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    Quote from crazyjackel11»
    if this doesnt please you i think im stupid

    Its not that you're stupid. And you aren't a bad builder either. But just showing us a cave with some simple decorations isn't impressive.
    Look at some of the pictures we have on our Planet Minecraft page. Those are what we want to see.

    Quote from kokonus»

    Yeah I also couldnt connect to the website, it managed to fix itself a few hours later though.

    So you were able to join then?
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    Not terrible, but not great either. Take a look at the dungeons we currently have on the server, and see if you can draw some inspiration. Detail isn't necessarily just placing random blocks around an area. Nothing personal, but we can only accept the best when it comes to our build team.

    Are you using mc.swordsofvalor.net
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    The landscape isn't terrible, but we would prefer if you gave examples of structures/buildings. Especially ones exemplifying good detail.
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    These change won't come without consequences. Some servers are out of control, I agree. There are some disgusting, money-grubbing servers out there that have been there for the money since the beginning - but this is going to affect every server, and will outright destroy the servers that are NOT just there for the money, and will break large servers, that hundreds of thousands of players - including a lot of you people reading this play on. So yes, cheer now for the death of hypixel, for the destruction of mineplex and the annihilation of shotbow (pun intended) but realize that any minigames you play now won't have more than 50 people on them at a time. Realize that though there may be no more pay-to-wins, that there will be no more of a LOT of other servers too.
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    Quote from Inhale_

    - Server deserves a better server. Lag is really a deterrent to players especially when fighting bosses. Lag isn't always, but during pvp and boss fights, it's very rubber band and laggy. To help fix this, I recommend you put more effort into advertising your donor perks, but lowering the prices. To get access to another tree should not be 20$. Lower the price, advertise it better and add some css to your buycraft, and then upgrade your server and deal with all server needs.
    - Server needs a better website. Many users don't want to have a forum or have to use a forum to have access to information. The website should be more static, or at least the homepage, where it's very nicely designed and has links to everything that a member might need access to. The homepage could be like a directory, have like a bunch of circles where you click on where you want to go. Wiki, Website, server information/voting sites, threads on forums, etc, etc etc.
    - I think that there needs to be CHAT MODERATORS as opposed to a bunch of Admins. Chat moderators would be able to kick, mute, maybe ban, but be playing as usual, no fly or anything like architects, but be able to manage chat responsibly and respectably.

    The server is running pretty well for most of us in terms of lagg. I generally get at least 50 fps, and I certainly don't have the nicest computer.
    Yea, the website is going to be revamped within the coming months.
    PlayerModerators are exactly like how you described - we just haven't given the rank to anybody yet, as we have only been open to players for about two weeks.

    Thanks for the feedback though! :D
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    New Bosses and rare drops! Be sure to check it out!
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    Swords of Valor |Adventure RPG|

    Ip: mc.swordsofvalor.net

    WE ARE ON 1.7.9

    500 years have passed since the age of darkness. Since then, six kingdoms have risen from the ashes of the broken lands of Aerios. The conflict that ended five centuries ago gave way to a golden age of peace and prosperity. Cities were built anew, the arts flourished, Kingdoms fought not with steel, but with innovation and technology. The gods were content to let us live in peace. Until now. For any person can see all that humanity has worked for is being threatened again by the flames of war.

    Hero of Aerios, rise again. The lands require your talent once more...


    If you would like to apply for our build team, reply to this thread with the following:

    • In game name
    • Age
    • Screenshots, links or portfolios of builds you have made
    • Any other information (brief)


    Swords of Valor is a one of a kind RPG, combining elements of both PvE and PvP combat encapsulated in an RPG Skills and Abilities framework. Located across a 5000x5000 block custom terraformed landmass, containing six seperate Kingdoms, filled with towns, cities, dungeons, and fortresses. Players are free to roam wherever they choose in search of wealth and power. Cash gained from completing quests and dungeons can be spent at shops across the world.

    Skills and Abilities:

    Utilizing our custom leveling and skills plugin, players can shape their character as they progress on the server. Experience is given during combat based on the weapons a player chooses to fight with.

