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    Stay away from soda in general if you can, and make sure to read the sugar type (they sometimes use alternate names for certain sugar types or claim 0 calories, which is total BS, meaning you are drinking what your body can not consume; drinking liquid plastic your body can not dissolve/burn = 0 calories as you did not consume a fuel/nutrient) and volume, and understand that the percentages are per serving, so you need to do simple multiplication to understand that each serving has so much calories and sugar. You starve your body for glucose by feeding it these excessive processed sugars, which your body takes longer to break down, and will end up putting you in a diabetic shock without you noticing, nor any signs of you being diabetic if tested. Do enough, you are looking at potential gastrointestinal failure. Two of my friends put themselves in the hospital.

    Switch to water, cold turkey, for about two weeks. You should notice a drop in your heart rate, less sweating, bloating, enjoy your meals more, etc. In 2007 there was an extensive push on enlightening the masses about High Fructose Corn Syrup and all processed sugar supplements came under the gun as health hazards. You probably remember the "In Moderation" commercials. You can't moderate when its in your white breads, your drinks, your foods, and your condiments (ketchup/flavored sauces/etc).

    Soda companies then started looking to bring back cane sugar sodas to see how it would fair in the market, but you'll notice Gatorade has abandoned HFCS for sucrolose, which isn't really any better for you. You shouldn't mix sugars either, that can cause issues later on as well. (They receded, as sugar is too costly, back to HFCS as big business is about shaving pennies off production costs. Ice cream cartons shrunk again, and stayed the same ridiculous price, or you get air fluffed ice cream that if you let it melt is far less than what you expected, but sugars from unnatural sources are not good for you, so its moot if you quit.)

    You do need sugars, but find them from fruits and natural sources, when you body will get the glucose naturally from them, which is easier for your body to break down.

    Water also helps the lactose intolerant with bloating issues.

    Learn proper breathing techniques. Every day you can be put into various states of stress and it is ridiculous easy to forget to breath properly. Shallow breathing can cause significant health issues, and improper breathing during exercises will fail to properly build the muscles you are trying to exercise.

    Do not over-strain your body exercising. If you ever see a person with stretch marks on their arms, they are retarded and did their exercises poorly, trying to push their limits without slowly increasing to a point, and slowly building over time (impatient).

    You must eat at the proper times if you wish to be healthy. Eat only once a day and your body will store food as fat to use for later. This also effects your sleep cycles. Instead, eat small portions spaced out over the day when you need the energy boost. If what you eat is too complicated it can slow you down. You need to digest fully before you exercise.

    I think that's all I'd have to add.
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    Quote from Sgt. Traveler

    I'd rather think capes should've been just for the employees. If it were for normal users they'd apparently look 'special' and that's a problem.

    Think of it like Twitter's 'Verified Account' badge or something.

    Apparently if you are going to Minecon you are special, and getting a red creeper cape to prove it. (He's being generous an giving people an incentive to go)

    But yeah, with all the back and forth about them, there should just be simple default solid colored capes, no ability to edit them, no designs, just solid wool colors, and make them customizable in texture packs so you are the only one who can see if you want your cape modified (this way texture pack creators can make capes o pride for those who love their work).

    Those who have authentic ones can still feel special, and everyone else can at least have a plain solid color cape if they want one, or be stuck as the only person who sees their custom texturepack cape due to texture packs being how they are (only you can see your texture pack changes).

    Edit: PS - I'm not interested in capes. I think they are stupid. Have The Incredibles taught this world nothing about how dangerous and impractical capes are?
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    You create an entire topic that went into 13 pages, in denial of every bit of evidence/commenting posted within reasonable speculation that "The End" is "Sky Realm" and now you want to spend another topic crying that you don't like it.


    (Edit: And they could still decide later on after official release to make it an expansion more like what you expected. He said it was rebranded, he did not say the idea died completely, nor there is not a possibility for it to be implemented later when they have the time. You jump to a "World is going to End!" pessimism reaction and ignore the gaps in what he said vs what he has not said.)
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    Sorry that I didn't reply back to you yesterday(profile comment). Had to go to lunch, then got caught up in stuff.

    Tried it out. I like it, and it is currently the pack I am actively using.

    I only have an issue with the Work Bench mostly. I'm not big on the drawers on two sides and nothing on the other ones. I like when it looks the same on all sides.

    The other thing I would nitpick is doors and trap doors not having enough windows. But the door is unique, and I'm always nitpicking trapdoors of any pack. I can never settle on with or without windows. I sometimes wish I could have both in the game. :laugh.gif:

    I noticed dry savannah grass as well, or what I believe was arid biome coloring. Strangely enough I found that grass in a snow biome island, where I picked up some pumpkins. Not sure it fits, but eh, wasn't a big deal. (I'd be nitpicking the placement of it in the biomes rather than the color being there at all).

    The wheat is perfect. Not confusing at all, and can always tell when it is ready to be farmed.

