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    Very interesting! Too bad its just a bug
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    Nice job on reaching this milestone! Cant wait to play this with my friends!
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    Updated Yay! Cant wait to see all the new blocks!
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    It looks amazing, keep up the good work! and download would be nice.
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    I would recommend using world edit to count the blocks. To count the blocks select the first position at one side of your base then select the second position at the other end and it should tell you the number of blocks selected in chat. Good luck with your base!
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    Quote from Amerikathefree

    Wheres all the challenges? D:

    I don't have a lot of free time currently but i promise i am working on them
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    Quote from Epicfireplay

    Super hardcore chalenge: create a tellraw teleporter menu

    I already did for my single player world
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    Quote from Antylamon

    Then it's even simpler, you can just use tripwire

    Duh i feel kinda stupid now... lol
    Quote from TheWizardMan

    You can, but there has to be a line of redstone going along the pistons.

    I'm aware that you can make a machine that moves with pistons but you cant make it move its self when its floating in air
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    Quote from Myren

    Make this:

    When i saw your profile picture i actually tried to make it and its harder than it seems but i succeeded! As seen below:

    Quote from MrYoavoss

    Do an instant- army button! (It is actually very simple. You put a pumpkin on a sticky piston, then make an iron block T shape, repeat the process, and make a hell lot of setblock command blocks in the end to make sure that the golem parts will return while the army is launched. To make the pistons will not retract the pumpkins, you need to make a monostable circuit)

    You cant make iron golems with pistons. Also pistons do not push pumpkins they break them

    Quote from ArtemkaFomin

    I have a few ideas that just too lazy to implement: a machine capable of copying blocks and exposed lottery with three three-screen (if there is a match on the lines)

    What exactly are you asking?

    Quote from Gurkudrengur

    I have 2 challenges for you!

    Challenge 1
    Make a 2x2 multi floor car piston elevator.
    RedBoneStuff made one up and down a few months ago, but I need a multi floor.
    1 floor is 6 blocks high; 1 block for floor/ceiling, 5 blocks of wall height.
    On each floor there are double iron doors that open when the elevator is on that floor and close when it is not. there are also 2 glowstone lamps above the doors (one block between the doors and the lamp is preferred) that will turn on when the car is at that floor.
    9 floors in total, 1 button for each floor on a panel next to the doors, and one button for "go". push a button to select floor, enter the car, press go, door closes and the car goes to the selected floor.

    Amount of resources is not a concern.
    NO visible redstone wiring
    NO command blocks

    Challenge 2
    Automatic tree farm, sapling sustainable, that can handle ALL types of trees.
    I have been looking through some designs, but haven't found one that I like.
    I think this is the best one I have found:
    and I think something similar to this could handle all tree types. In the case of branches or 2x2 trees, there could be an extra setting that will cycle the leaf crusher and sand column a few times to get all the wood logs from the grow chamber. But that is just an idea.
    It has auto bonemealing, and all collected saplings are ejected through a dropper to the player. so this is pretty much AFK-able. (except with dark oak, which requires 4 saplings in a 2x2 area to grow)
    I also want an auto breaking system using creepers, not Wither. Like this one has:
    So it requires a mob sorter (which I believe someone has already challenged you to make).

    Again, amount of resources is not a concern.
    NO command blocks
    no visible redstone is preferred.
    Amount of wood/hour, does not need to be ridiculously high.

    Think you are up to the challenge?

    Pistons are not my specialty if i cant make a 5x5 door i don't think i could make either of those things. lol
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    Quote from outofsyncsamurai

    if you need help just give a shout

    Ok i will!

    Ok, I suck at redstone, and even I know how you can make sand fall upwards using bud switches, and pistons.
    Just have a giant tower of interconnecting bud switches, that make a piston extend, and use those all to make a single sand block move upwards, very quickly.... Or something like that. :P

    Except that bud switches don't detect entities. Which falling sand is
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