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    posted a message on Stuff got real and I got lost? Anyway to help find my house?

    Is the house the last place you slept and is the bed still there?

    If so kill yourself and you should respawn there. There is an option to select when loading your game that can stop you losing your inventory when dying. I've never used this option myself but I've seen it there. So select that option, kill yourself then respawn there.

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    posted a message on Can I buy MCX360 and use it in any console with my account?
    Quote from zMATeR

    Yeah, I have it installed on both of my xboxs. Only problem is if you ever have an internet outage it will only be playable on the console that holds the license.

    That's easily fixed.

    If you go to account management on the console there is a license transfer option.
    All the OP would need to do when he gets his console back is perform the license transfer the redownload minecraft.
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