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    Thanks M8

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    IGN: manmosh

    Age: 12 ( please don't put this against me)

    Why do you want to join us: I love RPG server and always have wanted to be staff on a server that is rpg i have played lots of rpg's and know what makes them good and i think i could help you.

    Skype (Optional) kaiguy102

    What Role Are You Applying For? Designer

    What Makes You Qualified For That Role? i have wrote some quest before, and they are pretty good i will have a sample one at the bottom. i am also kind have worked with mythic mobs, heros, races and classes and have a large knowlage of plugins. i am also very experinced as staff on mine craft.

    What expiences of being staff have you had? (OBS: If you don't there's no problem) yes, i have had a lot of previous experience, i have been a developer on a small server, an owner, admin, co-owner, helper, moderator, builder and staff manager. as a helper, i would go around the server watching the players making sure there was no harassment at all. As a moderator i would have taken care of 1 lobby in the process i would be playing with players we would use cosmetics together, about every hour i would check reports and if that player was still on i would watch them to see if i can get my own evidence and make a decision. As an Admin i would be assigned a group of “trainee’s” and Moderators to watch over, i would also report to the owner weekly about there behavior and the ones who had stood out. As a Staff manager i would be in charge of recruitment and promotions, i would watch over all of the staff but i would look more carefully at the admins to make sure they weren’t abusing, in this position i had a promotion schedule i felt they deserved it then. Co-Owner as a co-owner i would help manage the forums give the owner ideas listen to the staff manager and tell the owner my choices before i did it. as owner i had complete power and could to what i wanted, i would do config, Monitor on the console almost constantly, check chat logs for harassment and manage banned players and staff.

    Time Zone: EST

    How often will you be able to get on? 1 - 10 hours on weekends 1 - 4 on weekdays

    Quest ( intro) set in medieval times

    Finally your awake!
    We've made it to the border of _____
    I'm sorry this is as far as we'll take you because our horses won't go any farther
    Apparently there are monsters in the way, However I have __ weapons for you too choose from
    Choose wisely I hear that the weapon you choose will be the only type of weapon you can use in the ______ province.
    Good luck new warrior!

    -The king is waiting for you inside the castle

    --I see you have made it to the castle safely our last new warrior
    -- when you are ready please talk to me so I may tell you more about what it is to be a warrior

    -- what did you say your name was?
    -- well that is quite interesting
    --anyways your job as a warrior of this wonderful city of ______ is to help our citizens and those in the rest of the citizens of this province
    -- Your quest to me however is to try your best to stop the huge amounts of monsters that are ravaging the towns of ________ and to help as many people that you can in the future.
    -- You might want to improve your skills though many deaths occur in _________
    -- anyway good luck and if you get lost use your teleportation magic to come back to the city you were last in.

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