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    posted a message on THE WALLS [PVP, survival, teams]
    Once the walls fall...all hell breaks loose!
    2 v 2 v 2 v 2
    6 players!
    4 teams!
    Who is going to win?
    Join this server and see if you have what it takes to gather as much resources as you can in 30min and defeat you opponents!
    Get diamonds, tnt, pistons, and make devilish traps for the unlucky!
    Join us now!: Amazingcreate1.servegame.com
    When sand walls fall there will be some lag!
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    posted a message on Looking for very experienced builders
    IGN: Crazyanthony11
    Skype Name: Anthonyn.l.
    Age: 15
    Scale of 1-10 on how good you build: 10!
    What you are good at: Redstone, pistons, Castles, Secret Rooms, ect.
    What have you built in the past: 3 massive castles 300k+ blocks each, redstone machines, and cities!
    Anything you wanna add: I love building...well...everything!
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    posted a message on In Need Of Minecart Expert To Construct Epic Public Roller Coaster
    I would very much like to help or build this on my own. I have built 20min+ rollercoasters on my old server. I love rollercoasters, and I like to use alot of redstone in them. Here is a link to one of my creations: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1077630-bots-10-customize-your-bot-and-fight-others-for-glory/

    I would love to build a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE and COMPLEX rollercoaster on your server :) Its fun to build AND ride!
    PM me if I can build it and help you!
    Thank you
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    posted a message on The Walls (PVP, Survival, No Whitelist)
    I am currently playing on a server that is using the map: The Walls. (Not made by me)
    This map has it so there are four squares where for 30min u survive and prepare.
    After those 30min the walls between those squares fall and you pvp against others.
    Last man standing wins!
    Want more information: Click
    Once that round ends...it will immediatly start back up again as a fresh new world for continuous play!
    Up to 4GB of RAM are dedicated to this server to keep it from any lag!
    Come play with us!

    THE IP IS: amazingcreate1.servegame.com:25566

    Hope to see you there!
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    posted a message on Monumental Structures [PVP, Cities, Stores, Gangs!]
    Hey guys!
    A new server has just opened, and it is pretty awesome!
    The spawn is an underground city!
    And when you reach the surface there are abandoned castles, towns, and much more!
    PVP and griefing is allowed so watch your back!
    We have anti-hack mods which prevent x-ray and cheating. (Cheating is not fun for anybody!)
    There are also gangs which come through cities and raid! Join them or fight against them!
    There are cults, templars, priests, and much more!
    No whitelist, free-to-play!
    Come and play!

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on Male and Female singer opening!
    Hello, I am Anthony L.
    I am in process of making a Minecraft Music Video with a whole story.
    The song is a parody of Fun.'s "We Are Young"
    The music video will be called: "Everything Lost"
    The story is a best friend stole the main characters gold, diamonds, house, and wife (girlfriend)
    If you are interested and/or want more information please fill out the application below!
    Note: We only have room for 1 male and 1 female singer!

    IRL First Name:
    Time Zone:
    Skype (optional):
    Anything Else?:

    *You do not need to have experience with other songs/music videos. I am glad to show off a newcomer!
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    posted a message on Need actors for big cinematic minecraft project
    Quote from g11g00g3r

    What does the acting include?

    Acting include? Well, I do not know how to answer than...acting is acting.
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    posted a message on Need actors for big cinematic minecraft project
    Hello, I am the director of a Minecraft Cinematic series.
    We are in need of 3 actors to play temp characters in a cinematic series.
    You need a mic (No voice acting) and Skype.
    *Skype is free
    You also need to have a full version of Minecraft and be able to know how to change your skin.
    Here is the APP:

    Minecraft Name:
    Skype Name:

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on Need actors for two episode Minecraft cinematic.
    Please delete this post
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    posted a message on |||Hunger Games - No Whitelist|||
    IGN: Crazyanthony11
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    posted a message on The Blocky Games! (Spots open!)
    The Block Games!
    Now Open for Applications!

    What is it?
    The Blocky Games is
    The Hunger Games Minecraft rip off
    Using Vareide's The Survival Games map!
    This is a legit play, no cheats, no fixes, all survival!
    Ever wanted to be in the Hunger Games?!?
    Now is your chance!

    -No breaking blocks other
    than mushrooms, leaves, and grass.

    -No leaving the arena!

    -Only one will survive, NOT TWO!

    -If it is a draw no one wins!

    The reward for winning is:
    A full time spot on the server as a sponsor.
    Becoming a character in our upcoming
    Minecraft cinematic series. (NOW FILMING)

    Due to high server prices
    only 10 are allowed on the server
    which means less players.
    If you donate $10 or more
    You will get a reserved spot in the next Blocky Games!
    if you donate $20 or more
    You will get a reserved spot in next two Blocky Games!
    First one player, next Sponsor or GameMaster!
    $30 or more

    You will get a reserved spot in all the Blocky Games!
    Blocky Games T-Shirt!

    Only two people per district!

