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    Quote from Billith

    Figured you might like to see the Reddit thread I had made on a similar topic as this:


    With an inventory filled with cobblestone, Steve's pocket would be ten thousand times denser then the core of the sun, and have enough internal pressure to collapse into a black hole. But Steve can withstand it. Steve punches trees with his bare hands and eats solid gold apples for breakfast. #likeaboss

    Steve is the chuck norris of games.
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    Quote from EliteMouse

    quite boring, really. try add sometyhing new, for example a furnace that can work usin sunlight. or lava. or add a campfire. good luck;)

    uuuuuhhh thats not the point of his mod. his mod is: [1.0.0]Better Furnace Mod. not, COOL FURNACES MOD HERP DERP!!!!!!!! LOLZ
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    No offence, but i hate that idea. Hardly any gravity is part of the game.
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    I kinda liked the spongebob skin, then i took an arrow to the knee.
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    Quote from SilentLegion

    No pics no clicks

    edit: And why are you just linking to mediafire.com?

    Bad link, prolly. But no pics no clicks is a dumb policy. If there is no desc. thats a whole nother matter.
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    Quote from CURSED_BY_MYSELF

    I'm kinda new to minecraft. Got any tips for mining for diamonds???

    mine spiral staircases down to bedrock, or normal staircases. dont go into caves that often, cause #1 they may not be full of loot and #2 you are almost definitely going to get lost.
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    Quote from SPW4421

    Hey people of the Minecraft Nation. Welcome to all the people who are new to the forum including me and welcome to the people who are veterans on the forum. Basicaly as the title of the topic says just comment and discus why you think Minecraft is amazing. I think think that Minecraft is amazing because it brings a ton of countries together to play and communicate and just be creative.

    I think minecraft is so amazing because you can build, suvive fight, or just do whatever you want!
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    Quote from Virus4U

    If you had 10000 dollars what should you spend them on I think that I should spend the money on a xbox 360 then buy minecraft next year to it and buy gears of war 3 and Mw3 to it I think that is maybe 350 dollars and the rest should I save to next games that is coming next year and what should you spend them on

    I would invest. :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
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    Well.... If you know where he lives, which you prob'ly do, order 500 pizzas, 30 buckets of chicken from kfc, and then inform some local gangs that he is keeping a stash of cocaine in the back seat of his car under the seat, so they have to break in it. and tell them that he keeps all his money inside his house, but do it anonymously, so they dont kill you when they found out you lied.
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    Quote from elephruit

    Eh, no you can't. That was a pre-release bugtesting feature.

    I really like the new minecraft much better than the old MC. granted, you can skip the night, but for other player who want some challenge, they can stay up. sleeping isnt mandatory, if they wanted, they could play it just like alpha, with some new features thrown in.
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