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    With the unfortunate archiving of the Minecraft Forums, I would like to invite everyone here to the Excalibur Discord. The discord server will be the main source for immediate support, information, and updates. I will also continue updating the resource pack on Planet Minecraft. Thank you for all your support on the forum throughout the years.


    Planet Minecraft


    Please feel free to contact me on either platform regarding the Excalibur Resource Pack.

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    That is some mouthwatering stuff

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    Quote from ultradreamgirl»

    I really like this pack. 1.13 has a new format for map icons though, and it appears this pack is broken there. Would it be possible to have those textures updated?

    Thanks! Will be fixed next update

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    Will always love this pack. <3

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    Quote from Arcensoth»

    I did however notice a few warnings and errors in the game log: https://hastebin.com/dikujesivu.sql

    How did you access the error log? Id love to fix these issues
    Found it. Issues should be resolved next update

    Quote from carle128»

    When it comes to models, I believe in "less is more." I'll look into adding more block/entity models but items most likely aren't happening.

    Quote from HazDiamondz»

    Edit: I figured it out. Anything in the "mcpatcher" folder can now be moved to the "optifine" folder and works just the same. The "mcpatcher" folder simply isn't necessary anymore. So anyone having the same issue just migrate all files from the "mcpatcher" folder into the "optifine" folder and your good to go.

    This will be fixed next update. Thanks for figuring it out!

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    Thanks! I'll be sure to look at it once Im back from my trip. Im glad you like it!

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    Excalibur V.13 beta is out! Thanks for the patience everyone. Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions.

    Changelog: (long)

    -added thin sheep legs
    -updated blaze
    -added endermite
    -updated parrots with various birds (hawk, seagull, pigeon, crow)
    -updated shulker faces
    -adjusted villagers and added noses
    -added ocelots
    -added bat
    -added ghast
    -added zombie horse
    -added skeleton horse
    -added donkey
    -added mule
    -updated horses to 1.13
    -added steve/alex
    -added polar bear
    -added llamas
    -added guardian
    -added elder guardian
    -added illagers
    -added evoker
    -added illusioner

    -adjusted dark oak planks + added ctm
    -adjusted iron block + ctm
    -updated blue, yellow, and white beds
    -adjusted shulker boxes
    -added command blocks
    -updated log tops
    -updated glowstone
    -updated smooth andesite
    -updated netherbrick and added doubleslab
    -adjusted hay colors
    -updated light grey shulker (cage)
    -updated jungle planks
    -updated birch planks
    -adjusted iron door
    -added chorus plant
    -added end crystal
    -updated grass/path side
    -updated dirt
    -removed coarse dirt variant
    -updated oxeye daisy
    -added dark oak upper/doubleslab
    -updated chests
    -updated concretes
    -updated brown powder
    -redid bricks
    -added glazed terracotta
    -updated hopper
    -added dark oak stair/slab model
    -updated dark oak fence gate
    -adjusted item frame model
    -added brazier model (end rod)
    -fixed birch fence variant
    -added wattle (birch) fence
    -added gold coins (gold pressure plate)
    -added cactus juice flower pot model
    -added iron bell model (dragon egg)
    -updated 3D ladder model and texture
    -added dirt slabs + item model
    -added random red mushrooms
    -adjusted spruce crate
    -added button models
    -added strip wood
    -added bark blocks
    -added trapdoors + 3D models
    -added sea pickle
    -added sea grass
    -added purple shulker
    -added dried kelp
    -added turtle egg

    -updated chain armor
    -updated leather armor
    -updated iron armor
    -adjusted tipped arrows
    -updated feather
    -added rotten flesh
    -updated egg
    -updated string
    -added lead
    -updated meats
    -added pumpkin pie
    -added chorus fruit
    -added totem of undying
    -added blaze rod
    -adjusted leather
    -adjusted saddle
    -added rabbit's foot
    -added rabbit stew
    -adjusted barrier
    -added cookie
    -added blaze powder
    -updated ingots
    -added netherbrick
    -added broken elytra
    -added cake
    -added dyes
    -added diamond
    -redid coal/charcoal
    -added brewing stand
    -added slimeball
    -redid cauldron
    -redid hopper
    -added nether wart
    -updated spider-eye
    -updated minecarts
    -added glowstone
    -added iron nugget
    -redid gold nugget
    -updated emerald
    -added snowball
    -redid books
    -added clay ball
    -added chicken
    -added potatoes
    -added clock
    -added compass
    -added shulker shell
    -added prismarine shard/crystal
    -added music discs
    -added fish buckets

    -updated panorama
    -updated GUI buttons
    -adjusted birch leaves color
    -adjusted biome colors (forest, extreme hills)
    -added podzol transition
    -added grass transition to mud
    -fixed particles
    -updated all models to 1.13 format
    -removed inventory "pop" sound (due to a problem with underwater ambience

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    Quote from Muscar»

    It's been 9 months since the last update, so I don't have high hopes for this. I found this while looking for a replacement for pixel perfection, since it hadn't been updated since 1.11, but XSSheep is back and have done a lot of work already, and will be releasing an update soon.

    The pack is ready for 1.13 and almost at 100% completion. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to updates. 9 months ago the pack was 100% playable for 1.12. Its only been 2 months since 1.13 came out so try and be patient. 1.13 brought a lot of new textures (which includes new mobs, blocks, and items) and completely redid their naming system. ALL my models and blockstates had to redone and most textures had to be renamed. Minecraft is my hobby, not my job.