    Please fill out the following
    Time Zone:
    Best Quality:

    D1: 1. 2.
    D2: 1. 2.
    D3: 1. 2.
    D4: 1. 2.
    D5: 1. Crazyanthony11 2. Amazinghobo1

    Not Applicable! Must Donate!
    1. Brainy218
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    posted a message on Bots (1.0) Customize your bot and fight others for glory!
    Quote from krossbowkitty

    ... Doesn't look... Great... What version of MC is this for? Forum page is quite messy... Work on the look of you're "bots"... (they look really lame)

    This looks like you've just rushed the whole thing and really, these pics are not particually enticing...

    Basically, if you think this is gonna get 1,000,000,000,000 downloads as soon as you realese it, you're wrong. (I'm speaking from experience here) You need to to rethink this very thouroughly and start again from scratch.

    Maybe you ought to have a look at this.

    Okay, well I can't really see where you are talking from. I appreciate constructive criticism.
    But in your case, I will answer each of your questions / criticism:

    Yes this version of Bots is an update behind but it doesn't take away anything that has to do with the map.

    Forum page messy? Either you have OCD or you just trying to find things to complain about.

    Look of the "bots": This is how they look like, would you like me to make them huge with gold and diamond bling and models dancing on them?
    That is how they look, that is what works, they look like that for a reason.

    Rushed through the whole thing: Please look more into it before you complain: I spent 2 months on this, for my own profit. Each bot can be upgraded, have better and new abilities, and customized. If you see any part and think that it is "rushed" please, shut up and go build this yourself.

    Pics: what would you like me take a picture of? I took a picture to show you the overall feel, I really want you so when you play it, have a sense of exploration and power. Taking pictures of every step kinda removes that new feel you have when first playing.

    I did not have ANY expectation to get ANY download simply the reason why I make maps is for the fun of it and to bring that fun to the players of my maps. What experience do you have? Portal maps, sky survival, CTM's? Sir, I think you need to rethink what you do and start from scratch. My design is entirely original. If you want to deny that by saying someone made rock 'em sock 'em robots... thats fair but my map is more than that. My map has upgrades, different techniques, special abilities, stores, hubs, and much more!

    I respect Disco but I personally do not like any of his builds (besides bomberman that was a good idea and well made)

    From everything you said, it comes down to that you are jealous, I don't know why? Don't like my map? I respect that but please keep your "experience" to yourself. Now don't say that I am "over reacting" because I am not, I am protecting my creation and showing a logical explanation why everything you said was wrong. Thank you :)
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    posted a message on Bots (1.0) Customize your bot and fight others for glory!
    Customize, Upgrade, and Fight your own bot against others!
    By MapNightmare

    Over 5000 wires of redstone and 3000 blocks of stone, iron, and other materials, all together make up one arena for two bots. One controlled by you, the other controlled by your friend. Fight each other in hand to hand combat. Each win gives you one gold bar. Use that to upgrade and customize your bot in the "Bots Shop"! Continue to destroy each other until one of you destroys the other once and for all.

    Control Panel

    Play on Peaceful
    Turn Brightness fully up

    How To Play:
    Just use the "Left" and "Right" punch buttons. Get a lucky shot and your win that round!
    To start a new round either wait the cooltime which is 5min or have player 1
    go to the "Manuel Round Reset" and reset the round.
    To use the store throw 1 piece of gold in each hole that is in the floor in front of the upgrade you wish to buy.

    Two massive robots.
    Two robot control panels.
    Two fully operational shops.
    Two EndGames.
    Two Bots Examination Rooms.
    Much More!

    Player 2's Bot

    Full View of Map
    *No Creative Mode
    *Only Use Gold For Money
    *No Breaking Blocks
    *Robot Punching Spam has an anti-Spam on it so don't do it or you won't get any hits!

    The Bot Shop.
    Two Rows with 5 upgrades in each row make up 10 upgrades. Each worth 3 gold.
    1 gold = 1 round win.
    30 rounds you need to win in order to unlock everything.

    Please note that this is Version 1.0 and does have a lot of errors and mistakes. If you find any please
    message me through Twitter @MapNightmare.

    I do not want to put a lot of information on here because I want you to experience it for yourself.
    This map was created mostly by hand no MCedit, a little WorldEdit for the big rooms, ect.

    Created By: MapNightmare
    Tested By: Brainy218
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    posted a message on Vechs Race for Wool Server: Need 3 more players
    Quote from zero__xero

    sounds like fun :)

    Server IP was mistyped...it is fixed now!
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    posted a message on Vechs Race for Wool Server: Need 3 more players
    Hello, I am running a server that currently plays Vech's Race for Wool multiplayer team competition map.
    We need 3 more people!
    Anybody can join and anybody can play!
    All you need to do is...
    Join this IP:

    Thank you and hope to see you on the server.

    Once you get on the server you will be put into a team.
    No one on the server has played this map or will have any kind of advantage.
    The game starts after both teams are even with no less then 3 people on each team!

    No cheating, no switching lanes, no hacks, and be kind to fellow team members!

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