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But welcome,welcome to YOUR DOOOOOOOM, my profile page. As I discover things about me that even I didn't know, you will FALL INTO A VOLCANO AND DIE IN A FIRE FOOL see things that are abnormal. Not really. I like using that word.

As you may have noticed, I have a weakness for everything dramatic and verbally shiny. I am from teutonic blood, habitant of Switzerland. By the way, Swiss cheese does ussually not have holes in it. Only Emmentaler does. I do indeed detest every Kind of cheese except parmigiano. Maybe you have seen that I have the tendency to be random: I blame my ADAD (TEH REFERENCE; that is the part were you laugh...).

I possess a short attention span, and am generally lazy, even with things I like doing. I read a lot, write sometimes, watch let's Plays, Play on me pc, and then I must commit to the abomination that is called School :D. I am impulsive, if I seem harsh, then because I have difficulties of noticing what is polite and what isn't. Please correct me if tat is the case! I am also very addicted to hoarding random bits of science.

That is me in a nutshell.
Interests Reading,Withers,drawing,Withers,writing,Withers, playing as Heavy in TF2, Civilization V, Daydreaming, The possibilities that nanotechnology may bring, building Turrets of doom, Age of Empires 3 and Age of Mythology, Anno 1404 and 2070, hearing Epic Metal renditions by Doug Anderson and even better music by Miracle of Sound, playing golf (handicap 35.something), swimming, judo (orange), Watching Etho, Chess, Laughing evilish (I have brought it to perfection. Every time I do a diabolic laugh, Lightning strikes.) I know everything about Kakashi but nothing else about Naruto. He is Etho's skin and I am an Etho fanboy. What'd'ya expect !? A mask under another mask ? LOTR FOR DAH WIIN! After that, All spider man movies, Batman,Avengers (Marvel is Marvelous), Star Wars. I also like playing piano, but with rather mediocre skill. I tried animating stuff with Mineimator. It looks like crap. Okay I am getting a bit overboard here, I think. Did I mention that Withers are cute ?

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Minecraft Tonton1213 Xbox Xbox? What is this witchcraft?!