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    PlasmaCraft for Minecraft 1.7.10
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    PlasmaCraft is a mod for Minecraft that adds in 8 new caustic liquids, and various blocks and items based on them, like weapons, glowing neon wool, acid TNT and acid barriers.

    News (10/8/2014):
    0.3.5 Beta2 for MC 1.7.10 is out now!


    CurseForge page! This is where all changelogs will be now.

    So this took soooooooo long, but I'm hoping some fans of Plasmacraft are still around. It looks like all the issues I had with 1.5/1.6 were resolved in 1.7, and the caustic boat being too fast is prime example of it.

    Planned For Next Release:
    See the Planned Features list for specifics.

    PlasmaCraft requires the following mods to work:
    MineCraft Forge Requires or greater.

    All the information about this mod can be found on the wiki:
    PlasmaCraft Liquids
    PlasmaCraft Ores
    PlasmaCraft Weapons
    PlasmaCraft Blocks
    PlasmaCraft Items
    Something out of date? Sign up on the Wiki and help out! Any help is always appreciated.

    Planned features:
    Planned for next release
    Planned soon
    Planned, but much later

    • Lead Ore
    • Shielded Cobblestone - base of machines, made from cobble and lead ingot
    • Re-establish caustic reactions
    • Radionite boat tool
    • Transfuser: takes source (caustic plasma or ingot) and feeds acid liquid through it, creating liquid version of caustic (16 units per item). Used for Nuclear Engine
    • Create stable "Caustic" material instead of all caustics being based off of the "Water" material
    • Infuser: Takes lead ingot and infuses caustic liquid, creating caustic ingot for use creating armors, tools, boats, etcNew tools (properties/purposes tbd)
    • Reestablish mutant mobs, create versions of all of them. Reevaluate and prepare proper drops for each (and how to use them; for example, radioactive milk. requires run through detoxification system, but then yields 4x amount of milk as usual. this is not a final idea)
    • Rework the tech tree to make the more powerful weapons harder to get/maintain, and make some less powerful/less useful for early obtaining

    • Nuclear Engine
    • Liquids in pipes and tanks (Forge Liquid API)
    • Liquid cryonite as combustion engine coolant (2x as effective as water)

    • Uranium ingot works with cells for reactor fuel
    • Refined Uranium works in Infuser
    • Make plasma ingots in compressor (able to make caustic ingots without lead, less effective)
    • Ores work in macerator, making 2 powders that can each be used in the Infuser/Transfuser
    • Plutonium, Neptunium can be put into cells to fuel the reactor (some variation of differences in power and heat generation)
    • Enriched Cryonite cells (for cooling the reactor; 2-4x as effective as Cooling Cells, but harder to create/get a hold of)

    Known bugs:

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    Previous Versions
    • Compatible with Forge
    • New sound loading! Details below
    • Recipes for laser rifle, laser shotgun and plasma rifle readded
    • Built against Forge
    • Should have NPE fixed
    • Caustic reactions are back, and better than ever!
    • Caustics SHOULD now work with Buildcraft/Railcraft/RedPower, etc, liquid movement and storage mediums. It is untested, however, because these mods are not updated yet.
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
    • Plasmificator front active animation is back!
    • Liquid caustics now utilize the vanilla water system. No more runtime generation
    • Caustics no longer make noises when a player in Creative mode enters them
    • Fix for config file path retrieval on server
    • Fixed Plasmificator recipe to use acid vials instead of goop
    • Fixed Laser NPE
    • Added Plasmificator to creative Blocks tab
    • Readded gun and other item names
    • Added option to toggle lead generation
    • Fixed vial right-click
    • Fixed internal mod version
    • Updated to Forge
    • Breaking frozen cryonite once again yields liquid cryonite in its place
    • Grenades now lob instead of shooting
    • Everything else SHOULD be working like it was

    Plasmacraft Videos
    New tutorial/review by MrM3noh!

    The Hall of Awesome
    Take a picture of your awesome Plasmacraft base and i'll add it to the hall of awesome!
    zomb69's rollercoasterAdvanced Research Center by: GrimSovereign

    Research Center by: Divinux
    Clay Factory Tut by Slymask

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    Alright, guys, 0.3.5 beta2 has been released! Lots of changes in this one:

    - Fixed localization bugs. - Fixed explosion damage from AcidExplosion and CryoBlast to entities.
    - Fluids now interact, but are infinite generators for the blocks they make.
    - Fluid explosions damage blocks. Can leave phantom blocks when multiple sources explode in close proximity.
    - Enabled world generation for ores and caustic lakes (acid, frozen cryonite).
    - Fixed renderers laser shotgun, plasma rifle, cryoblaster, railgun and I think acid launcher.
    - Readded sounds.
    - Added creative mode usage for vials and weapons.

