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    posted a message on Giants are vegetables?

    I've been tinkering with the NBT of giants for hours, modifying them every which way but I can't seem to get them to attack or even follow a player. They just stand there.

    I used giants in all of my maps in 1.7. Favorite mob of all time. Any fixes would be appreciated.

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    posted a message on Need Quest Builders - Interested in unleashing your creativity by building quests? This is for you.

    Hey everyone. My server is currently in development, and we use a plugin called BetonQuest. It's an extremely advanced plugin that allows you to do anything.

    If you have experience with it, great! If not, there are tons of tutorials like this one.

    The wiki is here: https://github.com/Co0sh/BetonQuest/wiki

    If you're interested, just reply to this thread and we can get in touch. You'll be considered a full-fledged developer and staff member on our server that we've been working hard on for quite a long time!

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    posted a message on What I truly believe defines a Noob

    "Noob" is a term used by young children, usually 15 and younger. I believe it's used to make oneself feel more comfortable by making fun of others - often hiding the fact that the person using the term is a socially awkward teenager playing video games in their parents' basement all day.

    Instead of improving ourselves, let's point fingers and call each other "noobs!" Hooray!

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