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    this mod will feature:

    Spear use as weapon, Right click to throw spear

    Stevens Shield: Use as weapon, rightclick to throw it at a mob, it bounces back so you can catch it! Hold in hand to block attack from arrows, zombies, Golems, Spiders, and explosions.

    Blaster/allows u to fly when u are wearing it,just like peridot (done)

    WaterHand: throw a water hand at an entity to deal damage to it

    Water Wall: right click on ground to make a wall of water to protect you from arrows

    Water Tower: right click on ground to

    Amethyst whip:Use like fishing rod,right click to "whip" a mob

    jaspers crash helmet: wear it and u will be able to run into mobs and damage them! use with Jasper's Spindash.

    roses sword: use as weapon, right click for stevens shield

    WaterChains:right click on entites to give them slowness, they can barley move

    SardonyxWarHammer: Knock entites high up in the air

    Garnets Gauntlet:use as weapon, rightclick to fire gauntlets

    OpalsBow: rightclick for super knockback arrows

    Sugilite'sFlail: rightclick for super knockback and crazy damage careful! control urself!

    GemDestablizer:hit a mob to instantly kill it

    SpindDash for amethyst and Jasper:gives you INSANE speed for 20 seconds!

    Upgraded Gauntlet:Use as regular weapon. No function on right click

    UpgradedSpear:Use as regular weapon.No function on right click

    UpgradedWhip:Rightclick to use whip

    HollyBlueAgate'sWhip: Rightclick like whip, will spawn lightning where it lands

    Smokey'sYoYo:Rightclick, Use like whip, aim at a block for it to grapple you t it.

    Weapons list^^^^^^


    Hi! I'm Malachite_Sapphire and I love Steven Universe! We've seen a couple of Steven universe mods, but we want to do it our way. I made some entity and item textures but if you'd like to help that would be awesome! Our mod has an official image. The image was made by ziion2lord. I try to incorporate thing's from new episodes, such as new gems, items, and weapons.



    rightclick Sadie or Lars to give you a donut

    have connie fight with you while having sheild in hand, she'll follow you around

    FLUID: Roses Healing Tears, when in them you will get super regen


    /poof i think you know what it does!

    /classpearl get a useful item to become a pearl

    /classpearl get a useful item to help you become a pearl

    /classGarnet: get a useful item to become the fusion Garnet!

    /classGarnet2:get a useful item to become the fusion Garnet!

    /classGarnet3: get useful item to become the fusion Garnet!

    /classrose: get a useful item to become rose quartz! leader of the crystal rebellion!


    Anyone is able to join, but please treat others with respect, constructive criticism is okay but don't be rude. If I see any team members on another thread bullying or any abuse of any sort I will report you.IF U POST NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THIS MOD OR ANYWHERE ELSE I WILL SEE TO I THAT YOU ARE REPORTED! I am trying to keep these comments as friendly as possible.If you post negativity about this mod and are reported oh well,you shouldve read the front page!

    Our team: Malachite_Sapphire (that's me!) texture maker,coder, and mod maker, ziion2lord texture maker ,Dejay Gaming co-texturer and idea guy, Nuparu, for coding help! You guys have all been working hard and fast! Couldn't have asked for a better team!

    We are still looking for team members! Skype is a must!

    Thanks to:
    ziion2lord for amazing textures, you've been working hard so you deserve it! Thanks to Dejay Gaming who got right with the program and is very helpful thank you! I'd also like to thank Nuparu for offering help and joining the team. Great work guys!!!

    Gem to gem fusion will work like this:the gems much be in 1 radius of eachother in order to fuse. Sugilite,Opal,Sardonyx,and RainbowQuartz will not be able to be fused unless the 2 gems that fuse have FULL HEALTH.Alexandrite can be fused by dealing damage to pearl and amethyst so they dont fuse, and then spawning garnet in the middle of pearl and amethyst.

    The rest of fusions in game (except for smokey quartz and stevvonie) can be fused without worrying about health.NO FAN FUSIONS!

    gem to gem fusion^^^ (done)

    NEW DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8waadff18xc1lnf/StevenUniverseCraft3.0.zip oh wow! a download!

    How to install:download and setup 1.7.10 forge.set ur profile to forge,then press edit profile select wich forge(1.7.10)

    and go into the mods folder and put in the mod,x out of that window press save profile and click play! when loading in a world wait a couple minutes.WAIT FOR CHUNKS TO LOAD! otherwise it will crash. try not to spam stuff too much!

