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    If your thinking about joining, read this.

    I've been on this server since the first week it came out, and Im a very picky person when it comes down to selecting servers. Out of my 5 years of playing Minecraft, this has been by far the most organized, developed, and friendly server I've ever played on. I really do recommend trying it out, dedicated players, dedicated staff, only think left to do is join :)

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    What is your name (or nickname)? Maplez
    What is your IGN? Maplez
    How old are you? 16
    Have you read the rules, and will you be able to follow them? Absolutely
    How often should we expect to see you online? My schedule varies, but at worst every second day for a couple of hours.
    Will you be able to join our forums? If needed, sure!
    What are you looking for in a server, what is it that keeps you around? I believe first impressions are everything, as Im applying here on this server. The same goes for you guys, and what interests me is well-put together thread that will attract the eye. Ever since taking a break from Minecraft, I wanted to persue what I love most, playing vanilla with new people/friends & having fun!
    Do you have any questions or concerns about the server? Not yet, maybe later on down the road
    Do you understand that the IP will be messaged to you after your application is accepted? Yes :)
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    Hey everyone, Ive been in search for a vanilla server thats vanilla & includes raiding.

    I wont get too too much into detial, but Im turning 16, mature, and a very dedicated player


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