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    Ok, so can anyone help me I made a minecraft classic server and I don't no how you add commands or world etc

    does anyone know the answer.
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    Hi there, this is my port of skyblock to PE there are challenges so... read!
    #1 Make a cobblestone generator
    #2 Make a bridge to the sand island
    #3 Make a big house out of cobblestone, with at least 3 flats
    #4 Get 10 cactus [may be inpossible in this update]
    #5 Expand the island as much as you can with cobblestone!
    #6 Build a mob grinder!

    #You can have only one lava source at a time! [will fix this after we get buckets...]
    #You can have only two water sources at a time [infinite, if you make an infinite water source]
    # Do not use infinite blocks, exept fences, glass and wooden planks[ to get 4 wooden planks, sacrafice a tree log]
    #Do not leave... oh, wait... this is pocket edition, so... you can't...
    #You must have fun!

    Post your creations on the comments section...

    On the island there are:
    - 1Cyan flower
    - 1 yellow flower
    - 1 red and 1 brown mushrooms
    - A tree with dark wood instead of normal
    - Grass
    - Dirt
    - Bedrock, witch is not on the spawnpoint, so it's useless...

    On the sand island there is:
    - 2 cactus
    - Sand

    There are also some random flying trees and a few 3x3x3 spheres of coal... For torches :)

    And you have in the inventory:
    - Lava... Infinite lava...
    - Infinite water (minecraft thinks infinite as 240-250 as this was the max you could carry)
    - A full set of stone tools
    - Shears
    - 6 torches
    - 10 logs... Tree logs

    download at http://adf.ly/7zuIX
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