    NOTE: If u put this mod on youtube/review of it please include link to thread.And post it on this forum page.

    bubbling is basically gonna work like this,they will trap a item when u right click at them(it will hit it)and trap it,then to release it right click it to throw it and the item will pop out!.(done)


    Donuts restore full health.Cookie cat restores a little more than half of health and gives regeneration.Edible gems restore some health

    Food items^^^^ (done)

    Blocksvvvvvv (done)

    Gem Cell: will hurt you if you collide/step on it

    Interrior ship: does nothing

    Drill Injctor spawner:break block to spawn in a Drill Injector

    Cloud Arena Spawner: break block to spawn in cloud arena.Recommended height it should be broken:around 7 blocks up

    Meat Beat Mania Game:block with animation

    Spawn Cloud Base:break block to spawn in cloud base.Recommended height it should be broken:around 7 blocks up

    Bismuths Anvil:rightcclick to open up the GUI. It will upgrade Garnet's Gauntlet, Pearls Spear,and AmethystsWhip only if you have the normal/regular Gauntlet,Spear,Whip.

    it will also give you a sword when you click "forge sword' *note* don't rightclick the sword! it's bugged!

    Spawn Temple: dig DOWN 5/6 block and place the spawner in the hole that you just dug, then break it. it will lag for a second but it will work.

    Blocks^^^^^^ (done)

    GEM OUTFITSvvvvv

    pearls outfit:speed 2

    Ruby's outfit:strength 3

    Garnet's Outfit:night vision and fire resistance

    Sapphires outfit: speed 5

    Sardonyx's outfit: fire resistance,speed,and jump higher

    Jasper Outfit: strength 9

    Amethyst Outfit: resistance 3

    Malachite's outfit: waterbreathing and night vision

    Opal Outfit:jump higher and have speed 5

    Peridot Outfit:Climb Walls

    alexandrite outfit:get all 3 gems powers, health boost, speed from pearl and amethysts ressistance

    GEM OUTFITS!^^^^^^^

    KEY: wip work in progress


    tbw to be worked on

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    Hi, I'm Malachite_Sapphire, I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter. I decided that I would make a Harry Potter mod for Minecraft. I haven't added in much, but I plan to keep working on it. This means Textures and models will be improved, more spells will be added/fixed/tweaked. Here/s what I have so far!


    Wand: executes plain basic spell

    Wand2: executes Alarte Ascendare

    Wand3: executes Expelliarmus

    Wand4:executes Confringo

    Wand5: executes Petrificus Totalus

    Wand6: executes Crucio

    Wand7: executes Expecto Patronum

    Wand8: executes Avada Kedavra


    Basic Spell: Sets mob on fire

    Alarte Ascendare: sends target (mob) shooting up in the air

    Expelliarmus: WIP knocks item (bow) out of target's (Skeleton's) Hand. CURRENTLY: REPLACES BOW WITH SEEDS. will change in future!

    Confringo: creates explosion with fire

    Petrificus Totalus: makes target (mob) unable to move (slowness).

    Crucio: Tortures (wither) target (mob)

    ExpectoPatronum: Keeps away (knockbacks) Dementors, this does not affect any other target/mob.

    Avada Kedavra: Instantly kills target (mob)



    Tom Riddle

    Dementor: freezes everything it walks on

    Golden Snitch: flies around

    Hedwig: flies around

    Broomstick: rightclick to ride, hold spacebar to fly up. Let go of spacebar to descend slowly to the ground.


    Slytherin: Top and Bottom robes

    Gryffendor: Top and Botttom robes


    Chocolate Frog

    Ever Flavour Beans: 50% chance of getting small damage around 1/2 heart


    GillyWeed: rightclick to get water breathing

    Mandrake: When held in hand will kill you. It's screaming trust me ;)

    Chocolate Frog Box: rightclick in 2nd slot to open the box and get your chocolate frog


    GillyWeed: gives you GillyWeed item

    MandrakeRoot: gives you mandrake

    Download: None Currently, but check back later! Something might be here in place of this message!

    Please feel free to leave suggestions, comments, or ideas I'd love to hear em!

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    it's in half hearts. thank you so much for this help and code!

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    it needs the saa pit monster and jabba the hut

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