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    posted a message on [14w20b][HORROR] FIVE STAGES: A Minecraft Horror Map! Denial V1.2.1!

    "They locked us up like a bunch of rabid animals. We saw it, we know we did.

    It visits us every night, our white rooms.

    They still refuse to believe us.

    Some have gone insane...

    And some have gone even further..."



    As you feebly try to escape the asylum, you encounter various victims, insane prisoners, and even the apparition himself.

    However, you are going through a state of manic denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and inevitably acceptance, known as the Kübler-Ross model.

    The success of my last map inspired me to re-imagine/remake the original map, The Maze, with all-new content and extended features, coupled with special 1.8 commands.

    Please leave feedback/constructive criticism on what you thought about the map, as your suggestions will make the later parts of increased quality and quantity. Working on Anger right now...


    5/16/14 - Denial v1.2.1! Fixed death bringing the player to a point of no return Added a title thanks to snapshot 14w20b
    4/21/14 - Denial V1.2! Fixed: Monster being a baby A couple random noises Monster duplication glitch Monster facing wrong direction Particles showing up in Resource Pack
    4/20/14 - Updated Villager Zombie texture in the Resource Pack to fix a rare bug.
    4/17/14 - Updated the Resource Pack to not include potion particles and change the color of water droplets for future use.
    Denial Version 1.1: Changed the monster hallway, turned cheats off, made the player's mining fatigue more intense, and made some jumpscares more noticable.




    1. Download the file with the Map and Resource Pack
    2. Open your %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks
    3. Open the download file and drag the .rar file in the resourcepacks folder
    4. Navigate to .minecraft/saves and drag the file called "The Five Stages" in your saves folder
    5. Launch Minecraft 14w20b or later
    6. Select options and then Resource Packs, and scroll to The Five Stages Resource Pack and click on the icon so that it is on the right side along with the 'Default' resource pack
    7. Play!



    Be prepared, 'cause this map has tricks up it's sleeve..

    If you liked this map, please take a second or two to press that green arrow to give it some reputation. I spent 24+ hours making this map, and that would really give me/it some support.

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    posted a message on [14w20b][HORROR] FIVE STAGES: A Minecraft Horror Map! Denial V1.2.1!
    Quote from Martian_Fusion»

    Can Anyone Tell Me The Chronology &/Or The Recommended Playing List?

    Like should I try chronologically or by release?

    You should play by release date, as I think that gives a much more accurate representation of the game's development. I'm re-making this map to fit the standards of Grief, though that won't be released until sometime during the summer ;D

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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)

    "It was all normal until the event. But now, he's here.

    I know he is. They know he is. He took her.

    But nothing matters anymore. Not even her. Not even her..."



    Delve into the horror of Grief, a spiritual predecessor to 'the Five Stages'.

    You play as Frederick Mannings, a father of an only child, a daughter named Jessica. However, a series of strange occurrences is in the midst that the public has deemed "The Event". However, officials from a nearby asylum assure all residents that nothing odd is in the works.

    Estimated playtime:
    20-30 minutes first playthrough

    This is a singleplayer experience.

    The Resource Pack is embedded in the map and should start working when it loads.

    EDIT: Thank you for all of your support! I'M WORKING ON the (awesome) remake of DENIAL AS YOU READ THIS :D! It will be out during the Summer, probably sometime near or in [REDICATED].

    Screenshots of upcoming 'Denial':





    1. Download the map

    2. Open the .zip and drag the folder inside to this location: %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/saves

    3. Open Minecraft in 1.8.0+

    4. Play!

    5. Die.


    None :D

    If you want more content like this, be sure to check out my YouTube channel!

    If you liked the map, be sure to leave a like! It took a lot of time to make this map, I hope you enjoy it :D.

    Feel free to do a playthrough of this map! If you do, I can put your review on the forum page.

    "You will be like her soon....

    All of you..."

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    posted a message on [14w20b][HORROR] FIVE STAGES: A Minecraft Horror Map! Denial V1.2.1!
    Quote from GreenLenux»

    Hey dude ! I found this in your resource pack :

    It's the same name and the same sound in MY Resource Pack of The Lost Soul : Herobrine's Challenge. If you want take something of me, tell me first.

    Anyway, this map wasn't better than Grief.

    :mellow: I'm sorry... but I've never head of you before. I got that sound from Freesound.org. Maybe if you had checked, you'd realize that my map came out BEFORE yours. It even came out before Grief did, hence the Minecraft version being older.

