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    posted a message on EpicFightMod: more intense battle system.

    This mod changes the original minecraft's battle entirely. It adds attack animation and colliders matching to its visual.


    How to Play:


    Toggle build/battle mode (initial key is R)

    Basic Attack

    press attack key

    Dash Attack

    press attack key while sprinting


    press sneaking key shortly

    Weapon Special Attack

    press your attack key long when your special attack is prepared.

    New Equipment stats


    Ignore defence : this percent from total damage will not be decreased by defense points of the target.

    Impact : this value will increase stun time of target.

    Hit enemies : the maximum number of attackable enemies per one swing.


    Weight : this value will shorten the stun time when you are hit, but increase dodging skill cooldown and slow the attack speed. the items having higher attack speed are affected more.

    The Special Attack

    you can check if the weapon has its special attack by pressing 'p'

    when you inflict damage to other entities, the special attack gauge fills up. You can execute special attacks when the special attack gauge becomes full

    It can have a damage value independent of the original weapon.


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