    Yep, that's right, I can think of only a few things left that need fixing or re-enabling:
    - Laser rifle, acid grenade, acid TNT renderers still need to be fixed
    - Frozen Cryonite spawning cryonite on break needs to be re-enabled
    - Fix projectile trajectory calculations on weapon firing
    - Fix shotguns/split beams not firing more than one
    - Fix caustic boat reaction/tick time

    Which means the next release will probably be an actual release instead of a beta! Excellent news! So go check it out:

    Also, if you are looking for something really fun, in creative mode make a pool of one caustic liquid maybe 11x11, and place a caustic it will react with to make it explode in the center on top of a block so it runs off all four directions, while you're standing on the block. You go up several thousand blocks in height XD.

    Chunk generation lag issues? Check out FastCraft by Player, a member of the IndustrialCraft team:
    It solved all my chunk lag issues.
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    The cryoblaster problem is probably the same one the acid TNT had before I released the beta. Shouldn't be too hard to correct, it'll be making it work like it's supposed to that will be interesting.

    Localization is fixed.

    If you'd looked at the issues tracker like I wanted you to, you would have seen that the liquids not mixing is a very old issue XD.

    Please go and add the cryoblaster cube, missing sounds and projectile textures to the issue tracker.
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    posted a message on PLASMACRAFT 0.3.5 BETA - The Legacy Continues! {10/8/2014}
    Hey, guys, just wanted to let you know I've created a CurseForge page for PlasmaCraft!


    Future releases will point to that page for downloads and such.
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    Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I even posted in here. I've had a lot going on the past year and a half since the last version came out, and Plasmacraft (and almost all things electronic and/or gaming) were dropped by the wayside for a while. I flat out didn't even want to program anymore period for an extended length of time.

    However, with that being said, I am happy to announce that I am well into a port into 1.7.10 right now. I have it running, though it's missing quite a few things that were working in 1.5.x. It is actually a lot further along than when ottoguy tried to update it himself a while back though (thanks for trying, by the way!). I have to work out the multiblock ore stuff (interestingly, once I got the textures in the right place for ForgeGradle, the glowcloth ones worked just fine, but the ores didn't at all).

    Speaking of which, I have to ask, since the block IDs are non-existent now, do you guys think I should move those out of metadata format and just have them be their own blocks again, like vanilla's ores? I'm inclined to do so, as that will make it easier to manage in the long run.

    Long story short, I'm back, and though I don't know how long it will take me to get a fully working port going (back to 1.5's standards, and hopefully better), I am determined to make it work this time.
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    Quote from AuburnHamster

    please could i reveiew this mod it looks really cool
    if you want to watch it my channel is de'auburnhamster

    You could if you wanted to, but it's going to be a lot different over the next few months. I have a lot of changes planned now that I finally have it updated again.
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    News (3/5/2013):
    0.3.1 Test for MC 1.4.7 is out now!
    • Updated to Forge
    • Breaking frozen cryonite once again yields liquid cryonite in its place
    • Grenades now lob instead of shooting
    • Everything else SHOULD be working like it was
    ​See the OP for the download link!
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    Quote from infinituslacuna

    Right, I did. Please read my post in full. "/list" isn't on the ForgeEssentials vanilla commands list, and when attempting to allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.list permission to a group it doesn't work.

    Also, what about my first question regarding editting user/group permissions without being ingame?

    Thanks for the reply.

    You can find the information for editing without being in game on the main page of the wiki... Or, at least, the link to the information...

    Also, somehow we missed /list when writing up our overrides... I'll add that in right now.
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    Quote from JonReed

    So looking forward to having this mod again. I miss the potential hazards and rewards it created. I wish you best of luck with its continuation.

    If you go with a powersource, will you look into letting it accept multiple forms of power. If it is not possible to make it accept from multiple power sources, then would it be possible to add an option to disable power requirements? I ask because I personally prefer redpower, then buildcraft, and then industrialcraft2 for energy needs, and usually don't even install Ic2.

    The integration stuff was never meant as a requirement. That would be beside the point. The point is to allow people to expand their regular modded games with this, if the so choose (or the other way around). Unfortunately, though, the best I could do is make it run on BC power, as RedPower does not have an API to plug into to be able to use blutricity, and both RP and IC2 have BC-style engines. I'll probably make it run on either, though. And of course this would be another machine. It wouldn't replace the powerless plasmificator.
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    Quote from derik_william

    update pleasee

    Good grief, didn't I just say something about that on the last page? -.- I can't stand lazy noobs...

    Quote from SILVER_TAF

    Yo, I used this mod about a year ago, (1.7.3), and I simply loved it. Now me and my friend are going to start a server with it, however, I don't exactly know if this is multiplayer compatible. Could you please fill me in on the changes to Plasmacraft since 1.7.3 as the old thread is out of date and I am having trouble looking it up. This is the first forum thread I have found of it currently active.

    It's perfectly SMP compatible. Aside from known issues (the boats being slightly slow to respond, which is the case in SMP and SSP), SMP will work just as well as SSP. In fact, I'm already planning an additional hook into ForgeEssentials, probably the first mod that will have full integration with FE's modules. So it will be even more SMP-friendly than it was before.
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