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    IGN - MakiSix

    Age 32 - Yea i'm old =\

    TeamSpeak -Sleepy

    Mic Yes, i have a mic and a headset

    Country/Time Zone - Good old USA - Eastern Timezone

    Maturity Level (1-10) 7-8. I am mature but i also like to have some fun and relax from time to time but i know when to put that aside and act like the mature 32 yr old i am

    Prior clan experience - Some. I was apart of a mil sim clan for WarZ (Horrible game) and continue to be apart of a mil sim clan although we have become very inactive and i am looking to future expand my gaming friends.

    Desired section - Since i have limited minecraft exp i would like to try Military and Civilian groups but i'll leave my final assignement up to you folks to decide based on my skills.

    Other - Just looking to game and have a good time with a good group of people. appreciate the opportunity to apply. Thank you.
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