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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)
    Quote from rsmalec»
    Review Summary
    It's another limited vision jumpscare map with a thin story. In fact, the story doesn't make any sense as related to the title. There was no Grief. I would rather have a jumpscare map with no story, than one with a bad story (which I'll come back to in a moment). The build was quite plain. Rules were 90-percent unneccessary. Effects were decent - resource pack for sound effects of course, opening gate, television screen. There's a decent section where you keep navigating the same room over and over - I guess you are going insane. Maybe. STORY SPOILER: Let's see if I understand what happened. Some strange 'event' makes everyone go crazy. And people escape from an asylum. But for some reason the big story is a nameless 17 year old girl is smiling. Meanwhile, I can't find my daughter, even though I keep my daughter locked up in the basement. My storage room is 4x bigger than all the living areas in my entire house. You're given (what I assume to be) your character's name, so you aren't playing 'yourself'. You are a dad. But I don't see nearly enough story to care about your daughter. She's not home after school, so you just go to bed. I guess you have a bad feeling after your dream, so you go through a series of keys to unlock what can only be described as the dungeon you keep her in. And then there's a dude with a broken neck standing in her bloody closet. He kills me. I guess? But then I'm running from the cops and arrested as a coverup? No idea.

    Total Rating: 4/20

    You're confused. That's to be expected. Don't worry, when I make the next map, all will be explained ;D.
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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)
    Quote from Awesome_Wolf»
    I thought the map was amazing in comparison to all the other horror maps I played previously, good job! :)

    Here is my playthrough for those interested:

    Thanks for the playthough, I'll post it on the main thread :D.
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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)
    Thank YOU for playing it. Yeah, I couldn't really find another way to have the main character not know his way around his own house other than displacing buttons xD. I'll change the gameplay mechanics from map to map, though. I love your reactions, I'll put your let's play on the forum :D!
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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)
    Quote from Jackertud»
    Thanks for making this! I played denial b4 actually. This was a much more effective representation of a jumpscare! Nice story and fun commandblock effects.

    Here's my let's play. I feel however that the entire map was just finding buttons, I wish there were more gameplay features, but still a fun map!

    Thank YOU for playing it. Yeah, I couldn't really find another way to have the main character not know his way around his own house other than displacing buttons xD. I'll change the gameplay mechanics from map to map, though. I love your reactions, I'll put your let's play on the forum :D!
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    posted a message on [1.8.X][HORROR] GRIEF: A Minecraft Horror Map (V1.1 RELEASED!)
    Ugh! I should have known this would happen DX. There's some stupid duplication bug in 1.8 that causes hoppers to sometimes double the item it holds at random when reloading chunks. This clogged up the hopper clocks during development, but I didn't think that it would carry over to the actual finished map.

    I tried out a couple of other clocks to try and fix the problem, but THEY got stuck too. So, right now, there really isn't anything that I can do about it other than hope that it doesn't happen to often. Until Mojang fixes this dumb duplication glitch, we're just going to have to deal :(. Sorry for the trouble.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [Forge] [SP/MP] Unique Ores Mod v0.8.2! ADDED METEORITES!

    This is an ores mod created with the purpose to add ores, "Unique" ores if you will, that I have rarely seen in any other updated mods. It also adds a couple of machines and decoration blocks to expand your Minecraft experience.

    Please feel free to report any bugs that you find on this post's comment section and support me and my mods with feedback! (criticism or not)

    Make sure to check out my other mod, the Extra Dimensional mod

    Check out my custom map, Crooked Mountain Survival

    v0.8.3 - Added compatability with Forge

    v0.8.2 - MASSIVE balancing update. Meteorites, Netherrack powder, Meteorite Encased Rhodium, Meteorite Powder, and Burning Compound Implemented.

    You now need to use Burning Compound as fuel for the machines, as Coal Blocks are highly inefficient and coal cannot be used anymore.

    The recipes for Burning Compound can be found in the Machine section below.

    Added Meteorite, generates with some Lava and Meteorite encased Rhodium to compensate for the rarity of normal Rhodium ore. Meteorite Powder is used as a crafting ingredient for Burning Compound. Can be found at ground level 65 and below.

    Severely lessened the time it takes to use the Industrial Furnace and the Grinder, and the amount of gold it takes to craft a Grinder.

    Added harvest levels for some blocks (example: Rhodium Ore can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe).

