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    posted a message on Ancient GreekCraft! Recruiting! 1.10.2 Greek Myths Roleplay/Survival Server!

    1. Why do you want to to join?

    Mythology is literally my favorite subject. I also love Minecraft so it's perfect! Haha

    2. Who do you want to be?

    Poseidon, Triton, or anything really. I'm ok with anything tbh (I love all the gods & goddesses

    3. Are you a good builder?

    Yeah actually. I've seen better, but Im a pretty good builder

    4. What are your favorite gods powers?

    aghhhhh I cant chooseeee ;_;.

    5. What is your minecraft username?


    I really hope you can choose me to help with the serer, even if not though, I'd love the server all the same.

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