    I guess that's it. It's a nice pack, with only the few details I felt iffy on.
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    Quote from Kris Eike

    Sorry, i just forgot to re-name the thread =P
    I fixed it now, thanks for reminding me! Have a good day ^^

    Thanks for clarifying or me! :smile.gif:
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    I see no thread on your host for the 1.9 PR3 update, unlesss you forgot to rename your 1.9 PR2 thread title to show it was updated to 1.9 PR3?

    If you are suggesting the PR2 is fully compatible with PR3, that is not the case. PR2 textures are not fully compatible with PR3, as you will be missing the Eye of Ender, Cauldron, Untitled (Portal Block), and Untitled (Portal Block 2), if not a few other things I'm probably forgetting too. (Most of it will be, then you will hit the missing textures eventually and either get a solid color block or it will revert to 16 bit default, but the prior is more likely. Icons in specific for anything new will be missing.)

    Could you clarify the situation, please?
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    It seems evident as of today that the blue crystal portals we see in [1.9 PR3] are being changed in textures.

    It has not yet been confirmed that the [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what the idea for "Sky Dimension/Realm" has evolved into.

    However, it is probable, based on speculation and the "Sky Dimension" title that [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what has evolved from the concept.

    Why would Notch scrap/change the idea? Pretty simple:

    1) He didn't really put much thought into it until the 1.8/1.9 phase of the game, as it was only a rough idea, suddenly hyped and desired.

    2) He likes what the community does, and is why he has debated things to come in regards to the coding of the game and allowing freedom for mod makers to inspire such amazing ideas. This ties into the next reasoning.

    3) The AEther is what it is. It is doubtable that Notch would create a "Sky Dimension" that would possibly kill off such an expansive mod that the team behind it put so much effort into making.

    If the portals were made with water, it would cause a conflict in the mod. If the portals would bring you to a place very similar to AEther, that would make new players out of the loop potentially knock a great mod as being a rip off, when in reality, it would be Notch caving in to demands to make an AEther dimension clone.

    4) Notch never gave explicit details when he commented that he would make a "Sky Realm/Dimension", thus, he never promised what the content of such a realm would be, giving him the freedom to make a twist on the idea.

    Essentially, all he agreed to was to make another place that you must access by a new portal. He never said the name would stay the same, nor that it would be an AEther clone. He left himself enough gaps in his promise to figure out what he was going to do.

    5) The [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] could be just another realm in addition to the "Sky Realm/Dimension", but the reason it is unlikely that we are so close to his desired code/update freeze before they tuck away for official release of the game that it is too highly probable that [Ender/The End/Enderverse/Ender Dimension] is in fact what the "Sky Realm/Dimension" evolved into.

    Speculation within consideration of what has transpired so far and what is planned to transpire.

    6) It looks like The Ender of 1.9 features to me. Pun-tastic!

    EDIT: Thank you nebetsu for posting a tweet from Jeb concluding the issue/debate.
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    Quote from Cpt. Coño

    I can't wait to start breathing animals :biggrin.gif:... but I'll wait until the full 1.9 release, I dislike the prereleases... Nice compact design you have!

    Woe! Don't cough up a fur-ball dude! :ohmy.gif:


    But yeah, that one by Bee_ is just gorgeous. Her entire build topic is just too darn inspiring. I've been in a dry spell for creativity and may be able to start building again thanks to her. :wink.gif:
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    I feel that a train would need to require more materials than a minecart and have an issue of only being able to go forward, requiring a switching yard to make turns, or just a circular/looping track. Of course, it would be able to pull minecarts, the chest and furnace carts being the major ones to note, but I think it should be limited to hauling maybe 2-3 carts behind it at max. It would be a 2 to 2 1/2 block tall vehicle due to smoke stack and cabin (cabin is open at rear to enter), so that would also need to be accounted for in designing rail paths to accommodate trains.

    I was fearing it would overshadow powered rail, but then I realized that powered rail could still be used to mark intervals to keep the train up to speed while you feed in more coal, or in the event you run out of coal to feed it, or just want the train to move without coal, rigging up a detector rail to stop the train at your desired station/stop post (using an inactive powered rail for brake). Carts in tow would not react to powered rails to prevent them from affecting the movements/momentum of the train.

    I would have pessimistically thought that the coal would be the big limiting issue behind a rain's practicality, but by furnace logic in minecraft you could instead use lava buckets to power the train long distances and coal for shorter trips. There is so much coal in the game right now that I doubt the quantities of coal would likely become a serious issue for most who would want to operate a train, and if you have enough power rail, you could use that as an alternative means to move a trail down a track, saving you from needing coal for shorter distance trips.

    For those who say it would be useless, well, you need to stop being such a Negative Nancy. Yes, I'm aware that you could just shoot a few carts down a track, but because mine carts can bounce off and head back down the line in reverse, a train is far more suited for the task of transporting a few carts a distance, without unwanted issues.

    Constructive criticism? Would you be alright with this possibly being included in the game as described at all, or possibly have a different take on it by chance?
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    Quote from _br0seph

    Might as well play in creative if you don't want to be attack by hostile mobs, get hungry, or have any potential danger.

    OP wants to go hungry in peaceful and have the lack of mobs being the only advantage of peaceful.
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