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    In short text: NO

    In long text:

    Because of your political beliefs, and the addition of under-educated-on-politics voters, the media will scramble the truth from what you believe into what many believe as racist by saying that ""because he is a note-able person that is the first of his color, you are in denial that he could be good, ok, or anything.""

    So, in the minds of many, you are racist, but when the truth comes at the people whom think you are racist with logic and over-powering words? I have no doubt you could win plenty of verbal arguments by making them stutter over logic.
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    Free speech has promoted wars, fame, and many innovations, but the fact that people will abuse every aspect of free speech to dominate the opposition in a conversation, conference, ect. Many people will willingly acknowledge the fact that free speech has done things bad, although most of what is left of true media still helps the truth, many will deny that free speech has brought us anywhere.

    Media, I feel, is a vital point in free speech, and most of the media diminishes whatever is left of hope with lies and over-exaggerations, which undoes many peoples thought that free speech is a good thing.

    Religion is also a factor that is included, but I feel that that is too touchy to go into detail with, especially with free speech.

    I may be wrong, I may be right, but the matter is, too many people ground free speech into the ground, so that not enough people understand or care, and those that do are very protective of their own opinion. So, until people understand better, I think people should shush their opinions on many things, but not all.

    Please, feel free to correct me.
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