Interests I don't know what to put here so I'll say how I became a brony. Short Version: Before I became a brony I despised MLP, But then somebody (Who I had previously been ridiculously attacking with a fishing rod despite the fact they had diamond armor) bribed me with diamonds on a minecraft server, They told me to watch the first two episodes. When i started watching I started watching I just didn't want to stop, I never returned for those diamonds... Long Version: I was playing on a minecraft PVP server and attacking somebody who was in diamond armor merely for them having a pony skin(Don't remember what pony the skin was, I believe it was Twilight Sparkle but Rainbow Dash sticks in my mind as well), I had only a fishing rod and some random stuff, Needless to say I died. I continued attacking them WITH MY FISTS all cause they had a pony skin, They chased me into a small room where people couldn't fight other people, An argument began. After awhile of arguing about whether MLP was good or bad I was offered diamonds if I actually would watch the first few episodes, And so I did(Though i was convinced I would hate it). After the first few episodes I continued watching and spent the entire night watching MLP, I still believed that I really hated it and that my love for it was soon to fade, I was wrong. After that I still didn't believe I was a brony, I watched nearly the entire first and second seasons but soon forgot about it, I suppose i wasn't a brony yet. Sometime later I remembered and watched the ENTIRE first season, Then I watched the first and second episodes of Season 3, Later I watched the third episode of Season 3. Sometime later I started posting on the Minecraft Forum Games section(And spent a long time posting there), I soon revealed that I was a brony(Before that nobody else knew). More recently I watched the entire MLP Season 2 and Season 3. Now i don't post here as much(Busy playing Might and Magic & Heroes of Might and Magic), I will try to post more.

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