    Old -

    Version 0.8 - Finally updated to 1.7.2! A huge pain, but it was worth it!

    Added compressed Multi-blocks to substitute for the machine's multi-block structures while my multi-block code generator updates (Multi-blocks have REALLY LONG code if you're not aware)

    Created a custom Creative tab for organization called Unique Ores

    Changed the Blast Furnace to require Fernico in the crafting as well as Rhodium

    Fixed the version number being WAY ahead of what it was supposed to be XD (fail)

    Bug Fix: Jasper Blocks no longer flicker

    0.8.1 - Bug Fixes:

    Bug Fix: Cobalt Ingot not working properly.
    Bug Fix: Compressed Multi-Blocks have correct names.

    Version 1.0 - Initial Release, Compatible With Forge 781

    Version 1.0.2 - Fixed Incompatibility With Forge 789 and Machine Recipes

    Version 1.0.3 - Buffed Rhodium tools a bit to compensate for its rareness and added Reinforced Gold.

    Version 1.0.4 - Added more alloys including Ultimet and Fernico. Fixed the pick block on the Machines and made them appear in the Creative menu.

    Version 1.0.5 - Updated to 1.6.4 and corrected the titles of the Grinder, Power Furnace, and Blast Furnace's GUI's respectively.
    Version 1.0.55 - Removed something that wasn't supposed to be there yet :D .

    VERSION 1.7 - HUGE UPDATE. Changed the way the machines are crafted, used, the recipes in them, and made the MULTIBLOCK. A lot of CAPS today.

    Removed the Platinum and Rhodium toolsets, made Rhodium and Rhenium generation actually
    work, removed all of the casings and replaced them with casing blocks, and removed all but two meshes.

    Anyone who would like to make a mod review is free to do so. Just make sure to give a link in the description to this Minecraft Forum page, and If you want your video posted on the Forum, make sure to ask me, and I will happily post it to the page.


    From Mediafire:

    Version - Forge

    Old -

    Wow! 4000+ downloads in Two and a half months! I'm Speechless!

    I will EVENTUALLY put the recipes for everything on this forum, but for now I recommend using a mod like Craft Guide or NEI, or refer to my video.


    My Video, Explains Just About Everything In Version 1.7 and beyond-

    NOTE: The Multi-blocks as of 0.8 are now only the single furnace/grinder block, having different recipes with the compressed multi-blocks, which are made from the layout of the multi-blocks in a crafting table.

    In 0.8.2+, Burning Compound is the main fuel source for these machines. Recipes can be found below in the Machines section.

    Mod Reviews -

    Before Version 1.7 -

    The Ores -

    Jasper Ore And Its Blocks
    Jasper Is mainly used as decoration as it is very common in the higher levels (80 and under) and can be
    normally found in high caves or mountainsides. It can also be used in crafting of some casings, which can be used in making all of the machines.
    The ores, stones and blocks can be seen in the picture.
    Meteoric Iron Ore:
    Meteoric Iron is a naturally found alloy between Iron and Nickel. It is the reinforced version of Iron, and as such can be used to make anvils with less materials and can be grinded into Nickel dust which can be used for other things. It is also used in the making of some machine components.
    It can also be smelted into iron ingots in a Power or Blast Furnace.
    The varieties of ore, blocks and ingot can bee seen in the picture.
    The ore is notably rarer than Iron, only occurring up to level 50 about 1/3 of the time.
    Nickel is one of the few metals in this mod that cannot be found as an ore. You can obtain its powder by putting meteoric Iron in a Grinder. It can be used for machine casing, tools and armor
    The ore, tool set, armor set, block, and powders can be seen in the picture.
    Molybdenum and Rhenium:
    Molybdenum is an ore that can be found at the bottom of the ocean, or rarely in caves. Rhenium is very rarely found with it, or can be more commonly grinded from Molybdenum ore.
    Molybdenum and Rhenium are used in the production of machine casings and meshes, as well as reproduction of Ender Pearls through Ender powder.
    The ores, blocks, dust and ingots can be seen in the picture.
    Cobalt Ore:
    Cobalt is one of the more commonly found ores, just a little rarer than Iron ore. It can be used to make a Cobalt tool set, Cobalt armor and certain machine components.
    The ore can generate up to Y: 45.
    Platinum Ore:
    Platinum ore is the main component for producing Rhodium and advanced machine components.

    The ore generates a smidge rarer than Emerald, but rarer and in all Biomes up to Y: 35.
    The ore, ingot, powder, tool set, armor set and blocks can be seen in the picture. The tool and armor sets No longer exist as of Version 1.7+.

