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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Modern City
    I am so trying this now. And this challenge is going to get a lot more popular now that Dratnos has done a spotlight on it. Here, have a diamond block, :DBlock: .
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    What seeds were like in 1.7:
    (seed 1): You spawn near this big cave and all around you is this cool desert that all mountainey!
    (seed 2): I spawned on this gravel beach and if you walk over to these snowy mountains, you can find a triple dungeon!
    (seed 3): I found this really cool flat forest, and then its surrounded on all sides with steep, woody mountains.

    What seeds were like as of 1.8:
    (seed 1): Well, you spawn in this flat forest biome, next to a big ocean.
    (seed 2): I spawned next to these mountains that were next to a desert, and over yonder was a swamp.
    (seed 3): There is this mountain range next to an ocean, and on the other side of it, it this never-ending taiga biome.

    So pretty much with the new seeds of 1.8 its not really about the cool formations, its about what biomes are next to each other.
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    posted a message on airplanes
    F4 Phantom, Me 262, Me 190 Focke Wulf, Me 163, F-22, F-35, and a few others.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Cheat Pack - Cheat Anything You like To, Discover Edges Of MineCraft
    Is it multiplayer compatible?
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Okay, IF your so poor that you cant buy it or you take a few weeks to save up for it, dont buy it. Dont waste your time playing it for hours on end when you could be out saving up money for better things.
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    posted a message on Water Dripping?
    I find it soooo annoying when you have a awesome looking house that would be ruined if you changed it only to find the roof leaking. Great.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Economics
    Now I can tell my mom (who is a math teacher) that Minecraft isnt all bad
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