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    posted a message on NEWEST GENERATION! Hear my plea!


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    posted a message on NEWEST GENERATION! Hear my plea!

    As you may know our generation's name isn't set in stone yet.
    Our generation being late90s/2000s to the current.
    However, it appears we have the utterly boring name of Generation Z creeping up on us.
    I mean, Wikipedia is already comfortable calling us that.

    I figure it's our name. Why don't we pick it?
    With a large enough sample size, of the generation who owns the name, no one can tell us otherwise, right?

    I urge you all to take this incredibly short survey here.
    You may have to copy the link and re-paste it, but you won't have to sign up for anything.

    Share the link when you can here and there, help me get a large sample size so we pick the right name.
    We may not be as voracious as the cool-named millennials, but our strengths lie beneath the surface.

    I would have posted on the Overwatch forums but you had to own the game. I figured Minecraft is the next best place to get a large amount of 6-18 year olds.

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