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    posted a message on in need of a bin
    crap, I don't have the link for you.

    There is a mod somewhere that reverts the game back and forth between versions that I had heard mentioned once. I just can't figure out what it was called right now to have a better chance of hitting the thread in search. :sad.gif:

    I don't believe it did it with .jars either, it was something more complicated so you had to have a preexisting version for it to work from what I was told about it, and I think it let you go as far back as Alpha, so you could experience every update from start to latest and understand the overall development/progress of the game over time.

    Quote from deathsknight13

    i have 1.7.3 i just need the the mods

    Oh, well that is just as easy as hitting the search bar, finding the threads for each mod, and seeing if they have the old versions posted, as there are others like you who still play 1.7.3 or went back after messing around to see the changes in 1.8 and 1.9 and decided that 1.7.3 was 'it' for them, for now.

    If they don't have it, then I'd suggest asking them to post links to old versions in their threads so both you and anyone else who wants those old versions can obtain them freely.
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    posted a message on More desert Animal !
    suggestions/ideas for other mobs (& free bump):

    armadillo (rolls into a square shell block when defending itself, rolls a bit if pushed, drops shell block. shells can knock back mobs if rolled into them)

    lizard/snake (reptiles are edible)

    ostrich (think huge chicken of the desert)

    jackrabbit (Jackals hunt them, and Jackals are the wolves of desert biome) jackrabbit is edible and chance of lucky rabbit foot drop maybe? No idea what it would/should do though.
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    posted a message on Wouldn't it be cool if the cauldron and brewing table both had useful functions?
    Quote from Jalangen

    You do not NEED fancy Redstone contraptions to play the game well.

    Potions on the other hand, aren't necessary, but are extremely helpful if you can make/use them. Why not just make it simple and allow more people to use the system easily.

    You answered yourself in your post if you would realize it.

    "You do not NEED fancy [Potions] to play the game well"

    "Redstone contraptions [are extremely helpful if you can make/use them]"

    There is no 'other hand' situation with potions vs redstone. The fact is both are not necessary elements of the game, but will help you if you know how to use them at a basic level of understanding or trial & error.

    I like the cauldrons, but the brewing formulas and effects are what could use tweaking, rather than the apparatus itself.

    Cauldrons are also still in if you read Jeb's twitter. He has just been trying to figure out what the two will do specifically as to not make the either item pointless. For all we know cauldrons will remain as is and the other apparatus will just help streamline the effects of potions brewed to get the notorious level 5 effects.

    Mixing ingredients was a simple enough idea and requires you seek combat/nether for ingredients, and explains why Notch wanted to remove item farming with mob grinders so that you would have to resort to combat to gain your potion effect bonuses.

    Quote from HadesDude

    So why can't we have two ways to create potions?

    Because you only need 1 way to make potions.

    Your torch logic is also redundant as torches are not potions and do not buff or hinder the player with special effects that affect combat, mining, movement, or even give the player a special temporary ability.
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    posted a message on I'd like to CHOP my Wooden Slab, Not MINE it!
    I disagree on the mining bit.

    You are not really mining it, as a pickaxe is a 2 sided tool, where one side is a chisel/pick and the other is a flat sharpened edge, or axe.

    Some objects do indeed need to break faster when smashing them. That I do agree with.
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    posted a message on UNOFFICIAL Official BLUESTONE DUST discussion/support topic.
    Personally, I would like the Colorful Redstone MOD implemented in vanilla, but if this was all we were to get, it would be a good enough halfway for me.

    We need something.

    Similar enough interest, so +1.
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    posted a message on Different Colored Redstone
    Yes, this would be desired in the vanilla game, and is a common desire.

    Because it hasn't happened yet, we had mods.

    While the RedPower mod is constantly noted, the more simple mod was Colorful Redstone, which lays down a good example of implementing the idea in vanilla, very similarly to what you suggest.

    Both are currently outdated, so that doesn't really help us out much in being able to test the idea out in current versions.

    I have to agree, I would still love to see this idea make it into the vanilla game.
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    posted a message on I hope enchantment tables aren't craftable...

    yeah, after seeing the actual crafting that was indeed too complicated.
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    posted a message on redstone additions
    redstone repeaters can delay the signal if you know how to use them. If I recall correctly, five of them can delay 1 second of time. If there was a repeater made with an alternate material to delay for 5-10-15-20 basic repeaters and another for 30-60-90-120 repeaters, they would be a desired addition for the sake of making more compact designs.

    wireless redstone is already a mod. Also, if you use a repeater after every 14th/15th redstone wire, it will allow you to extend for another 14 before having to use another repeater to extend the current.
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    posted a message on haystack for breeding!
    Avast! Ye link has a malware attack matey!
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    posted a message on CREEPERBUFF
    Um they already spawn in groups from what I've encountered.

    I'd prefer if they would in fact creep, silently, lurking. Maybe even go transparent and blend into the landscapes like a chameleon when they are not moving around, or notice you looking their way if they were trying to creep up on you. The paranoia alone would be worth it.

    However, they do enough damage as is that any damage/blast radius buffs would be a bad thing.
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    posted a message on Underground Mobs/Items
    Quote from Jitter.Bones

    Another idea I had that may be hard to implement is toxic gas (carbon monoxide). We have all heard the stories of miners dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. I think it'd be really cool if you could hit "pockets" of carbon monoxide that would poison you. Not sure how to actually implement or balance this but it would add to the dangers and realism of mining that are currently absent from the game.

    Too much realism and it is no longer a game but a simulation. Realism impedes fantasy.

    Your breath meter exists, so just like being under water you would start to suffocate to death on carbon monoxide and your health would be poisoned in addition.

    The dwarfs sound complicated for a Java game to work out. Also, it is bad enough that Enderman pick up chests. Enemy mobs are not persistent either, so if they loot your stuff you would never see your stuff again as items do fade.

    Somebody a month back suggested a Grue, if I have the name right. A subterranean monster that lurks the dark depths, comes out of nowhere, chomp, dead.
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    posted a message on Help! Something Wierd Happened!
    Enderman wanted to show his affections to you, but lily-pad was the only block he could find that was shaped like heart.

    (He was too shy to hand it to you directly, so he dropped it and split)
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    posted a message on bulding comptuer
    Why do you keep looking for motherboards with the CPU built into the board?

    What is your intended use of the computer? Video internet with media play only?

    What specific games do you want to be able to play, and how well do you want to be able to play them?
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    posted a message on Placeable maps
    As long as it knows how to blend...

    ...the landscapes together without that wonky chunk-error look.
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    posted a message on [FUNNY] Bear Grylls Does Minecraft 'Hilarious Series'
    +1 good sir!
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