    Rhodium Ore:
    Rhodium Ore is no doubt the rarest of the ores. It only makes up about 0.0002 per million parts of the earth's crust. Obviously its not really THAT rare in this mod, but it is arguably rarer than diamond.

    It can be used in the production of the most advanced machines.

    The ore, blocks, tool set, powder, ingot and armor set can be seen in the picture. The tool set and Armor set No longer exist in version 1.7+.

    Meteorites -

    Meteorites are fairly rare, only occurring at the surface at levels 65 and below. They generate with Lava and Meteorite encased Rhodium. They can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe.

    Meteorites are a big ingredient in Burning Compound, a fuel used for the Machines in 0.8.2+ that is 9 times stronger than a Coal Block in them, as Coal Blocks are very ineffective as fuel now.

    Meteorites can be grinded up into Meteorite Powder, and give off a faint glow. Meteorite Encased Rhodium has the same recipes as Rhodium Ore.

    An artificially exposed Meteorite:

    The Machines -

    NOTE: The Multi-block structures for the machines have been postponed as of 0.8 due to my multi-block code generator (multi-block code is REALLY freaking long) having yet to update.
    The machines are currently only their main, control block with a different recipe that includes compressed multi-blocks.

    The recipes and smelting recipes can be found in my video, up above.

    In 0.8.2+, Burning Compound is the main fuel source for these machines. Recipes can be found below in this section.


    The Industrial Furnace:

    The Industrial Furnace, like all of the others, is a multi-block structure.

    The bottom layer consists of eight Iron Casing blocks and one Heating Core in the middle. The Industrial Furnace Block goes on top of the Heating Core.

    The Industrial Furnace can smelt the commonly found ores into two ingots, but It will take some time. It can also smelt the less commonly found ores into one ingot, while the regular furnace cannot smelt them at all.

    It requires 2.5 coal to smelt one ore, and can also smelt the powders made in the Grinder.

    The Bottom layer:

    The Grinder:

    The Grinder is an interesting machine, primarily made of gold and platinum.

    The Multi-block structure consists of two layers of eight golden casing blocks surrounding a Grinder Blade block. The Grinder itself sits on top of the second layer's Grinder Blades.

    It can be used to grind up the ores into a certain amount of powder, judging by their rarity. Four small piles of any powder makes one big pile of the respective type of powder.

    Some dusts can be combined into alloy dusts, which then can be smelted in the other machines.

    The First/Second layer:

    The Blast Furnace:

    The Blast Furnace is definitely the strongest machine, and the hardest to obtain.

    The Blast Furnace's three Multi-block layers consist of: the Top and Bottom being nine Emerald Casing blocks, and the middle being made up of a heating core, with three Grinder Blades to the North, West and East of it, and the Blast furnace goes to the South of it with the remaining spaces being filled with Emerald Casing blocks.

    The Blast Furnace can smelt the common ores (Iron, Gold, Cobalt, etc.) into three, yes THREE ingots. It can smelt the rarer ores into one or two ingots.

    It takes five coal to smelt one ore and takes its lovely old time.

    The Top/Bottom layers:

    Middle layer:

    Thanks to Scratchforfun's awesome multi-block maker, saving me hours from programming the multi-blocks!

    Burning Compound

    This is the main fuel source for the machines since 0.8.2.

    The recipe can be seen up above, consisting of Meteorite Powder, Netherrack Powder, and a Coal Block for 2 Burning Compound.

    Burning Compound is essential to the Machines, as it smelts 9 times more than a Block of Coal does. It is also the only fuel that works in the Blast Furnace.

    Put Netherrack or Meteorite in a Grinder to obtain their respective powder. Put it in a crafting area to get 4 small powders from one big one, or vice versa.


