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    Quote from DSMK2

    This happens in every (massively) multiplayer online game I've played, veterans don't pay attention to newcomers. I think it's pretty much due to "time", at some point after helping a number of newcomers, "time" starts to feel like it's getting wasted. Or something like that.

    Solution: Figure out everything yourself or force others to teach your somehow, if you mess up or accidentally break the rules, be humble, listen to them (and apologize too!). Then later, worm your way into the tightly connected community through friendly interaction, that way others will pay attention to you more. Also important: "Do", rather than "say", as doing (awesome, good) things, will add weight to what you say.

    When ever I go into a server, I am very respectful and obey the rules.
    I just want to build and have fun with live adult minded people.
    and just hang out for a little bit and kill monsters and learn things while im doing stuff.

    I took a break from "Eve Online" where i am a pilot in a huge 8-k man Alliance.
    Where I am a ECM and ECCM Specialist pilot.
    wanting to play something different and then after a while return back into "Eve Online".

    we do massive 4 thousand pilot fights.
    but after a while it gets a little rto crazy and people take a break for a bit and return.

    but as you read, trying to play something different has just gone to the toilet
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    Quote from cmcooper

    Totaly AGREE with you... same thing.

    Rules of servers... NO PVP or kick..

    Then you join the server get killed, player does not get kicked and its all for nothing.


    omg, that just happened to me too.

    By the way (rexo12)
    I just tried to log on to your server and it keeps tellingme
    "connection lost".

    I have 100-mb down and 50-mb up on my FIOS line.
    and also have Teamspeak
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    posted a message on Pretty Angry about some things
    I did "I think".
    I went here --> http://minecraft-server-list.com/

    and started at the first 15 servers on that list.
    its been nothing but hell.
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    posted a message on Pretty Angry about some things
    Ive been on several servers.
    to my review about them is completely very bad experience and horrid.

    No help from anyone.
    no guidance or assistance to get you started.
    no one answers any questions, even after asking over 12 times in 30 minutes.
    because no one is responding when help is needed.

    many times, when on servers for a while, starvation kicks in and death soon accures.
    been asking for help and advise because I want to play with other people.

    but of course, no responses and not even a care.

    Then, when standing next to people i wind up with stuff without even taking it.
    Then I get accused of stealing?
    They drop things on the floor next to me, and all I do is look.
    but for some reason I end up with things in my hand.
    and when i try to give it back, because its not mine.
    people start to accuse me of stealing, and a big fight starts to happen
    when i tell them the server wont let me hand it back or drop it on the floor.

    very very unfair and not cool at all.

    I always follow rules and just want to play without any headaches.

    If you are going to have a server.
    learn to help people who are trying to enjoy themselves on your server.

    This is just my bad experiences on servers.
    besides the constant disconnect and lag.

    Many of you might be very upset because of my post.
    guess what I dont care.
    I tried and tried and this is what I got in return.
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    I will definitely have to start learning how to construct traps.
    And the blast radius math I have to get into my head and remember it.
    thank you for the great info. :smile.gif:

    It was a fun adventure. even though I was cursing a lot..lol
    you should of seen the look on my face when I was standing
    in the center of my house and all the walls just got blasted away.
    it was like a Tom & Jerry funny cartoon, I was left out in the open,
    with my face chard from the blast. hahahaa

    I think from that list you gave me, I am going to make a Obsidian house.
    well, just the walls of the outside parts of the house and some of the flooring.
    so if my house gets blasted, it does not expose the inside of the house,
    in the basement area...lol


    Wow, then it would of been worse if they would of kept the same strength as before.
    I am lucky on that one. :smile.gif:
    Thank you for the linkies, will come in handy.
    and ya, my friend laughed, when I told him about it. hahahaa

    One thing I have noticed is, even with torches lighting up the area.
    They seem to be immune to it some how.

    they come up right up to the house and walk around even though its lit up
    with torches all around the house, I'm confused by that.

    Also, in the day time, many creepers are all over the house and they don't
    burn up when the sun is out.
    maybe its just that world I'm in or something. but I always have to watch
    my surroundings in the day time too.

    I have gotten blasted by several creepers in the middle of the day with the sun at its brightest
    while I was fishing for food many times.
    no trees blocking the sun from the from of the house all the way to the fishing area.

    kinda weird. but of course fun.. and a challenge.

    ooh and ya, tons of mobs jump from tree's, specially spiders
    ive been working on clearing the tree's over hanging upon the sides of the house area.
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    Quote from Hobophobo

    Creepers dont blow up unless you are close to them... why lie?