    Abilities are the core feature of RPGPlus, our custom skills plugin. Leveling up yields SkillPoints that can then be allocated towards new abilities, or upgrading abilities that one has already obtained.

    Furthermore, Swords of Valor has taken it a step further than the usual "Swords" and "Archery" skills, and has implemented dynamic magic spells that are obtained through upgrading the wisdom skill. One is able to decimate enemies with the flick of a wand, bombarding them with fire, ice, lightning and more.

    Dynamic Lore:
    Swords of Valor has a great deal of lore regarding age-old tales of heroic battles and accomplishments. However, players themselves get to shape the path of the server, as evil creeps out from ancient depths. Players can choose to aid the resistance - or join the dark monsters that seek to obliterate humanity.

    Swords of Valor incorporates a unique combat system. The basic idea remains the same, but as abilities are added, a fight changes shape entirely. Spells are slung between sides and magical energies explode amidst a chaos of swinging swords and arrows zipping through the air.PvP combat is one of the most exciting aspects of the server, but at the same time, new players may not want to be killed constantly by players that have been online longer. Players can thus choose whether they want to have PvP enabled or not, as well as whether or not they want to drop items on death.

    Quests Dungeons and more:
    We would never be able to finish describing all of the elements that go into Swords of Valor. Some of the more important ones should be mentioned though. Quests are great ways for players to gain quick cash, as well as special items. Ranging from short tasks, to long thought out, forked quests that merit the use of good descision making, quests can occupy a player for hours.Dungeons are great ways to obtain fast loot. Every dungeon can be raided once a day, however often bosses can be found at the end. These bosses can drop rare items not sold in shops.

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    Bukkit forums may give you a bit more feedback than on here: forums.bukkit.org
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    Looks epic Wearsome!
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    Now entering pre-beta! New IP: mc.swordsofvalor.net
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    I think that this is a nice idea but it isn't anything spectacular. As Zippy said, you mention a 16 maximum stack balances how enderpearls function, yet this idea completely takes the balance out of that implementation to the game.

    Yes, you would need a lot of ender pearls in the first place to make any use out of an ender staff. As you also mentioned, the staff breaks after a little while. However, the recipe for the staff is fairly cheap. There is nothing that balances this idea.

    I suppose the real problem I have with this ender staff idea is the fact that there is no need for this. Seriously - is it that hard to just switch stacks of enderpearls every so often? Why add this complex way to get around the fact that enderpearls are stored in small stacks when ( a ) those stacks are there to balance enderpearls and ( b ) it really isn't difficult to just transfer a few pearls down to your base inventory every so often.

    The enchantments are the only reason I might see a reason for this to be added, but honestly they are all op (especially clone). I think enderpearls in general are fine as they are and we don't need some fancy ender-staff to make them more op than they already are.
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    Just updated the post here (I suppose it would have been wise to inform everybody that we have a new ip and that we aren't still on 1.5.2 haha). Lots of new stuff!

    EDIT: This is my 300th post :D
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    All the new landscape/natural blocks (ie: flowers, podzol, the new forms of dirt/ice, red sand, etc.) are going to be great for cool new terraformed areas. Stained glass will be nice for cathedrals and similar buildings, but also perhaps for modern style buildings with tinted glass. There is certainly lots of new possibilities.

    This has probably been realized already but the new snapshot also allows for wireless redstone. Using a command block with the /setblock command allows you to set down redstone torches at any position you want, meaning you can power something using a switch that isn't connected to it. The /setblock command also allows for very large gates and other structures with dynamic opening/closing functions on large scales - without the complicated redstone that previously restricted the size of as well as the ease of creating such structures. This will definitely be something to look into - specifically for adventure mapmakers.
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    Quote from roundninja

    Yeah, I love all the new biomes. But I wish there were more wood types, not just the same logs in different formations

    I like all the new biomes, and I like the way they reused old wood types - there is no point to having more wood than we have now really, we don't really need any other logs or their corresponding planks.
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    This is a very well thought-out topic. I really like your pictures, they help the reader get a good idea of what you are talking about. I don't know about piranhas or tucans, but the scorpions would be pretty cool actually.

    Overall I love the idea. Support.
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