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    After playing since Alpha and seeing the night turn from a frightening unknown to a minor inconvenience with the introduction of sprinting and health regen and whatnot, I am a firm believer that the night is not scary enough. There is very little holding me from taking a stroll outside to gather materials when it is dark. I walk around zombies, avoid eye contact while casually moving past endermen, and lose spiders through the trees and punch creepers in their faces at this point.
    There are many ways that you could make the night scarier.
    - Decrease render distance at night
    - Make it darker
    - Instead of having strolling zombies that make you perhaps steer a few blocks off course, you should have to run for your life from these things. They should sprint after you. Replace their current animation with that classic player walking animation with flailing limbs and make them just a tad faster than the player.
    - Make animals cower together in groups instead of having them mosey around aimlessly like there aren't any horrors of the night.
    - Let hostile mobs sense you through the walls of your home, crowding it, waiting for you to come out.
    - Instead of monsters popping out of thin air, have them rise up out of the ground with particles coming from the blocks that they are emerging from.
    - Have webs that spiders produce at night that deteriorate at dawn.
    Suggestions, criticism, and flaming is all welcome.
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    posted a message on [New Clan] Arcane Heroes [Need New Members] [Raiding] [PvP] [Socialist]
    Quote from Dr_Axe

    Yeah, we're on Agion, with the larger clans (CoM) so I doubt you'll get away with any griefing.

    What happened to the good old fashioned vanilla PvP servers? :(
    Plenty of griefing, no crying.
    So I guess I should get a start on signing up for our forums and getting all the necessary IP's?
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    posted a message on Hostiles after your tamed mobs
    I recently built a fence around my animal farm (1.9.4 preparation) to keep spiders from getting in, and I had an idea. What if hostile mobs tried to attack any mob that you have ever given wheat to. The chances are, if you have given wheat to a mob, it probably has some value to you. I think it would make for some cool farm security systems, and it would add a bit of extra replayability to the game.
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    Dear lord...
    I'm sorry Sunpeece, I didn't think it was THAT bad! But don't worry, I actually might have brought in a really good recruit and a meh recruit.
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    posted a message on Aliens in Minecraft :D
    Quote from Malty_95

    While we're at it lets add nuclear mortars you can throw at people and why not some item that when you eat auto kills everyone and destroys the map?

    That's pretty underpowered. It needs to be in machine gun form, and you make it by combining 2 dirt blocks.
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    Quote from platypotter

    Pointless? Uhh, no. It has a purpose. It makes the game more enjoyable for people with a dominant left hand. It is incredibly easy to code this kind of thing, so its not too big of a deal.

    Stupid? No. Stupid would be trying to add guns to minecraft. This is simply adding another option that even though most will end up not using, will be important for the enjoyment of some.

    *turns on left hand mode*

    No. It's pointless.
    And no, it's not important. I'm sure there are some mods that prevent Notch from wasting his time.
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    posted a message on Flower Farming: The cure to a lack of red/yellow dye
    So ever since dyes were implemented, I've been hording flowers, particularly red ones (the yellow ones look like weeds >_>) and in a lot of maps, there are few red flowers, split widely apart. So I had an idea.

    What if whenever you planted a flower yourself, that flower spawned three other flowers of the same color within a 4 block range of it? The process would take a minimum of 2 minecraft days and a maximum of 4 minecraft days. This way you can easily collect dye without traveling miles and cleansing your land of supplies. Perhaps even mushrooms could have a system like this, just it only spawns 2 others in 6 days.

    Some might say that this is overpowered, and those people must be idiots, because how can gathering dye be overpowered? It has no use in survival and is purely aesthetic.

    As a side idea, maybe there could be a 1/100 chance that a flower could spawn a blue flower. The blue flower, however, cannot spawn any flowers near it, and will act as a blue dye, to make up for the scarcity of Lapis Lazuli.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Leave it here.
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    posted a message on Changing Skins In-Game
    Thank you for the support, guys. And tek, that is actually a pretty good idea, I'll think about that :smile.gif:
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    I think it would be useful to be able to change skins in-game while playing minecraft. I'll get to the uses after I explain how it can work.

    First, this works almost the same way a texture pack works, there is a folder specifically for skins, you can compress the .jpg form of the skin into a .zip easily, so then you move it to that specific folder. Next you go to the options while in game and there's a section called 'Change Skin'. Click it and it has the same layout as the texture pack menu. It shows a preview of the skin, and the name of the file.

    Before you say 'if it was possible, texture packs would be the same way', just think, would changing texture packs mid-game be useful at all? Also when in mulitplayer, changing your skin would generate MUCH LESS lag than changing packs.

    As for the uses, this is what I had in mind. Say you have a forest camouflage skin an you're being hunted down by enemy soldiers, and there's a massive desert in front of you. You can't just leave the game! You need to quickly hide, change skins to a desert suit, and run as fast as you can across that desert. Also if you're showing skins to a buddy it would be much more convinient.

    TL;DR: Armies need this.

    Please leave feedback, as I'm not sure that this would 100% work, I'm just spouting this out from a pure assumption that it could work.
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