    I never said I was not close to them.
    so there is no lie.
    we all know creepers blow up when youre next to them.

    I just kept getting next to them and not away in time,
    as I was trying to kill them.
    specially them ones that all turned up in my basement,
    due to the last blowout they did. many got in my basement without me knowing, because I did not check the other part of the house.

    here is the front of the house after I had to patch everything up.
    They blew the whole left side of the house as I was trying to get away
    and fighting.


    and this below is the damage they did to the other part of the house.
    Before I burned down my own house by attempting to making a fire place....lol

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    Quote from Yegie

    wait 50x50 so like
    :wood: 50 times for your second house? i don't believe that

    yes, 50x50. I chopped wood as soon as the sun came up until it dawned,
    while living in a tiny section of the unblown house.
    I have pictures of the new huge house and ive only been playing for 3 days.
    Im hoping to make a video tour of my home.
    it just keeps getting blown up.

    I dont think wood is that good like dirt.
    And stone blows up fairly quick, which surprised me.
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    Hi guys,
    Hi just purchased MC about 3 days ago. and yes of course lost all 3 days of sleep..haha

    anyhoo, Here is my little adventure that I think its a little funny and I thought I would share.
    I wish i had fraps installed at the time, It would of been nice to see actual video of it.

    It might be a little long, ill do my best to keep it as short as possible.
    this is due to not having video of it, sorry...hehe - ok.

    I started minecraft without knowing anything about it, I mean "nothing".
    a friend kept bugging me about the game for months until I finally purchased it.

    the first six hours I kept on dying every night. (you should of heard me cursing all day...lol
    This is due because they dont have a tutorial when you start the game... but ok,
    I finally got pissed and went to youtube hunting on how to survive in MC.
    because I was dying like crazy...lol

    Finally I got it going and built a 8x8 dirt box to protect myself during the night,
    until I get my barrings right in the game.
    ok, a few minutes later for some reason those creepers where all over the place.
    by the time I got to my little 8x8 home made of dirt, the creeper sizzled and BOOM.!

    blew my little 8x8 apart, and im standing there in the middle where my house used to be with a shocked face in shocked that my little home
    just disappeared before my eyes.

    right after my little 8x8 got blown up, another creeper was approaching from behind
    and it was too late for me to get out of the way and I got blown up and died.

    Time to start over...(me cursing)..lol

    ok, after I was actually grasping what I had to do a couple of hours later, I made a home 50x50 made of wood.
    Creepers kept blowing up my house every time they blow up next to it.
    I had to keep patching it temporarily with dirt until I could get more wood.

    ok, now I start to get a little comfortable in the home and watched a video about how
    to make a fireplace. So I got 3 tree trunks and place it in my so called living room
    and made one.

    yes, I finally got iron to make the lighter. but I regretted it as soon as I lit my fireplace
    to make my little 50x50 log cabin nice and cozy, as I was enjoying my creativity of what I made.

    I walked into the next room and came back,
    and my ENTIRE house was in a blaze...... (MORE CURSING..!!)

    I stood there and watched it all burn down, because I did not have any water
    or knew how to get water as of yet.
    My entire log cabin went up in smoke and flames and night was approaching.

    aah, too late creeper behind me - Booooom, Im dead again. (more cursing)....

    finally after another 18 hours gone by and me trying to get everything back in order.
    I made a Stone house after mining like crazy.

    little and behold creepers blow a huge hole on the front of my house.

    now I am sitting here in confusion, because its a stone house. (scratches head in confusion)...

    I know dirt was easy to destroy, and the wood was just a little stronger,
    but stone?... creepers all over the house one night blowing up sides of the house,
    along with spiders hopping over the wall and killing me.

    So finally I decided to build a brick house,
    and for some reason creepers keep blowing up my walls.
    still confused (more cursing)..


    I got to the basement I made where I placed many materials just in case
    I needed them for situations like this.
    little and behold there where about 9 creepers in the basement from the previous blow out.
    and I did not check the house first.

    Yup you guessed it. - all 9 creepers blow up and took my house and me along with it.

    Is there anything that does not get blown up so easily.?

    thats my little MC first time player adventure.

    It was fun as hell, even though I was cursing a lot...lol

    thanks for reading.
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    Wow, whats up with that ?
    It does start at 2am. (shocked face) lol
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