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    posted a message on Item names not appearing on HUD and tiny arrow

    This was not there before, but suddenly now changing items on HUD does not show their names like it used to and instead gives a tiny little yellow arrow at the edge of the item, and the tiny arrow is also on my tapping circle, it follows wherever I look and tap, it also becomes red sometimes

    I have 1.17.34 on iPad, have an account signed in, and have installed 9-10 mods, and I made a world with 7 of them active to test them out, and everything worked except this name thing. Is there a way to fix it and still use the mods?


    Better end("enderite addon SP")

    Zalcyans quest

    Expansive Fantasy

    EB shader


    Aether(not the real one but a good one)"Etherblocks"

    Twilight forest

    RBG fire something(not used)

    Low fire something(not used)

    Also, my main world with some of these mods gets stuck on "loading resources" and I have to restart the game an average of ~7 times before it opens

    Is this because of mods?

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