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    This post is directly to the creator (its an idea i would love to see)

    About the Gura Gura no mi: When you use an attack there comes a crack in the air made out of almost invisable white blocks (they disappear after like 3 secs or so) and send an incredible shockwave to the direction you aimed at. and attacks that like littaraly create tsunami's in the sea. I find it a really good idea :P. Im playing with friends on a server and we like the mod but i personally would like to see strong fruits in the anime also strong in the mod and weaker ones weaker in the mod.

    Me and my friends we all found a fruit we ate it. my was Gura and i wanted to show them my attacks. They thought something special was gonna come but it was just all explosions. thats why i would like to see my first idea in the mod. I don't know if ppl already talked about this on this forum or have the same idea because i didn't read a lot of posts.

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