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    Note: This Mod has not been finished yet, but is close to being done.

    Also, I am open for ideas!!! Please comment any ideas you have for this mod in the comment section below :)

    Downloads -

    No downloads yet :/

    What is done so far?

    Upside Down Dimension

    The Monster [With custom model] - Nearly done, finishing up model texturing and detailing =D

    Random Mobs such as Will, Eleven, etc.

    Dimension Gun. - Will allow the player to switch between dimensions.

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    Hello, and thanks for downloading checking out this mod! The reason I made this mod is that it seems like most Steven Universe Mods are very basic and To be honest, Boring to say the least. In this mod, even though I am known for doing the opposite, I have Definetely focused more on quality over quanity. From the Animations to the Be a gem gamemode, this mod is highly more focused on Quality. which means I am also sacrificing adding more Mobs at a time. Some basic things you might need to know before playing this mod is 1. Use the gems to spawn in the Mobs. and 2. Right click the choose a gamemode to open a gui menu full of options



    0.5.2 Stable: Download

    0.5.5 Stable: Download


    0.5.6: Download

    0.6.2: Download


    Currently it is just me coding and stuff right now, but if you would like to join the team, the only requirements is you must be 14 and must have skype (Coders must have github)


    Thanks to incident the end for the models, even though I plan to replace them, they are still very good! Check him out!
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    This is sad, Pathetic, and pretty embarassing. I miss the old Mc Modding Community. Back when it was much simpler, you didn't have all these little kids saying

    "I cant code bcus of all those things in a single mod. HOW TO CODE!" or "This is a program to make it easier." It doesnt make it easier, and yes there is a difference, it does ALL the work for you, that my friend, shows why i am concerned with our future Generation(s). We have gotten so d*mn lazy with our moms expecting to do everything for us that we forgot how to work. Not only you are using the program yourself but your clearly advertising for other people to use, Might aswell put a big label saying "BE-LAZY-TOGETHER." I first started using mcreator, i didn't even know what java was. But something that I have thanked for the last year or so. Ironically The Mcreator version i was using was corrupt in the decompiler and wouldn't decompile right not to mention the mod i was making was the first FNAF mod at the time and I had a team presurring me to make it, thinking I knew how to code. If it had decompiled right I would probably never have learned to code and d*mn am i thankful that it didn't work. I haven't told any of my friends this.

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    posted a message on [WIP] SuperHeroes Mod 1.7.10 [Looking for More coders and Animators!]

    Hello there,

    I am currently working on an SuperHeroes ++ Mod. The mod will have most of the stuff from any super hero type movie/show
    This is not like most posts asking for teams, in this case, i am actually leading the development

    I know this sounds like an ambiguous project, but with enough team members, I think this will be possible.
    I have already started on the mod and I have got some really cool things in already..


    but I do have github and you can see the progress we have made that way aswell


    Pictures (Models):


    Here are some things i am planing on adding or are already done:

    []Custom heroes

    []Marvel heroes

    []DC Heroes


    [x] Basic Items, Proxy, etc

    Join the Team:

    So, want to contribute to the mod?
    Well first of all you need to be very good at what you do. Whether it's
    moddeling, rendering, texturing, ai, or just modding in general.
    Second of all you must have Skype and a Github account (Github only required for developers)
    If you want to apply, please specify your Skype account, your profession
    (what youre going to do), some examples of your work and how often
    you'll be able to work on the mod.

    Use this to sign up:




    Coder: []

    Modeler: []

    Texturer: []

    Animator: []

    PMC Account name:

    The Team:


    MagikIsFresh - Lead Developer, Coder

    Gegy1000 - Coder

    Fiskfille - Coder

    iLexiConn - Lead Coder


    CuchololoTheSpanishMan: Lead Modeler, Co-Owner Of Project

    LRA_10: Modeler


    v1.0 - Not released yet.

    Thank you for reading this post, if you have any other question, please ask in the comments section!

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