you add more mods cause only saves your custom settings. But any other mod that makes something similar and doesn't have the custom config separated from the original one, can cause this.

    Can I see what other mods did you installed to figure out why does that happened to you?

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    posted a message on How to only make Zombies spawn in your world

    Yes, there's some mods that allow you to customize mob spawning.

    The most popular is Bad Mobs, that just allows you to remove the spanw of any undesired mob.

    My favourite is Biome Tweaker, that allows you to customize all the biomes from vanilla or other mods and even create new ones or delete them.
    With this mod you can customize what mobs spawn on each biome, how often and also how many in each spawn group.

    Some mobs spawn too in structures, dungeons & stuff.
    In case you want to manage structures too to avoid that, you can use Recurrent Complex, but this takes a little more time to configure than the other two.

    If you have any problems managing the .conf files of one of this mods let me know 😉

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    posted a message on (Web Displays) How can I stop the screen from unloading?

    I should know what mod are you talking about, for testing or ar least to know how the mod adds the video into minecraft.
    I mean, we can throw random suggestions, but doesn't know if they're going to work with your mod 😅

    For example, if the screen of the mod works when the chunk is still being loaded on the server even if there's no players near, you can place the screen on the spawn cause that chunks are always loaded for some Minecraft reason.
    Or else you can use this mod:
    That allows you to avoid unloading the chunks you choose.

    But this methods will probably doesn't work if the video stream of the mod works on client side, cause even if the screen chunks are not unloaded of the server, the client will unload it anyways.

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    posted a message on Ice and fire, mobs don`t spawning

    There's mods that changes the spawning paramenters, but this ones shouldn't affect to ice&fire creatures, cause thoose are not naturally spawned, they're spawned with the structures instead.
    Rats mod have a low chance to spawn rats if you didn't make a garbage field, but thinking about it.
    The both mods that you mentioned gives an archievement to the player first time he joins the world.
    If you didn't read of the chat any of the archivements, then the mods are just not loaded.

    Possible reasons in case the mods are not loaded:

    - You didn't installed forge or not running minecraft with forge

    - You didn't placed the mods in the mod folder

    - The version of your mod files is not for the version of your forge
    - You placed the mods into mods folder, but forge istance have a diferent path, so is looking on another folder still empty

    - The files doesn't have .jar extension

    - The files are compresed in .zip or .rar
    - You think you downloaded that mods, but you download them for a random weird site and its a fake file.

    How to NEVER have problems like this while installing mods?
    Using the aplication of curseforge.
    Its really easy to use, allows you to create different instances in different versions with diferent mods and took like 5 minutes to get ready a working minecraft custom modpack without this kind of problems that you have now.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to play different version mods together?

    For modpacks like RLCraft, you can use the Curseforge's aplication:
    This aplication makes diferent instances (like MultiMC as SuntannedDuck2 recomended) with a single click.
    Its maintarned by CurseForge team and connected to their webpage, so you can access to all the content published (mod, modpacks, texturepacks) and install them on one click.

    BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!
    I read carefoully your request and I think that this is not what you're looking for 🤔
    I think that what're you looking for is to use features of 1.13 (like swiming & clear water vision) and 1.14 (like work station and new villager interface)

    If that's the case, you can add this mods:

    If you want a clear water vision
    Clear water mod

    If you miss swiming in water

    Smart moving: Reboot 1 | Reboot 2
    (this mod adds more movements, not only swiming)

    If you miss that villagers recharge trades
    Infinite trades (but feels like cheating)

    Or if you just miss an specific workstation
    - Loom backport

    - Campfire backport

    - Composter alternative

    There's also some mods that backport new version features, the most popular is Future MC but I'm not really a big fan of this one.

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    posted a message on are there any mods where villagers will build their own homes?

    With Custom NPC you can do that NPCs builds something, but you need to be on creative mode to tell them what to do.
    Sadly that's the most similar mod feature I know.

    Villages are procedural generated so it can be possible to start a village from nothing and let villagers build it, but I din't know any mod that adds this feature right now.

    There's also MineColonies, and this one works on survival and its really cool, but its not exacly villagers building its own houses.

    You're a mayor of a town and you order to the citicens to make actions, like building the diferent buildings of the town.
    They're not going to trade you stuff like villagers, the citizens of this mod are a separated mob that doesn't override the default villager and they're dependant to the player, but its the most similar mod I found.

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    posted a message on Boat speed on carpets with ice underneath

    The biggest issue here is that carpets have its own hitbox, so the boat is touching carpet's hitbox witch is not slippery instead of Ice hitbox.
    I didn't think that's actually wrong, I mean... you covering a slippery surface with a non slippery layer.

    About your ploblen, one option is to use a mod that actually provides cars. There's some mods that adds cars, motos, karts, planes and other vehicles.

    I mean, you're suggesting on the "mod request" so why keep on vanilla movement system?

    Hum... yeah...


    The other option that kinda suits on what're you looking for and probably will like you more than slippery carpets:

    The mod chisels & bits allow you to mix different blocks to create a new one, this one get's properties from the materials used.
    If you use glowstone, your block will shine, if you use ice, your block will slip. So you can change the block slippery and shine as you want, and also choose the aspect you prefeer on top that doesn't even need to be a single material.

    slippering path example

    You can combine this with one of the best underrated mods: Armourer's Workshop.
    This mod allows you to create custom armor, blocks or even skin for your tools & weapons. But on this case we're only interested on blocks.
    You can create any block you want and give it some properties like "no colision".
    For example, I made a finish ribborn without collision, so boats can pass trought.

    Example of road with chisel&bits and Armourer

    If you have any problem installing or using thoose mods, give me feedback ;)

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