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    Thank you very much for the feedback! It's nice to see someone that loves Doom and recognize some details on this resource pack. :) (about the fire, that's the Arch Vile attack sprite. haha)

    Some things look a bit off when you compare some details with the classic Doom, especially the hotbar, the hi-tech interfaces, villagers and pillagers, because I was aiming on something like "some UAC crew landed somewhere, trying to survive with all the know how and technologies they had..."

    Even with some details, I hope you enjoy playing with this pack. I'm also working on a map based on episode 1 (Knee-Deep in the Dead) that until now it's looking great with this pack and soon I'll release a new update for it.

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    This pack has been updated to Minecraft 1.14.4 with the following changes:

    - New look for the villagers, pillagers and the Vindicator;

    - Some blocks got a new look or changed;

    - The most of the GUI have been updated;

    - The pack has been splitted in 2 (Textures and Music);

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    Good day Marine

    Be welcome to the UAC team. Your mission is to explore the Overworld and support our colonies scattered throughout it. Stay alert for anomalies while you be there. Locate the source where this evil is coming and terminate them!

    Good Luck!

    Doom Craft is a resource pack for Minecraft themed on Doom, made in 1993 by ID software (with some resources taken from other classic games also...). This pack includes graphics, sounds and music to give you a "different" experience playing Minecraft.


    You can download it here:

    Doom Craft Resource Pack:


    Doom Craft Music Pack:


    Or download by the Planet Minecraft

    Special thanks to the team of Last Days TP, which I used as basis of my texture, to Faithful team, which helped me to update to 1.14, to John Smith Team, for some references used to improve the environment and to atarimaniac, who helped me to initially implement sounds and music to this pack.

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