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    posted a message on Twyce - the puzzle map with actual puzzles || [16.000+ Downloads!]

    TWYCE - Map review

    Puzzle maps. Most people think "oh GOD! Not one of these!" But not this time. There are puzzle maps, and then there's this one. Small puzzle areas, multi-block redstone mechanics, and ALL kept within adventure mode! Now how COOL is that? Awesomely cool.

    So here's my breakdown of this map:

    The Pros:

    1) Mini puzzle areas. It's hard to make quality puzzles inside small areas, but this map does it in an amazing way.

    2) Redstone command block integration. It's hard to get this right, especially in puzzle maps, but this one was perfect! Absolutely no bugs!

    3) Hidden secrets. Need I say more?

    4) Progressively challenging puzzles. Many puzzle maps that I have tested have a horrible difficulty curve. This one got it right the first time! Every single element was introduced and implemented perfectly into the puzzles. No rage puzzles. You simply gotta remember the block mechanics (and TRUST me, it was easy enough to remember).

    5) Map length. This map was JUST long enough to make it enjoyable without making it impossible. Kudos on that.

    The Cons:

    1) Difficulty curve. (Well, this one isn't a con, but I gotta have SOMETHING here!). Rage-prone players WILL quit before finishing this map. It DOES get hard towards the end.

    The Final Result: 10 Emerald Blocks!!!!!!!

    (on the 1 - 10 scale)

    Congrats man! You've achieved my first-ever-given highest ranking! Keep up the great work. I look forward to what you can make next!

    (rating scale is as follows:

    1-10 iron blocks = early stage map with much improvements needed

    1-10 gold blocks = mid-range quality map with good quality that can be perfected

    1-10 diamond blocks = quality made map; the REAL goods

    1-10 emerald blocks = Highest quality map, in build, mechanics, and play.)

    Have a map that you want me to review? Just message me with a forum post link and I'll do it right away!

    Map Killed

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    posted a message on The Zambie apokalipse part 2 (updated)

    (by the way, the first command block that gives the sword is broken, and the other 2 are connected by the same button)

    The Zambie apokalipse part 2 map review

    Ok. So here's the next installment. The story starts with you (the player) remembering where yo left off. A good start. Things happen, and you have to continue and discover what is happening.

    So here we go:

    The Pros:

    1) Continuance. I LOVE continuance in maps. It keeps me into the story. I suggest making a reward for those who remember info from previous maps. Reward systems rock!

    2) Developing story. You gotta keep it going, and fresh (inside joke)

    The Cons:

    1) Broken start command blocks. That's a good way to loose some people. ALWAYS test your builds.

    2) Small build. Don't rush it buddy. You are capable of making good builds. Effort is always appreciated.

    3) Wandering. I don't mind wandering in a map, just a long as there's a point. Wandering parts just to continue story isn't really a good thing.

    4) Cliff-hangers. You GOTTA have them. I didn't get yours.

    The Result: 4 Blocks.

    There were some elements added in this part that is crucial to further development to this series. Take your time. You have a good start here.

    Have a map that you want me to review? Message me with the link and I will get to it!

    Map Killed

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    posted a message on The Zambie Apokalipse

    The Zambie Apokalipse Map review

    The zambie apocalypse has arrived. Will you survive? Will you make it to safety, or just become part of the horde?

    This map was fun to play. It had some really interesting elements.

    So here's how it breaks down:

    The Pros:

    1) Descent story concept that you follow along the way.

    2) Build is kinda compact but effective.

    3) Challenge is well balanced.

    The Cons:

    1) First segment is a little too short.

    2) Once you go in one direction there's no going back, so you lose out on some things.

    The Final Result: 6

    (on the 1 - 10 scale)

    The map maker has something going that can REALLY pan out. Keep up the building and keep me posted.

    Have a map you want me to review? Message me and I'll get to it!

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    posted a message on TRITON- 64x-512x ~ HD Cartoon-Comic Style

    Keep up the good work! I LOVE where this pack is going!

    BTW: My vote is for the one on the left.

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    posted a message on TRITON- 64x-512x ~ HD Cartoon-Comic Style

    Definitely update the blocks first, then the items that hasn't been done.

    Please keep interested in your pack. It's the only one that I really like, and your work is amazing.

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    posted a message on TRITON- 64x-512x ~ HD Cartoon-Comic Style

    I think that the overall look of this resource pack is VERY well balanced. I have seen MANY other packs and I have found that the game elements of THIS one really integrate into the in-world feel very well. Not only does the default world look amazing (amplified by my light/water filters), but as one progresses in playing Minecraft this resource pack ups its game, giving higher and farther tech/ advanced looks to the late game items. It makes one feel like you have really accomplished something as you play.

    Keeps up the amazing work. I eagerly await the upcoming updates.

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    posted a message on The Realm of Dunminveng [2200+ Downloads] [Vanilla]

    "The Realm of Dunminveng" map review:

    This map is, by FAR, one of the best maps to employ command blocks the RIGHT way. The coding on them is really fantastic.

    You start out a lone person, needed in a time of crisis. You travel, meet characters, and gain purpose. Copious amounts of fighting ensues. All the elements that a great map needs.

    And you are thinking to yourself, "Alrighty, stop blathering on about the map and tell me what I'm REALLY looking for." Well, here you are:

    The Pros:

    1) Custom map building. Each area was HAND BUILT by ONE SOLE player. now THAT'S what I call dedication!

    2) Command block aided interaction. Each area has in-depth command block interaction and enhancements. Command blocks done the RIGHT way.

    3) Proper item placement. You aren't just GIVEN boss items (which is the cause of most map failures). You have to earn them through your skill of observation, detection, and puzzle solving (don't worry, they aren't THAT hard, just challenging)

    4) Open world traveling. You aren't confined to the basic story plots that force you to do whatever the map maker wants. You choose where to go and discover the story for yourself.

