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    posted a message on Are you able to upload texture packs to the console beta?

    Yes but not during the beta.

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    posted a message on Better Together Update. When?

    You can download the beta for the windows 10 version of the better together update now.

    Just go to the windows store and download the xbox insider app. Use the app to sign up for the beta then go to the windows store again and update minecraft

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    posted a message on Cannot interact with cartographers?!
    Quote from Finnthedude»

    I also have this problem. Went into a new map area and found a village with 2 cartographers and cannot interact with them at all. All the other villagers in the same village are fine.

    Are you sure they are cartographers?

    They could be Nitwits which are new villagers that you can't trade with.
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    posted a message on About world generator of my ps4

    Villages are now extremely rare since the last update.

    It's annoying.

    I have noticed that you are more likely to see villages spawn if you create a classic size world then you can just resize the world later.

    With large size worlds any villages spawned may be hard to find because they will be a great distance from the world spawn.

    I'm just hoping the next title update fixes this.

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    posted a message on Game Saves Issue
    Quote from kongluster»

    anything i can do to repair or prevent it other times?

    When you finished playing minecraft always exit to title screen before going to dashboard. When on dashboard you should properly shut the game down by pressing menu(start) button then selecting Quit.

    I'm not 100% sure about this but I think the saves only sync once a game has been properly shut down.

    I always do that and never lost a save apart from that one time with the DDoS attack. I think I lost the save then because to get around the error stopping me from playing minecraft I went to network settings and selected go offline. After going back online it obviously didn't sync properly then save disappeared.
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    posted a message on Terrain Generation

    Yep Biomes are way too small. I have not seen one village yet in 5 different new seeds and I can only assume it's because the biomes are too small for them to generate.

    The game has lost it's sense of scale. exteme hills are no longer extreme

    I really hope this is remedied in a future update. The xbox one and ps4 version should be allowed to develop on it's own instead of being held back by the 360 and ps3 version.

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    posted a message on Bring Back Xbox 360 Style Auto-Save
    Quote from Svg_Brad»

    I prefer how things are now, so seamless.

    Me Too. The old save system just makes survival too easy as any mistakes could be reversed.
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    posted a message on Can I play Minecraft with my xbox 360 friends if I have an Xboxone ?

    It is only possible if or when the box 360 version becomes backwards compatible on the xbox one.

    Until then the only thing you can do is vote for it here and hope Microsoft take notice


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    posted a message on Can't delete world save

    It's not a problem wih the internet; every other map syncs fine.

    Then maybe when you played it on your friends console it didn't finish syncing.

    Try going to your friends house and loading the map on that. Then quit the game, return to dashboard, press menu button then select Quit. After doing this stay signed in on the dashboard for a good few minutes to give the save time to finish syncing

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    posted a message on Game randomly shuts down??
    Quote from NativeDog»

    Nothing we can do to fix it. It still happens to me. It seems to be with all digital downloaded games. If it was confirmed that that was the reason, I would just go but the hard copy. But I shouldn't have to, Microsoft need to address this issue.

    Downloaded copies and disc copies are exactly the same when installed to the HDD. It's nothing to do with digital.

    The problem is instant on mode. Instant on mode is just like sleep mode on a PC. and glitches in RAM will remain when the console is in sleep mode and still be there when you switch back on. One side effect is games crashing to dashboard.

    Unless you have a really slow internet connection it is best to use energy saving mode. With energy saving mode the console is far more reliable.

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