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    Hey all. I've finally updated Excalibur to 1.12. There's a ton of new stuff and a lot to explore. Enjoy (:


    -updated diamond armor
    -updated chain armor boots item
    -updated iron armor item

    -adjusted paintings
    -added break animation
    -updated GUI
    -updated title screen and panorama background
    -updated skybox
    -adjusted biome colors
    -adjusted map colors and icons
    -adjusted wool colors
    -updated gold item color
    -added item textures ( shears, spawn egg, ingots, brick, flintsteel, redstone, gunpowder, spider eyes, carrots, buckets, feather, fishes, armor stand, ghast tear, gold nugget, dyes)

    -added terracotta blocks (orange, black, white, red, silver)
    -added colored beds
    -added concrete blocks
    -added concrete powder
    -added silverfish blocks
    -added observer
    -added shulker boxes
    -updated brick
    -updated quartz
    -updated diorite
    -updated sign
    -adjusted sponge
    -adjusted bedrock
    -updated glowstone
    -updated stained glass
    -added glass top
    -updated magma block
    -updated sandstone with variants
    -added sandstone double slab textures
    -updated carved red sandstone
    -added lapis block with CTM
    -added carpet textures and CTM (red, yellow, green)

    -added oak plank horizontal CTM
    -adjusted dark oak planks
    -updated acacia planks
    -added acacia double slab textures
    -added acacia double slab repeat CTM
    -adjusted crafting tables and added variants

    -updated pumpkin
    -adjusted melon
    -adjusted birch leaves
    -updated oak leaves
    -updated saplings and deadbush and added models
    -updated sunflower
    -updated podzol and added variants
    -updated double fern
    -updated fern variants
    -added flower pot variants
    -added bonsai tree flower pot
    -added flower variants (dandelion, houstonia, allium)
    -added coarse dirt variants

    -added Spiders
    -added Parrots
    -added Camo-Creepers
    -added Foxes (forest spawning Wolves)
    -added new entity models (Chicken, Pig, Sheep, Spiders, Skeletons, Pigmans, Cow/Mooshroom)

    -added 3D trapdoor models
    -updated fence models
    -updated gate models
    -adjusted spruce door
    -adjusted jungle door and added 3D model
    -updated oak door and added 3D model
    -updated acacia door and added 3D model
    -adjusted iron door and added 3D model
    -updated cobblestone wall model

    -added 3D table (old_wood slab)
    -added 3D chair (old_wood slab)
    -updated 3D beacon model
    -added 3D coal block
    -added 3D candelabra(redstone comparator)
    -added item frame model
    -added 3D lantern (end rod)
    -added subtle leaf models
    -updated cake texture and added variants/3D model
    -adjusted shield first person model
    -added shovel item first person model
    -adjusted item first person models
    -update wheat models and added variant
    -added lilypad flower model with variants
    -added 3D pebbles model (floor stone buttons)
    -updated button models
    -added 3D iron bars model
    -adjusted 3D ladder model and texture
    -added 3D candle model with variants
    -added 3D torch model
    -updated 3D bookshelves with variants and vertical CTM
    -updated cauldron model
    -updated tripwire model
    -updated lever model
    -updated hopper model

    -update hardened clay CTM
    -added snow transition CTM
    -added grass transition CTM
    -added diamond block CTM
    -added redstone block vertical CTM
    -added stonebrick-cobble transition CTM
    -updated chisled stonebrick vertical CTM
    -added chisled quartz vertical CTM
    -added cobblestone vertical CTM and updated stairs/slabs

    -removed hurt sounds
    -optimized CTM
    -fixed leaves on fast graphics
    -fixed white reeds
    -updated en_us lang file

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    I apologize for the slow updates but I recently broke my thumb. This update adds new mobs and replaces some of the old Chivalry mob textures. Let me know what you think. Excalibur is also available to download on Curse for those having trouble with mediafire.

    Husk Texture (mummy)

    -fixed daytime skybox
    -added spruce and jungle doubleslab crate textures
    -updated block of coal into coal crates
    -updated Wither
    -updated Wither Skeleton
    -updated Skeleton
    -updated Horses
    -updated Zombie Pigman
    -updated Witch
    -added boats
    -added Husk
    -added Zombie Villagers
    -added Slime
    -added Snow Golem
    -added Magma Cube

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    Thank you all for the kind words. It truly means a lot.

    Here is an alternate download link at Planet Minecraft.

    I do plan on finishing the blocks, items, and mobs for this pack. I also want to slowly phase out all of the placeholders from Chivalry. If anyone has any suggestions for Excalibur, lets hear them!

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    Hey guys I finally released Excalibur which is the successor to Chivalry. Check it out and let me know what you think

    Forum Page Link

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    Excalibur is a resource pack created to enhance the adventure that Minecraft presents. Excalibur brings your kingdoms and villages to life while keeping the charm of the default resolution textures.

    - You may not redistribute this pack and claim it as your own.
    - You may not redistribute this pack without a link to this thread.
    - You may not put money-making links such as adf.ly links with this work under any circumstances.
    - You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
    - You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

    - You may use this pack as a part of any Minecraft-related video including those which are created for commercial purposes or are monetized by advertising.

    Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from Matthew (Maffhew) Dillow
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    Heres a few comparison pictures of Excalibur and Chivalry (No MCPatcher and w/o 3D Models.) I have a few more blocks to do (1.9 included) and I'm not sure when you guys can expect a release. I could possibly give out an alpha download for you guys if anyone is interested.
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    Hey guys. I want to get back into the swing of things

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