    5) Rewarding system of item hiding. Players that love to find hidden items will LOVE this map. They goodies are literally everywhere, just out of reach, hidden in front of you. A truly rewarding system.

    6) Descent story build. The story follows a really good path that lets you find out about the multi-layered character development.

    7) Proper ending. Most maps fall short of ending their builds with either too easy endings or impossible ones based on the player equipment. This map allows the player to choose when they are ready, a concept that I don't find in many maps.

    The Cons:
    1) Open world concept. Anyone who finds looking for items or traveling long distances will get frustrated with map easily. This map is really BIG. You have to do the leg work yourself. No free ride, no short cuts. Just hard earned glory.

    2) Descent story plot. The story line was good and I did enjoy it, but I found that it lacked that certain "je ne se pas" ("I don't know what" in French) that just grabs you.

    3) Atmosphere. This map, while really well built, lacked atmospheric enhancement. There were many area where I thought "this place would be EPIC if that music disc were playing," or "if this area would suddenly get darker and mobs jump-scared me, it would be AWESOME;" but those never came. My tip: remove some of the spawners and add some area-exclusive command blocks that spawn in mobs. This way players would MAKE an area harder the longer they stayed there. (kinda like a penalization system)

    4) Time. The map maker, who quoted the play time at 3-4 hours, must be a god. That time, I think, is GROSSLY misrepresented. If you are ANYTHING like me (not great at finding stuff or solving puzzles) (like most normal human beings), this map will take longer; and I mean longer. I finished at 8hrs 45 mins. For a map, that's INCREDIBLE patience. You can loose players if you can't keep them hoping for something to get. Consider adding in clues, like a command block that says in chat "you hear whispering that (item) was last seen at (location)." This give players who aren't as great at finding things (like me) something to hope in as we continue to play the map.

    5) Map development. It was obvious that this player is really talented at using a world editor. Areas of the map were cut and pasted in. This ruins the aesthetics of the map. The biome flow and feel was WAY off. It was a little too noticeable that areas were just put there without making them seem like they belonged. You have to make it look like your map was put on the world, not the world on the map. Biome flow helps keep players in the mood of the map flow.

    6) Lore. The story, while engaging and deep, lacked an aspect of lore that I thought that would have made it truly amazing. I'm not talking about more books. How about clues and world builds that suggest what story you are trying to convey. Consider making a room where it looks like someone lived there, but something happened. Command blocks could make the player "think" by adding chat that suggests searching about, which would lead them to a book. That kind of lore placement, combined with atmospheric enhancement, tends to make players more susceptible to accepting long book reads because the FEEL of the map keeps them, compels them, to read it. You have to peak a player's interest if you want to get them to read books. I skimmed some of the books and outright skipped others.

    Oh, and REMOVE the explosive damage effect of your certain mobs (you know which ones I speak of). Their destruction kinda ruined the feel by allowing me to see areas that shouldn't be seen.

    (my review was rather longer than usual due to the larger involvement of this map. I only thought it fair to include everything I thought applicable)

    The Result: 9.3 out of 10

    This map IS really amazing to play and really fun with friends. Do not hesitate to play this one. It is a keeper that has HUGE amount of potential to become legendary, and I don't just say that about any map.

    Keep up the great work. Keep me posted on further updates. I WILL re-review if improved.

    If YOU would like to have your map KILLED by me, just PM me with your map post and I will get to it right away.

    Map Killed.

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    posted a message on [1.8+] Infiltrate The Factory [BETA] v1.4 - Puzzle/Adventure Map

    I loved playing this BETA release! It was really fun.

    Here's my suggestions:

    1) At the start, don't use solid blocks are barrier walls. I would suggest that you use the invisible barrier blocks instead and take time to setup a forest. This way it looks like a normal setting and not just a flat world.

    2) There was no building materials inside the start house. I wandered the house and the forest and found nothing at all. I had to spawn in the needed materials in creative.

    3) Consider the use of signs to indicate location instead of using glowstone blocks. This way you keep the player immersed in the story and it won't feel "cartoon-like."

    4) I would suggest trying to make the interiors a little more detailed if you can. The better the interiors, the more realistic the story feels.

    You have a really interesting story going. I like the direction that you map is taking. Keep me informed and I will continue to play/rate your map.

    Map killed.

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    posted a message on !!!Mind Rape!!! |The Trolls are real!!! | Downloads: 1500+ | Youtube Videos: 2

    You have a good start for a map series here.

    Here are my observations and suggestions:

    1) Make the map longer, preferably with an in-depth story line. Everyone loves a good story line.

    2) Take time to include atmospheric elements (even if you can't go there). Walls just make the map look sloppy and boring. the element of atmosphere will give you map a REALLY amazing feel to it.

    3) The puzzle at the end NEEDS a reset button for the Lapis block. I pressed one button and the restone blocks that popped up REMOVED it altogether. This needs to be fixed.

    4) Try not to be so sadistic; but if you really don't want to, add a good story. Most players will give up if they are too challenged, but are willing to be bullied in a map if they think that there's an adequate compensation system in place.

    5) Trolling (at the start, middle, or end of) the map SHOULD be delayed. Don't just promise something and not deliver. If you DO wanna troll players, make sure they DO get their reward. Give players 3-5 seconds of glory with their reward THEN drop the ultimate troll. That way they feel like they won AND you trolled them too.

    Overall an enjoyable map. You have potential. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

    Map Killed.

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    posted a message on The 10 Commandments of Herobrine [+1000 DL]
    You are one really sick person, but I like your choice of music.

    This was a very fun and entertaining map. I would suggest that you give it a try.

    Map killed.
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