    The powders are obtained by putting most ores and some ingots into the Grinder. The small piles can be crafted into big piles, which can then usually be smelted in the respective furnace to give one ingot of the powders type.
    Sometimes you can grind an ingot to get powder that may lay in the material, but is not the material itself. For example, Platinum contains traces of Rhodium and Meteoric Iron contains traces of Nickel. You can grind up one Platinum Ingot for two tiny piles of Rhodium Powder and One Meteoric Iron ore for six tiny piles of Nickel dust.
    Ender Powder is used to duplicate Ender Pearls with Molybdenum Ingots. Just put one Ender Pearl into The Grinder and it gives you eight Ender Powder. It takes four Ender Powder and five Molybdenum Ingots to make an Ender Pearl, so you can effectively duplicate your Ender Pearls if you have excess Molybdenum.
    Reinforced Gold:
    Reinforced Gold is an alloy made by mixing powders. You need one big pile of Gold powder, one small pile of Nickel powder and one big pile of Iron powder to make one small pile of Reinforced Gold powder. Mix four tiny piles of Reinforced Gold powder to get one big pile of Reinforced Gold powder, then smelt the powder in the Blast Furnace to obtain one Reinforced Gold Ingot.
    Fernico is an alloy made from Iron and Cobalt. You can put a tiny pile of Iron dust next to a tiny pile of Cobalt dust to get a tiny pile of Fernico. To smelt a big pile of Fernico dust you need a Power or Blast Furnace. It will give you one Fernico ingot.
    Ultimet alloy is made from placing a big pile of iron dust, a big pile of molybdenum dust, a small pile of cobalt dust and a big pile of nickel dust in a 2 x 2 square in that order from right to left. And yes, that is how you spell the name of this alloy. You need to have a Blast Furnace to smelt a big pile of Ultimet dust to obtain one ingot.
    Tool Strengths:
    Cobalt: Has 356 uses and has medium mining speed and enchantability.
    Nickel: Has 450 uses, has lower mining speed and medium enchantability.
    Reinforced Gold: has 500 uses, has the fastest mining speed and super high enchantability.
    Fernico: has 680 uses, medium mining speed and medium enchantability.
    Ultimet: has 880 uses, fast mining speed and high enchantability.
    Installing Forge:

    1. Look for the latest recommended forge build for 1.6.2 here.
    2. Click the download link to the right that says Installer.
    3. Save the installer and run it.
    4. Install client should already be selected, so click install.
    5. When it finishes, go to your windows search bar and type in %appdata%
    6. You should then see a folder called .minecraft. Click on it.
    7. go to the versions folder in .minecraft that should have a folder in it that says Forge and a bunch of numbers.
    8. Create a new folder in the versions folder and name it whatever you want.
    9. Go inside of the Forge folder and copy the jar file and the json file.
    10. Go inside of the folder you created and paste the jar and the json inside.
    11. Rename the jar and the json to exactly what you named your new folder.
    12. Open the json file with a program like notepad or a .txt reader, and you should see a couple sets of quotation marks.
    13. In the second set, (the ones that should say Forge-blahblahblah inside of them) write the exact name of the folder that you created inside of them and erase the Forge part.
    14. Go to the launcher. Under the profiles section there should be a button that says "New Profile". Click it.
    15. Put whatever profile name you want to in the "Profile Name" part.
    16. In the Use Version bar, click the down arrow and you should see an option that says "release" whatever you named your new folder in .minecraft's version folder.
    17. Select that version, click done, and run your Minecraft while using the profile you just created. When it loads, you know you now have Forge in a different profile. Yay.

    Installing My Mods With Forge:

    This is for people that already have Forge installed that want to install other mods.
    1. Click the download link for my mod on this forum, and it should send you to a mediafire site.
    2. Click "Download"; under the mediafire file.
    3. Go to your .minecraft file at %appdata%.
    4. If you don't have a mods folder inside of your .minecraft, make one and open it.
    5. Drag, NOT extract, but drag and drop my file unopened into your mods folder.
    6. Go to the Minecraft launcher and play under your installed Forge profile.
    7. The mod should work! Have fun and be sure to give it feedback on the forums!

    Terms And Conditions

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. USED TERMSMOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.MOJANG - Mojang ABOWNER - MahTamato, Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.All conditions apply to current and old versions.1. LIABILITYTHIS MOD IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' WITH NO WARRANTIES, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE. THE OWNER OF THIS MOD TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES INCURRED FROM THE USE OF THIS MOD. THIS MOD ALTERS FUNDAMENTAL PARTS OF THE MINECRAFT GAME, PARTS OF MINECRAFT MAY NOT WORK WITH THIS MOD INSTALLED. ALL DAMAGES CAUSED FROM THE USE OR MISUSE OF THIS MOD FALL ON THE USER.2. USEUse of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.3. REDISTRIBUTIONThis MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.
    Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for updates, playthroughs and more!

    If you like this mod, please press that green arrow over on the bottom right to give me some reputation.

    If you have any suggestions or bug reports, make sure to comment down below!
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